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Phillip Robertson

Republican speakers have made a case for war in many of this week's speeches. But, few people could give us better insight into the war in Iraq than journalist Phillip Robertson, who has been on the frontlines since April. Just a couple of weeks ago, Robertson was one of the first Western journalists to make it into Najaf during heavy fighting between the insurgent forces of Moktada al-Sadr and the U.S. Bill Moyers interviews Robertson via satellite to get the view from Baghdad and find out what hes been experiencing on the ground.

Phillip Roberston

Since 2001, Phillip Robertson has been convering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for the American news and culture website, He has also reported for Time magazine, BBC World Service Radio, National Public Radio in the United States and CBC radio in Canada. Over the past three years, he has published fifty feature articles in Salon, relying upon first person narrative to communicate the effects of conflict on ordinary people. In 2003, Robertson was a finalist for the USC/Annenberg award for online journalism in the breaking news category.

During the August siege of Najaf, he collaborated with photojournalist Thorne Anderson to document the devastating course of the war in the Shia holy city. After crossing through the US cordon and Mahdi Army forward positions on foot, Anderson and Robertson remained in the Shrine of Imam Ali for three days, interviewing and photographing the Mahdi Army fighters as their lines collapsed under the American offensive.

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