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Greg Spotts Biography

David Brancaccio talks with Greg Spotts about the economic shift that has many Americans worried about jobs and the future. Spotts discusses AMERICAN JOBS, his documentary film that examines the real-world consequences of the current jobless recovery, and makes a passionate case for fundamental change to America's stance in the globalized economy.

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Greg Spotts

Greg Spotts founded Greg Spotts Entertainment (GSE) in August 1990, one year after graduating from Yale University with a BA in Political Science. The company was started in New York as a management firm representing a select group of record producers and engineers. GSE's boutique roster of talent produced, recorded and mixed projects by Alanis Morissette, Seal, Jewel, REM, Goo Goo Dolls, Paula Cole, Everlast, Gloria Estefan, Meredith Brooks, Cher, Phil Collins and others.

The firm's work in record production opened up doors in Hollywood, as the music created by its roster of record producers appeared in television programs and soundtrack albums. And, shortly after the firm relocated to Santa Monica in August of 1998, GSE began representing web design talent. GSE was approached by the Los Angeles Galaxy Major League Soccer team for a multi-year project to revamp the team's brand image and visual presentation. Spotts became Supervising Producer of Broadcast Television and In-Stadium Entertainment for the Galaxy in 2003.

In 2001, Greg Spotts cofounded the Shortlist Organization and produced the inaugural Shortlist Music Prize Concert, in which established recording artists selected their favorite emerging artists. In the fall of 2003, Spotts executive produced the first ever Shortlist Music Prize concert special, which aired on MTV2 in October.

In December 2003, Spotts decided to put his business activities on hold and devote his full attention to a new story: the loss of American jobs to foreign competition. The documentary AMERICAN JOBS was filmed in nineteen cities during the first four months of 2004, and was released independently on Labor Day 2004 via The project was Spotts's first as a feature film director, and also his first project in the political arena.

To promote AMERICAN JOBS, Spotts took the movie back to many of the cities and towns in which it was filmed. At each screening, Spotts held a panel discussion with members and candidates for US Congress, state legislators, university faculty, union officials and blue-collar and white-collar American workers in a variety of industries. Those conversations inspired Spotts to write his first book, CAFTA AND FREE TRADE: WHAT EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD KNOW.

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