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Extra! Extra! — Updates to NOW Stories
Extra! Extra!

NOW viewers have been writing in to ask us for the latest news on some previous stories. This week, NOW dedicates some time to updates. Read about a new challenge to FCC deregulation; the state of Homeland Security; the secrets behind the Energy Task Force; new developments in pension reform; and the path of nominee William B. Pryor as he approaches the federal bench. Monitor these and other continuing stories below.

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Satellite dish
FCC changes under fire in Congress. View NOW's complete coverage of media regulation.
Statue of Justice
A Justice for All? Controversial federal court nominee William Pryor moves forward. What's next? Inside the judicial nomination process.
Rows of files
Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch updates NOW on the Energy Task Force legal suit. Read the newly released task force documents.
WPA stork poster
New developments in the debate over the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. Plus, an overview of the politics of choice.
Case dismissed — the NAACP lawsuit against the gun industry. Voices from the gun debate.

Remembering Enron. NOW updates the fate of corporate criminals.
Poison sign
Homeland Insecurity? An investigation of chemical plant safety and a Chemical Safety Bill update. Also, who's minding our nuclear power plants?

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