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Resolve to be a More Involved Citizen in 2003

1. Place the Web sites of your representatives in government in the "favorites" file on your computer and their e-mails in your address book and share your views regularly.

2. Ask your favorite charities to inform you of what legislation is coming up in the new Congress that would affect their mission.

3. Recruit a few friends to join you in attending the local school board or town council meetings.

4. Ask a "watch-dog" group in your community to alert you to decisions coming up before the local school board, town council, environmental agency, etc.

5. Volunteer as an after-school tutor or for your favorite charity.

6. Write an op-ed piece or send a letter to the editor of your local paper.

7. Read the national section of your newspaper every day.

8. Serve on a jury if you're asked.

9. Donate books to your local library or clothes to a local community organization.

10. Check the voting records of your members of congress. (There are a number of Web sites that make this easy including Voter Information Services

Viewers' Resolutions
Get inspired by the resolutions submitted by some of our viewers.

Poster: KMStrecker
Resolutions: Support PBS to keep programs such as NOW on the air.
Volunteer to visit and listen to the stories of our elders.
Subtly make your children/grandchildren aware that you are up-to-date on the issues and are an unapologetic democrat/republican.
Encourage adult forums at your place of worships on current topics such as environment, advocacy, death penalty.

Poster: Christopher Grotke
Resolutions: Ignore polls. Instead, read the letters to the editor of a local paper and talk to your friends and family about what they think about issues.
Attend a march or demonstration.
Vote with your money. Stop patronizing companies that harm the environment, ignore human rights abuses, or otherwise act badly. Search out alternatives and give them your business.
Encourage local business in downtowns, an patronize local businesses. Stop supporting corporations taking money out of your community.
Eat better. Learn about organic food and herbal alternatives to manufactured pharmaceuticals.

Poster: LamarcheBeaufays
Resolutions: Find out what happens to our food animals. Reverence for life should include enforcing the Human Slaughter Act.

Poster: Cecilia Kloecker
Resolutions: Say hi to your neighbor.
Meet the eyes of those that you pass and acknowledge their presence.

Poster: Zappa1966
Resolutions: Keep a dated record of all the changes in legislation you are privy to and your honest opinion about these changes.

Poster: Fresser25
Resolutions: When you hear prejudicial slurs, about yourself or others, speak up confidently to indicate to the speaker how you feel.

Poster: Linda Fishman
Resolutions: Vote every time you have the chance for every office—local, state, and national—and on every initiative issue. It is not only your right as a citizen but your responsibility.

Poster: Cecile Lardon
Resolutions: Get to know your neighbors.
Seek out conversations with people who don't necessarily agree with your point of view.
Learn something new (take a class, attend a workshop, read a book).

Poster: Diana Mullins
Resolutions: Write a collective book online with people across the country with anecdotes that portray reverent behavior between people in their daily life experiences.

Poster: Wiggery
Resolutions: Read up on all candidates and vote in every election, and encourage others to vote too.

Poster: Alan Jansen
Resolutions: Attempt to understand people an groups who are different than me.

Got more ideas? Send your resolutions to NOW's Webmaster with the word "Resolutions" in the subject header. The best resolutions will be added to this page.

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