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Checking Up on the Environment

Earth Day turns 35 in 2005. Are we living up to the founder's dreams? Find out what you can do to help out. NOW keeps its eye on the state of the earth,— whether covering the political debate over global warming, pesticides and suburbs in America, the U.N. World Summit on Sustainable Development or documenting local teens' efforts to clean up the waterways of inner city DC. NOW has talked with David Suzuki on the impact of humanity and with Ken Cook on the pollution in people. NOW's David Brancaccio recently talked with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai about building community and fostering peace by protecting the environment.

Explore NOW's environmental coverage below.

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Earth in Hands
YOU & THE ENVIRONMENT: Use NOW's action ideas to protect your environment from chemical hazards and learn how to get started volunteering. Tips for combatting global warming and saving water for individuals.
Eagle in the Anacostia River area
COMMUNITY & THE ENVIRONMENT: Discover the peaceful power of Wangari Maathai's Green Belt Movement. Meet the teen members of Washington DC's Earth Conservation Corps. Find crucial environmental information for your neighborhood with our Environmental Resource Map.
Statue of Justice
LAW & THE ENVIRONMENT: Get inside Supreme Court and you be the judge on the Clean Water Act case. Find out more about California's new auto emissions laws and mercury emissions rules. The battle between corporate rights and community health over a small-town quarry.
WPA National Park Poster
PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT: They belong to you — the National Parks. Find out why environmentalists and loggers are fighting over the "Roadless Rule". Preserving America's wilderness areas. America's rivers: The Mississippi's disappearing Delta and America's first river, The Hudson.

OBSERVING THE ENVIRONMENT: Photographer Emmet Gowin documents mankind's footprints on the Earth. Candace White talks about the joys and challenges of making a nature documentary. The Rocky Mountain Front: Visit the endangered wilderness.
Diagram of Global Warming
CLIMATE CHANGE: Explore the history of climate change in the public imagination. Join the debate over global warming. See what the media and international community have to say. Find out more about this hot issue.
Smog protest
THE AIR: What happens when smog is deadly? Learn about auto emissions and the cost of coal. Find out how many barrels of oil driving green saves and investigate the debate over the Clear Skies Initiative. Plus, energy, development and air quality worldwide.

THE WATER: Required for life: a safe water supply. Who wins worldwide at wasting water? Research the history of the ground breaking Clean Water Act. What's so important about wetlands? And, international law and water rights in Bolivia
Where have all the flowers gone?
GENETIC DIVERSITY & THE ENVIRONMENT: Where Have All the Flowers Gone? Checking in on extinct and threatened species around the globe. Plus, the battle over genetically-modified foods — complete with a lesson plan for high school students.

CHEMICALS & THE ENVIRONMENT: Essential information in chemical safety notes. Investigate the worry over mercury in fish. What you need to know about kids and chemicals. Use NOW's environmental checklists for your home and neighborhood.

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