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Health, Wealth and Bill Gates
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Working for World Health

Many of the stories NOW has covered have dealt with the complex relationship between the environment and human health, including our special from the UN Conference for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. Below are stories on the topic from global and national perspectives. You'll also find useful tools for safeguarding your own neighborhood and family health, and tools for further research and ways to get involved.

"I work with kids exposed to industrial pollutants and toxic emissions. This is a real tidal wave that is going to cost millions in the near future and is already a burden to school taxpayers sending dollars to ever swelling special education budgets. Thank god for the ever ready taxpayer or these kids would be worse off!" --a voice from the NOW message boards

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Bill Moyers talks with Bill Gates about his mission — addressing the problematic state of global health. Test your knowledge of world health.

The Earth Debate: The world meets to discuss sustainable development. And, looking backward, and forward at life expectancy numbers.

Why the Children? The devastating story of child rape in South Africa. Jimmy Carter and Bill Gates, Sr. meet AIDS crusaders and survivors in Africa. New AIDS updates. Plus, what's the real toll of AIDS?

What does the next decade hold for world population? Plus, who in the world lives on a dollar a day?

Required for life: a safe water supply. Who wins worldwide at wasting water?

Toxic Communities: The effect of chemicals on one small town. Plus, an environmental resource map. And, the global e-cycling problem. What you can do.

A story of a global health triumph — and potential global health terror: Smallpox.

Kids and Chemicals — NOW updates the story of toxins and American children. Plus, environmental checklists for your home, your neighborhood and for future parents.

Deadly Smog: A History Plus, energy, development and air quality worldwide.

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