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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Steve Bennett

Position: Line Producer

Most memorable experience at NOW: Transitioning to HD

Guilty pleasure: Any food that contains sugar.

In the past: My professional background is primarily in documentaries, among other things having served as a supervising producer on series for Discovery and National Geographic. I love being continually exposed to new ideas and I've been fortunate to have had experiences ranging from wrangling real stingrays to creating a fake Manhattan on the surface of a pea.

Favorite NOW shows:

On Thin Ice
I really appreciate the storytelling that can be accomplished in our hour specials, and David and Conrad's expedition to this Indian glacier is eye-opening on small and large scales.

Afghanistan: The Forgotten War
An on-the-ground view of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, I continue to find this show resonant with today's headlines.

Dancing With Wolves
Growing up in the West, wolves have always held a mythic fascination for me, and I've watched their reintroduction with interest. There are legitimate conflicts, but I hope a stable solution can be found.

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