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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: David Brancaccio

Position: Host and Senior Editor

Most memorable experience at NOW: Memorable (in a good way): Spending time with Kurt Vonnegut during what would be his last television interview. Memorable (in a terrifying way): Being led through Camp X-Ray at Guantanamo Prison.

Guilty pleasure: Renting a road bike and sneaking off for a ride when no one is looking.

In the past: Grew up in Maine. Got a job on the radio there during the Gerald Ford administration. Ran the European bureau out of London for public radio's Marketplace before serving as host of that program for ten years.

Favorite NOW shows: It's like children: I love them all. However, if forced to pick:

Home At Last
A pioneering effort to house the homeless by giving an apartment to homeless people for free. Starring the wonderful Edward "Footie" Doyle, who sadly passed away in 2008.

Child Brides, Stolen Lives
My colleague Maria Hinojosa's special report about child marriage in the developing world.

Health Care Franchise Kenya
A pioneering initiative to bring health care to some of the poorest places on earth. Do not miss Credence and Dorah, the fiery health care franchisees.

Risky Business
The wholesale shift of risk from government and corporations onto the backs of hard-working Americans. I really started to understand modern American after working on this one.

On The Bubble
From the summer of 2005, early warning of financial events that will shape our generation.

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