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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Brian Epstein

Position: Field Producer

Most memorable experience at NOW: Standing outside of a FEMA trailer in New Orleans at dusk as a single mother tells me (off camera) how she almost gave up after Katrina, but didn't because of her son.

Guilty pleasure: Eating gumbo in New Orleans. Eating barbeque in Memphis. Eating seafood in Charleston. Eating shawarma in Amman, Jordan. Eating kosheri in Cairo, Egypt. And the list goes on....

In the past: I produced an independent documentary on the 10th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre during the Bosnian war. I graduated from NYU with a Master's in documentary and broadcast journalism.

Favorite NOW shows:

Credit and Credibility
Those who were supposed to protect the public from risky investments dropped the ball and now we are all paying the price today. It makes my blood boil!

New Voters in the New West
Winning an election is just as much about the foot soldiers as it is about the general. This story really shows how local volunteers are swinging their communities.

Inside Egypt
One thing is for sure, the "war on terror" is not winning the war for hearts and minds in the Middle East.

Back to the Front
We've all heard so many sad stories about the war in Iraq. But "Back to the Front" lifts up the stories of the families that are pulled apart due to continuing deployments. It's a topic we don't hear enough of.

Live and Learn
The future of New Orleans depends on rebuilding the education system after the storm. This story shows the evolution of one school, its students, and its teachers over three months. The challenges are so great, but the risk of failure is even greater.

Personal Essays by Brian:

A Return to New Orleans
Schools in New Orleans

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