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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Ria Gazdar

Position: Coordinating Producer

Most memorable experience at NOW: Traveling to Montana for the show "Dancing with Wolves". It was my first time in that part of the county and it was breathtaking.

Guilty pleasure: General Hospital (enough said)

In the past: I started my career as an NBC Page. My first production job was with City Arts at WNET. I was production manager and associate producer for City Arts, Egg and the first hour of the Tony Awards show that aired on PBS. I've also worked as an associate producer with Lucky Duck Productions and a post production supervisor with MTV.

Favorite NOW shows:

The Prisoner
Moazzam Begg talked about his experiences as a detainee at Guantanamo and in prisons in Afghanistan. It was an opportunity to hear directly from a former prisoner. His story was moving and put a voice and face behind the many detainees wrongfully held.

Third Time Around
We get a glimpse into the lives of soldiers at home and at war. The youth and commitment of these soldiers is striking.

Afghanistan: The Forgotten War
Producer Bill Gentile spent time with a marine unit in southern Afghanistan and brought us powerful images of marines being fired at and firing back at an ambiguous enemy. It's a look at how the war is being fought, where the efforts to build relationships and trust with the community is vital to success.

Credit and Credibility
This story exposed how credit rating agencies were not doing their job. Interviews with former executives revealed how the companies knowingly made compromises to make profits.

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