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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Tim Geraghty

Position: Assistant Editor

Most memorable experience at NOW: Losing an entire show's media due to a hard drive crashing the night before air.

Guilty pleasure: Staying overnight at NOW dealing with the consequences of hard drives crashing.

In the past: Worked on building an amusement park railroad before becoming a motion picture projectionist. I forgot how I became an editor.

Favorite NOW shows:

Credit and Credibility
A must see whether you understand the details of the current financial mess or not.

Taxing The Poor
Somebody claims in this story that "poor people can still be happy" in order to justify Alabama's harsh tax policies toward the lower class. This story is filled with memorable people, rich and poor.

Paradise Lost
A beautiful piece about the upcoming human and cultural cost of climate change, the potential solutions, and the political resistance to those solutions, among other things. It includes some shocking footage of land devastated by rising sea levels.

Kurt Vonnegut Interview
I like Vonnegut's talk about winners and losers--something NOW grapples with weekly. He shares both my distaste and optimism towards people.

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