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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Maria L. Hinojosa

Position: Senior Correspondent

Most memorable experience at NOW: My very first day on the job and feeling like I was finally going to be able to do the serious reporting I have wanted to do (without having to fight for my stories).

Guilty pleasure: Dark chocolate and popcorn and movies with my kids.

In the past: Was the first Latina reporter at NPR and CNN.

Favorite NOW shows:

Is Your Daughter Safe at Work?
We broke the story on national television about sexual harassment of teen girls in the workplace.

Women, Power, and Politics
I took a thought in my mind and was able to make it into a one-hour documentary. For the show I interviewed my first-ever sitting president on camera, and it turned out to be a woman, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

Child Brides, Stolen Lives
We once again took an issue that people had heard of and made it real. We know we have changed some lives for the better because of this show.

Credit and Credibility
It was a challenge to take this very complicated information and make it accessible. I learned so much doing this story and I feel like we helped to educate millions of Americans about the inside workings of Wall Street.

Personal Essays by Maria:

Teen Sexual Harassment
Women and Power
On the Border Fence
Inside a Private Prison
From the Middle East

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