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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Andrew Jenter

Position: Assistant Editor

Most memorable experience at NOW: When I was hired on as staff and took my first vacation day. I'd been freelance working for so long I'd forgotten what it was like to get paid to take time off.

Guilty pleasure: Bad horror movies

In the past: I worked for David Grubin Productions and Insignia Films. Most recently I worked on a documentary called "The Mysterious Human Heart." I was in charge of the boom microphone for a heart transplant and got to watch it up close and personal. It was absolutely amazing.

Favorite NOW shows:

Behind the Bailout
This episode helped me to understand what the bailout package is attempting to do and the things we should be aware of as consumers.

Credit and Credibility
This episode helped me understand the Wall Street collapse and how interconnected various industries are in our country.

Michael Apted on "49 Up"
Simply because I find the Up Series incredibly fascinating and insightful. It's possibly the only true reality TV series out there.
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