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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Karin Kamp

Position: New Media Editor

Most memorable experience at NOW: Almost delivering a baby while editing an interview.

Guilty pleasure: Anything to do with Chef Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares.

In the past: I worked as a web and radio journalist at Swiss Radio International in Switzerland. I also taught economics and worked as a researcher in The Netherlands. I started my career in business (I have an MBA that I spent far too much money on) but found my passion in journalism.

Favorite NOW shows:

Credit and Credibility
I finally understand how and why Wall Street collapsed.

The Border Fence
It's amazing to find out how much money will be made by this border fence. Are the contractors delivering? Who is overseeing these billion dollar projects? Is this partial fence going to make a difference anyway?

Under the Rainbow: The Ban on Gay Adoption in Florida
The willingness of these couples to fight for foster children—many with enormous emotional challenges—really touched me.

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