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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Fae Moore

Position: Producer

Most memorable experience at NOW: Filming a hostile anti-illegal immigration rally in Morristown, New Jersey.

Guility pleasure: Watching all 13 episodes of Mad Men, Season 2 in one night.

In the past: I was a producer on a Discovery series called "Decoding Disaster" and the History Channel series "Conversations with Roger Mudd." Before that I was the associate producer for the National Geographic series "Surviving West Point"

Favorite NOW shows:

Mortgage Mess
Took a very complicated subject and many points of view—homeowners, brokers, and legislators—and made sense of the mess.

Paradise Lost
A beautifully made program about the impact of global warming on a tiny island in the Pacific.

Credit & Credibility
Incredible, in fact. A shocking look at the creative math of the credit rating agencies and their role in the financial crisis.

The Senator and the Oil Man
A tragicomic investigation of political corruption from Alaska to Washington.

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