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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Tesfaye Negussie

Position: Correspondents' Assistant

Most memorable experience at NOW: I was helping out on the set during David Brancaccio's interview with Tariq Ali for the show Our Pakistan Problem. Even though Ali's interview focused on Obama's policies towards Pakistan, I was taken by Ali's interest in the history and current situation of African-Americans.

Guilty pleasure: Cigars—I try not to indulge too much...

In the past: I graduated from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism in May of 2008 with a concentration in broadcast journalism. Before that I worked as an editorial aid for The Washington Post Magazine, and interned for Washington Post Radio/TV.

Favorite NOW Shows:

Child Brides: Stolen Lives
My favorite episode of NOW opened my eyes to the stories of young girls around the world who are forced into marriage because of poverty and tradition.

Health Care Solutions
This show gives a whole new idea to battling the dire health situation in Africa—Franchised Health Care. An innovative idea to a problem that I am very concerned about.

Obama's Challenge
Robert Kuttner offers, what some might consider, "radical ideas" for Obama to return America back to its position before the Bush Administration.

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