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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Joel Schwartzberg

Position: Director of New Media

Most memorable experience at NOW: Getting Arianna Huffington and Andrew Sullivan to give us their views on political blogging, exclusive to NOW on PBS. See their opinions on political blogging

Guilty pleasure: Eating 100-calorie packs of chocolate cupcakes while watching American Idol. Not sure which makes me fatter.

In the past: I was an editorial director for Time Inc. Interactive and founded the TIME For Kids website in 2000. I was also a senior producer and head writer for Nickelodeon Online.

Favorite NOW shows:

Immigration on Main Street
This really humanized the immigration debate for me, and was a fascinating look at two politicians in my home state taking surprising opposite sides on the same issue.

God and Global Warming
Cold, hard truth does have the power to change peoples' minds; this show proves it.

Attacking Affirmative Action
A great example of NOW tackling even one of the thorniest and most contentious of issues with fairness and fearlessness by asking the right questions of the right people.

Under the Rainbow: The Ban on Gay Adoption in Florida
This show reveals better than any other how the mixing of politics and religion disrupts the mission of finding loving parents for children who desperately need them.

Voter Caging and Block the Vote
Can efforts to stop voter fraud actually be keeping qualified Americans from voting? The revelations in these shows really make you wonder if democracy is being manipulated in front of our very eyes.

Joel is the author of a personal essay collection, "The 40-Year-Old Version"

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