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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: John Siceloff

Position: Executive Producer

Most Memorable Experience at NOW: My most memorable NOW experience is a note that came to us from one of our regular viewers. It began with praise: "Our family loves your investigations and reports about the urgent issues, she told us. But around our house we don't call your show NOW—we call it 'Kill me NOW.' Can you give us something to hope for, to work towards?" That was a wakeup call for me and my colleagues at NOW on PBS. We want to make sure that our independent reporting unearths and unpacks critical facts, but we also want to report on the efforts to make a difference, to solve the big problems of the globe. We call it solutions-based journalism.

Guilty Pleasure: Hiking. I'm semi-obsessed with tromping and tramping around the world.

In the Past: I served as senior broadcast producer for ABC News and producer for ABC's 20/20 and Primetime Live, as well as senior producer of NBC's NOW, Dateline, and Prime Story. I've also produced breaking news pieces for network television and radio from Central America and Africa. In December 2001 I left ABC to create NOW.

Favorite NOW shows:

Home at Last?
An innovative approach takes on the problem of the hard core homeless and shows solutions are possible. Follow the extraordinary story of a guy named Footie—and make sure you have your hankie ready.

Child Brides: Stolen Lives
I worked for a dozen years overseas, in Africa and Latin America, and covered lots of wars and famines. Early marriage, and forced marriage, of young women is one of the great uncovered global stories.

Credit and Credibility
Who is to blame for the great collapse? This investigation goes inside the credit rating agencies, with exclusive and very candid interviews of former executives.

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