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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Gloria Teal

Position: Production Associate

Most memorable experience at NOW: Covering the financial bailout this September. It was a challenging piece but I'm so proud of the results.

Guilty Pleasure: Rereading Agatha Christie novels

In the past: I've been fortunate to work several very inspiring projects. I began by making my own short pieces in college, then was an intern and PA on the documentary Critical Condition. Just before joining the team at NOW, I was an Associate Producer at Bill Moyers Journal.

Favorite NOW shows:

Kurt Vonnegut Interview
Mr. Vonnegut is, and forever will be, one of my favorite authors.

Paradise Lost
This piece on climate change refugees is an example of NOW at its best. It's a beautifully shot, compelling story.

New Voters in the New West
This piece takes place in New Mexico which is my home state so it was great to see it through the NOW lens.

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