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About the Series: Staff Profile

Name: Judith Wolff

Position: Editor

Most memorable experience at NOW: Rooftop shoot in the Bronx with Majora Carter.

Guilty pleasure: Hot fudge from The Chocolate Room straight out of the jar.

In the past: I have a documentary background. I've edited specials for History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Frontline. I've also edited commercials, music videos and short films.

Favorite NOW shows:

Nurses Needed
The production team worked so hard to make the nurses, the patients, and their families feel comfortable around them. Because of this you really feel like you are a "fly on the wall" during some really emotional moments.

Credit and Credibility
As the editor on this piece I got a crash course in what credit rating agencies do (I had no idea before) and their role in the economic meltdown.

God and Global Warming
I love this piece for the beauty of the setting (Alaska) and the journey—physical, moral and spiritual—that this group of scientists and religious leaders takes, to tackle the problems of global warming.

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