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Week of 9.14.07

A Soldier's Poem

Steve Butcher's world was devastated when his son, Steve, Jr. died while fighting in Iraq. In a segment not included in the television broadcast, the father reads a poem written by his son about what it means to be so far from loved ones.

Quotes from Steve Butcher, Sr.:

"I remember holding and kissing him like it was yesterday. And it will always be yesterday."

"It was a profession I never would have had him do. But he was born to do it. For him it was not a mistake."

"I had men [his son's comrades] come here, sit with me, and actually want me to drive them to the homes where Steve grew up...they so revered him. They loved him so much that they're like his brothers, which makes them like my sons...And when the last one of them left, it was like the last piece of him left."

"I'm not so sure we weren't just a little too cavalier with our babies. And for the American public, who is unaware of these men and their potential, I'm here to tell you that you lost a great one in my son."