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Week of 2.23.07

Extra Enforcement?

While federal action on immigration is stalled in Congress, some states, towns, and counties are taking matters into their own hands. In some instances, local and state law enforcement officers are assuming the role of federal immigration officers. As of late September 2007, 28 jurisdictions around the country have deputized local or state law enforcement officers as federal immigration agents under a federal program known as 287(g).

President Bush has encouraged these federal and local partnerships as a way to enhance enforcement of immigration laws. But some police departments oppose the program, arguing it will make immigrants fearful of talking to the police, thus hampering law enforcement efforts.

Click a highlighted state to see which of its jurisdictions are invoking 287(g).

Map of the United States of America
Click a highlighted state in the map above to see which of its jurisdictions are invoking 287(g).

Source: U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement

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