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Week of 2.29.08

Rewriting Campaign Rules

Days before the crucial Texas and Ohio primaries, a Democratic veteran insider takes us inside the last-minute strategies of the Clinton and Obama campaigns. NOW's David Brancaccio talks with Joe Trippi, the former senior advisor to John Edwards who also headed up Howard Dean's 2004 campaign, about the political road ahead. Is this the final act for Clinton and Obama, or will the increasingly contentious fight go on? And what's the story behind John McCain's public financing predicament?

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About Joe Trippi

Joe Trippi began his political career working for Edward Kennedy's 1980 presidential campaign. He continued working on the campaigns of Walter Mondale and Gary Hart. In 1988, Trippi was the Deputy National Campaign Manager for the presidential campaign of Richard Gephardt.

In 2004, Trippi ran Howard Dean's presidential campaign, which pioneered the use of online outreach to grassroots groups and individuals. According to Trippi's website, "Dean for America" raised more money than any Democratic presidential campaign in history, with donations averaging less than $100 each.

Most recently, Trippi was a Senior Advisor to John Edwards' presidential campaign.

The author of, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet and the Overthrow of Everything," Trippi currently leads the Washington, DC political consultancy, Trippi & Associates.