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Week of 12.19.08

Hundreds of Girls Saved

The Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation (NYOF) emailed NOW to share their enthusiasm about the success of this program in saving hundreds of girls. In the email below, NYOF Executive Director Janis Olson says the NOW broadcast "will be directly responsible for the rescue of 402 girls from virtual slavery."

December 11, 2008

Dear NOW on PBS,

We received $27,700 from 131 new donors who we know gave as a result of the NOW on PBS show which featured the story of the Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation's (NYOF) Indentured Daughters Program. Since many of these donors will continue to give to NYOF, the impact of the show will extend far beyond the initial $27,700. Furthermore, we definitely received far more donations than this from people who learned about NYOF through NOW on PBS, but most donors don't tell us how they learned about NYOF or why they decided to donate. The $27,700 equates to 277 young girls who have been rescued as result of the NOW on PBS broadcast. Wow! This is extraordinary—just imagine these poor girls' fates if we had not been able to rescue them!

A very large potential donor also contacted NYOF as a result of the NOW on PBS airing. They have committed to sending NYOF an additional $12,500, which definitely will be attributed to the broadcast. We expect this money to come in to us in the beginning of 2009. These additional funds will rescue another 125 girls.

As of today, all tolled, we can safely say that the NOW on PBS broadcast will be directly responsible for the rescue of 402 girls from virtual slavery, support their education, and provide each of their families with a piglet or goat.

On behalf of the NYOF, and more importantly the children we serve, I would like to thank everyone who worked on the NOW show that featured NYOF's program, as well as all of the NOW on PBS viewers who chose to support this incredible project. We so very much appreciate your making all of this possible.

Best wishes,

Janis Olson
Executive Director U.S.
Nepalese Youth Opportunity Foundation
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