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Week of 4.18.08

Facts & Figures: Health Care

$2 Trillion
Amount the U.S. spent on health care in 2005. This works out to $6,697 per person.

The percentage increase of U.S. spending on health care between 2000 and 2005.

Distribution of National Health Expenditures, by Type of Service, 2005
Distribution of National Health Expenditures, by Type of Service, 2005
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation calculations using NHE data from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of the Actuary, National Health Statistics Group
Percentage of America's economic activity devoted to health care in 2005.

Percentage of the U.S. population treated with almost half of all health care spending in 2004.

Percentage of health care spending that goes to prescription drugs.

The average premium for family coverage in 2007.

Average amount paid by workers out of their paychecks to cover their share of the cost of a one-year family policy.

The percentage increase in family coverage premiums since 2001. Concurrently, wages and inflation increased 19 % and 17 % respectively.

How much higher health care spending was in the U.S. compared to Canada in 2004, according to data collected by the OECD.

Percentage of companies offering medical benefits who had planned to increase the employee contribution for health insurance in 2008.

Percentage of Americans who are very worried about having to pay more for their health care insurance, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released in December 2007.


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