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Week of 4.25.08

College Summit

While many kids from rich families take going to college for granted, poor kids face a harsher reality. According to one source, only seven percent of low-income kids earn a college degree by the age of 25. This week NOW on PBS shares a year-long investigation of an innovative program trying to level that playing field.

College Summit is hoping to close the gap by helping students from low-income families select schools, complete college applications, write personal statements, and navigate financial aid.
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After months of documenting student participants in Denver, it's now time for a reality check: Can poor children get the same shot at college as those on the opposite end of the economic scale, or will rich students always have the advantage? As rejection and acceptance letters arrive in the mail, see who comes closer to achieving their dreams.

This is part of NOW's continuing segment on social entrepreneurs and their life-sustaining innovations called Enterprising Ideas.

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