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Week of 10.16.09

Patient Update: Nicole Marquez

Nicole Marquez
Nicole Marquez
Nicole Marquez was a patient featured in "Nurses Needed" a NOW on PBS investigation into the critical shortage of nurses in America.

Nicole, a 25-year-old aspiring dancer and actress, was hospitalized in August, 2008 after an accident left her critically injured. Locked out of her fifth floor New York City apartment, it is believed that Nicole tried to enter her building through an open window and slipped. She was found unconscious in the alley behind her apartment building a day later. Nicole broke her neck, back, pelvis and ribs. She also punctured a lung.

In the hospital Nicole endured multiple surgeries, a bout of pneumonia, and a series of mini-strokes. She was also on a ventilator for over two weeks. After spending close to a month in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Nicole was airlifted to Jackson, Mississippi, where her family lives, and spent three weeks at Select Specialty Hospital.

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Nicole spent three months at the Methodist Rehabilitation Center (MRC) in Jackson, Mississippi where she learned to walk again. Since her discharge from MRC in January, Nicole has been attending daily physical and occupational rehab sessions at the center's neuro-outpatient facility in Flowood, Mississippi. She also works with a personal trainer five days a week and does Pilates twice weekly.

Nicole Marquez and her mother Susan While therapy is her main focus, Nicole is also developing a career as a motivational speaker. She has become a member of the National Speakers Association, and had several speaking engagements in Mississippi. She also spoke at the annual kick-off meeting for New York Presbyterian Hospital and at the national Southern Living at HOME convention in Dallas.

Her real dream, however, is to dance again one day.

You can follow Nicole's progress through her site on Caring Bridge or by visiting her personal website.

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