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Week of 10.31.08

Five Women, Five Voices

NOW sat down with a diverse group of women from Colorado for the program "What Women Voters Want" to discuss their key concerns about the candidates.

Roxanne Corbett
Stay-at-home mom with two children (pregnant with third)

Roxanne Corbett "If I do vote for McCain and Palin, which is the plan right now, the hesitance will be that I have a two year-old daughter and another one on the way. If I vote in people who are pro-life, what if Roe v. Wade is overturned? But unfortunately, right now, what I feel like I have to place my vote on is the economy and our energy situation."

Sharron Chapman
Retired factory worker with one adult child

Sharron Chapman "I'm a Democrat, born and raised a Democrat ... The older I get, the more conservative I get, and it means that I agree with lots of conservative issues. I don't know where I fall, because I think, gee I believe in that and that's an issue that's important to me and yet I'm a Democrat... So what am I going to do? I'm going to do what Hillary would like to have me do, which is vote for Obama."

Laura Dekdebrun
Small business owner with two children

Laura Dekdebrun "I have to say, that when I heard Sarah Palin do her speech...I said, "There's me—the average, every day mom, hockey mom, I have kids in hockey. I haul them around.

"I am pro choice, though ...I'm getting mails [from] Democrats [saying], "How could you even want to vote for somebody that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the abortion issue?" And I say, "Why would you think that she has the power to do that as a vice president?" If Obama said we've got to cut spending and really balance the budget, and take out a lot of some of the government programs and things, that would make a big difference."

Sonja Jenkins
Retired school teacher with two adult children

Sonja Jenkins "[I'm] trying to figure out if [Sarah Palin] really is one of us...She can make choices as a governor, and I think you can make choices like she has made, [if] you have money that can back you one way or the other...I worry about women who don't have the support. I think that it takes a village now. And I think about my daughter who has a little boy, not married—barely putting food on the table. [She] lost her condo because of the mortgage—crisis and [was] basically almost out on the street with a newborn. So, when that happens, I'm not sure that [Palin] can be one of us."

Katherine Vincent
Homemaker with one adult child

Katherine Vincent "It was really crushing when Hillary lost...I felt like [Obama] could have spoken out and said okay, enough is enough, stop with the sexist comments, the misogyny, but I didn't hear that from him, but a lot of us did feel that although we were loyal, lifetime Democrats we could not vote for Barack Obama ... It's just the fact that they told a whole segment of American society to go away, we'll win the election without you... it was just incredibly insulting to so many women in this country. I think both Sarah Palin and John McCain are decent people, but again, it's the policies, and that may be why I eventually wind up voting the Democratic ticket in November, but either way I won't be very happy with my vote. Either way I vote this year it will be with great reluctance and with a lot of sadness."

As promised, we contacted Vincent after the election to find out how she voted, but she declined to share her choice.

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Five Women, Five Voices

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