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Week of 11.7.08

How Will He Lead?

With the campaign and the election finally behind him, President-elect Barack Obama is now focusing on governing, but in which direction will he take the country?

Charles Ogletree is in a unique position to know. The Harvard professor was an adviser to the university's Black Law Students Association when Obama was a member, and Ogletree has been a trusted advisor to Obama ever since. This week, David Brancaccio sits down with Ogletree, who some say is being considered for a top Justice Department position, to get early insight on what we might expect from an Obama Administration.

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Also This Week: Obama's Challenges Abroad
» full program video available above

President-elect Barack Obama faces formidable challenges overseas. From the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to national security issues such as the Iranian nuclear standoff and Middle East peace, Obama certainly has his work cut out for him.

Obama has promised to fundamentally remake America's image in the world while addressing these issues, but can he succeed?

Video: Conservatives Hit 'Rock Bottom'
Video iconVideo: Conservatives Hit "Rock Bottom"
What does the Republican Party need to do next? George Packer, staff writer for The New Yorker, offers some advice.
George Packer, a staff writer and frequent war correspondent for The New Yorker Magazine, talks to NOW's David Brancaccio about the opportunities, challenges and uphill battles facing the president-elect.

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How Will He Lead?

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Video: Conservatives Hit "Rock Bottom"

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