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Watch NOW on PBS interviews with notable documentary filmmakers on a range of timely issues.

Robert Kenner—"Food, Inc."
NOW talks with filmmaker Robert Kenner, director of "Food, Inc.," which takes a hard look at the surprising journey food takes on the way from processing plants to our dinner tables. Kenner sheds light on why contemporary food processing secrets are so closely guarded, their impact on our health, and how consumers can make a difference.

"Who Killed Sister Dorothy?"
How could a struggle over land lead to the brutal murder of an American nun? NOW interviews award-winning filmmaker Daniel Junge on his latest film "They Killed Sister Dorothy." The documentary focuses on Sister Dorothy Stang, a Catholic nun from Ohio who was killed on a muddy road in the Brazilian Amazon she worked tirelessly to save.

Alex Gibney—"Taxi to the Dark Side"
The Oscar-winning feature documentary, "Taxi to the Dark Side," tells the story of an innocent Afghan taxi driver who died while being interrogated and tortured by U.S. soldiers. NOW interviews the film's director, Alex Gibney, about torture practices of the United States in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay.

Laurie David—"An Inconvenient Truth"
NOW talks with Laurie David, producer of the Academy Award winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth,"—presented by former Vice President Al Gore. David, a major environmental activist, levels direct charges against those she feels stand in the way of her mission to alert the world about the dangers of climate change.

Eva Mulvad—"Enemies of Happiness"
Can an Afghan woman overcome entrenched views and death threats to help bring democracy to Afghanistan? Danish filmmaker Eva Mulvad talks about her documentary "Enemies of Happiness," which follows the outspoken and successful campaign of Malalai Joya, a 28 year-old Afghan woman running in the country's first democratic parliamentary elections in 35 years.

Michael Moore—"Sicko"
In his documentary, "Sicko," Michael Moore turns his eye on America's health care system, as dominated and regulated by insurance companies, health maintenance organizations and legislators who are too often bought off by big pharmacy and HMO's. NOW sits down with the controversial chronicler of American culture to find out what makes him tick, and why our health care system ticks him off.

Michael Apted—"49 Up"
NOW sits down with acclaimed director Michael Apted to talk about how socioeconomic status and education attainment influence our life. Apted discusses what he's learned from "49 Up," the seventh chapter of his groundbreaking documentary series that follows the lives of English citizens every seven years.

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick—"The War"
How does a democracy decide to wage war? NOW interviews filmmakers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick about their World War II documentary "The War" for insight into both our past and present wars.

Chris Paine—"Who Killed the Electric Car?"
NOW talks to director Chris Paine about his documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" The film looks at the hopeful birth and untimely death of the electric car, an environmentally-friendly, cost-saving salvation to some, but a profit barrier to others.

Laura Poitras—"My Country, My Country"
Filmmaker Laura Poitras spent eight dangerous months documenting the life of an Iraqi medical doctor and his family as they struggled to maintain hope amidst the bombings, bloodshed, and military occupation. NOW speaks with Poitras about her eye-opening experiences working on the Oscar-nominated film.

Eugene Jarecki—"Why We Fight"
The award-winning filmmaker Eugene Jarecki talks to NOW about "Why We Fight," his documentary film about the United States' relationship with war as a business. Jarecki sheds light on the politics and business of war and explores what it tells us about the so-called "war on terror."
Who Killed Sister Dorothy?

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Spotlight on Filmmakers

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