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Week of 3.27.09

The People's Sheriff

Is a hard-line sheriff crossing the line when it comes to immigration enforcement?

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One of the most controversial figures in the illegal immigration debate is Joe Arpaio, the longtime sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County, whose aggressive hard line on local crime has received national attention.

But has Sheriff Arpaio, who's made the most of federally-granted authority to enforce immigration laws, crossed the line when it comes to serving and protecting his community? Some critics have accused him of racial profiling.

This week, our colleagues at "Exposé" and local reporters from the East Valley Tribune reveal what Sheriff Arpaio was—and wasn't—doing in the name of law enforcement.

In a special bonus interview, NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa sits down with Joe Arpaio for an intense discussion about the issues and criticism swirling around him. Watch more of that interview with Sheriff Arpaio.

Also, see how two New Jersey mayors deal with undocumented immigrants in their communities using sharply different—and politically surprising—approaches in NOW: "Immigration on Main Street".

Read PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler's assessment of Maria Hinojosa's interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Viewer Comments

Commenter: karen
Sheriff Joe is reelected for a reason. He does his job all the while fighting the liberals who are hoping to get voters. He does NOT raid houses of illegal aliens that are hard working..he raids the homes of coyotes and investigated felons. He only stops people on his sweeps if there is cause OTHER than they are hispanic. He has captured many people who have outstanding warrants which include rape, murder, drugs and even though the people of arizona voted on a proposition that would disallow any form of bail for convicted illegal aliens, the judges still give them bail, and they disappear until they are caught for their next crime. I work at an office 50 feet away from where a convicted felon who was let go (illegal) shot a police officer dead. You koolaid drinkers better get both sides of a story before you start accusing him of being the bad guy.

Commenter: ariel
You, racist, Sheriff Joe supporters are just like the Germans in Nazi germany, you agree with the furor that some people are inferior and you aid in these families being torn apart and beaten. I live in Maricopa county and can see the terror that the immigrant families are facing are living in everyday, they are afraid to go to the store, often keep their children home from school and seldom call the police when they are victims of crime. They are being terrorized by not only criminals in their neighborhoods but also the sheriff's department. I also very much see the comparison with the beginnings of Nazi Germany and have been feeling this for over a year now. Maricopa county is now a safe haven for criminals with this Sheriff and we are now afraid that we may start to see the drug and human smuggling cartels here very soon, they are welcome to come here by our Sheriff, they know he is to sissy to go after them, only goes after gardeners and maids.
You call us "liberals" because we care, you don't even know that there are many republicans who work with us and agree with us, they care too.

Commenter: Bob Dobolina
What a hatchet job report Maria Hinojosa attempted to do on Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He held his own against her baited questions and made her look silly and racist. It's sad that such a left-wing liberal reporter asks such questions of a law enforcement officer who is merely attempting to stop illegals from committing even more crime. Maria Hinojosa is an embarassment to journalism. However, 'Now' is not even journalism - it's left-wing liberal propaganda trying to act like journalism. Hopefully, everyone who respects fair and objective reporting will boycott PBS and your local PBS affiliate. Don't give these liberals A DIME until they return to objective reporting rather than liberal drivel as typified by Ms. Hinojosa's 'report'.

Commenter: Lori
Right now I am most concerned with our Sheriff, Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio. We need to come together to support Arpaio and his department! He is the only one that has the guts to do something and he needs our support and backing right now!! We need to stop being so silent and so busy and start voicing our viewpoints! We approve of what Sheriff Arpaio is doing!! I want to help, I want to get involved, I want to show my support!!

Commenter: Jasmine Cortez
Maria Teresa Gomez. I believe you should take a look at your family tree. I can't believe how citizens believe this behavior is correct and implementing the LAW, what law! The Law of corrupted person with personal meaning to break the BILL OF RIGHTS. You Americans SHOULD try doing A REAL JOB THAT YOU CANT HANDLE and AM AN AMERICAN born here with GREAT blood of a MEXICAN.
You should like at the high picture of WELFARE cases 43% of them are AMERICAN and 18% African American and the 9% are MEXICAN-AMERICAN..NOT illegal's. Look at your own back yard!

Commenter: Barb
SHERIFF JOE IS THE BEST SHERIFF EVER!!!!! You want to know why he keeps getting elected, because we in Maricopa county support him!!!! He's the BEST!!!! Why, because he actually enforces the LAW and does his job. Every crime suppression effort is recorded, there is no racial profiling, because EVERYONE is treated the same. It's hilarious to watch the activist trying to get the Deputies to stop them. There has been no success because Deputies are doing a good job and are totally with-in the law and Supreme Court Rulings. All those who actually believe the tripe PBS puts out are out of their ever loving LIBERAL minds. Someone mentioned New Times, HA HA HA, the New Times has no creditability, that goes for the AZ republic as well. It's not that the internet lets us reads the stories, it's that they refuse to print the truth, that is why they are on their way out.


Commenter: Melissa
Myth:Illegals do jobs Americans won't.
Fact:500 people showed up for a job to flip burgers.
673 people showed up for a janitor job. Hundreds of people showed up for work at a meatpacking plant after an ICE raid.

Myth:They're just hard workers who want a better life.
Fact: Check out their site. They hate all white people.
They have group meetings and organizations. Check out their sites, then get back to me on the evil sheriff.

Commenter: Dee Romesburg
Alas, this isn't the first time Sheriff Joe has been under investigation, and probably won't be the last. Check out the archives of the Phoenix New Times for stories on the prisoners who've died in custody, the money scandals, and more-evidence-than-you-need that Joe is just a publicity hungry crook. We've spent a fortune in tax money defending him from lawsuits - but he keeps getting re-elected!

Commenter: B Emerson
Immigrant-suppression sweep by Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa County, Ariz is what all Shariff's
Departments in all states need to be doing.

Commenter: steve palester
they should fire sheriff joe arpaio his a corrupted person.

Commenter: Nicolas Venzor
After all the grandstanding Sherrif joe Arpaio has been doing, it s refreshing to see once again that only PBS has the guts to show the public the truth. I though Now could have investigated the victims of Arpaio's actions better. To show better that he is trading the safety of the public at large to publicly oppress immigrants that don't have a voice sometimes. The way I see it, a civil liberty violation on one person whether legal or not, is a violation for all of us. The US is quickly to point fingers when other countries infringe upon civil and human rights, but while we allow ignorant bullies like Arpaio hold positions of power, we are being hypocritical. A previous commenter said that he left Mexico because of all the corruption and laslessness, but the US is no different. The US has even gone as far as legalizing bribes for congress members. They are called lobbyist. Corruption is a part of this goverment just as any other. The US has a rich history of immigrants and their contributions that led this great country, although far from perfect, to being a beacon of hope for peoples around the world. It's sad to hear such hateful, ignorant comments from so called 'americans' who feel that they have to blame the problems of this country on easy targets. I hope congress sees fit to remove Sheriff Arpaio from his position. It would send a message to all those officials who are thinking of doing the same in their counties that the AMERICAN public will not stand for this disgrace.

Commenter: Maria Teresa Gomez
Shame, Shame on you PBS, I knew there was a reason why I quit watching you, Yes ,you liberal bias.
Here is a sheriff enforcing the law of the land and you gave credibility to a Maria Hinojosa, what will be next? Mecha or The Voz of Aztlan Aren't you aware that all of Hispanic politicians and Hispanic organizations goals is to get into this country as many illegal aliens as possible, that means more power for them,and will start a witch hunt against anybody that tries to stop it
Support legality not ilegality, PBS,
You go Joe! I believe you have lots of support
God bless you Sheriff
By the way they are not indocumented aliens , the problem is that they have TOO MANY documents, all of them fraudulent. Call them what they are: ILLEGAL
IMMIGRANTS. Enough of political correctness

Commenter: M A Andrews
Focusing on the individual illegal aliens
misses the larger issue that Mexico is
doing everything it can to aid and abet
ethnocentric advocates and criminal
employers in creating a Spanish speaking
Illegal Mexican Nation within the borders
of the USA.
People march with signs saying
"Go back to Europe"
"We will not assimilate"
"You stole our land"
"Mexico is wherever there is a Mexican"
and comments
"People who will think Mexico 1st
into the 7th Generation"
" Illegal Aliens are "Heroes"

Commenter: Al
Joe has clearly gone too far. He claims he's not racially profiling people when it is clear he is. This is not the way to solve the immigration problem. Only serious comprehensive reform of our laws will. Separating families is neither humane nor workable as a long term solution.

Commenter: Too Proud
Sheriff Arpaio should not have been re-elected, he needs to be kicked out, he has no heart!There is no reason to throw out illegal residents, are they viewed as a threat because they are hard working, and US citizens are not? Im a citizen of the US and I know damn well im not gonna go do yard work or work for $5 an hour!Are people scared that minorities will run this place? In my opinion Sheriff Joe can kick out as many illegals as he wants but he will not stop us from getting to the top, cuz damn right we will run this one day! Its sad how latinos who look straight out mexican support Arpaio, that is rediculous!

Commenter: missingxtension
You think all this pro-Arpio post and traffic to PBS is an accident?
The answer is quite simple, the sheriff has a big budget on media campaign. I bet if you can check the ip of all the poster it will probably originate from the same block.

Commenter: Mary P
Sheriff Arapaio, the face of Bully America! he's a disgrace to law enforcement, Arizona and this nation. Kick him out and put him in his own jail. Let him wear the pink underwear...

Commenter: Maximo Z. Anguiano
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Should Be Accountable For His Actions. If He Is Violation Of Someone Civil Rights, He Should Suffer The Consequences. He Not Above The Law. With His Actions Of Traffics Stops, He Is Racial Profiling Brown People.

Commenter: Joey
Europeans are the first illegal immigrants to touch these lands. You hang your own noose when you speak ignorantly of peoples that have been living in these lands for thousands of years. Time to read a non bais historical book to see who and what are the real causes. Stop blaming the poor and start holding your officals in powerful positions accountable for their profit making laws.

Commenter: Angela
We really need to step back and look at the abuses of this out of control man. If Americans would take the time and read up on their own history we would find that this tyranny should never be tolerated on American soil. Maybe the laws are hateful toward particular groups of human beings and it only seems ironic that with Arpaio's family heritage that he would treat immigrants with such disrespect considering his own roots was in the same situation not too many decades ago. Regardless, there are many people who are profiting off of this madness in Arizona and to support a man who needs body guards when he gets his hair cut should be an indicator of how effective this "cowboy" Sheriff really is. How can we be proud of a country that continues to disrespect the hard working people who come over to the U.S. because of U.S. policies and backward politics? Don't take it out on the people but rather politicians that push the impoverished to come to an unwelcoming country and so called Christian Nation. For those who use the word Hispanic, look up the term before using it.

Commenter: Laura
Thank you to PBS and Now for broadcasting this piece.
Thank you to the East Valley Tribune reporters for their courage in reporting the facts and exposing the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department for their racial profiling and ineffectiveness in their jobs.

Just because many people in Phoenix approve of the Sheriff's tactics, doesn't make his tactics right, just or legal. Let's remember the South and the Jim Crow Segregation laws...racism, segregation and hatred was sancioned by the laws of the states at the time. It didn't make it right.

Sheriff Joe Arpiao is the Governor Bull Connor of our day.
Phoenix, AZ is the Birmingham, AL of our time.

Commenter: A former supporter in Colorado
Maria Hinajosa's interview was the most biased I've ever seen on a PBS show. What an angry woman! You can cancel my support of PBS and we were large contributors. Who else would sheriff Joe's men be pulling over for illegally crossing the border . . . Eskimos! Of course not, most of the folks are Mexicans.

Commenter: Manuel
I am a legal immigrant from Mexico and I am glad there are still a few people like Joe Arpaio in the US to protect this country against the illegal invasion of Mexicans. I left Mexico because I was fed up of living in a law-less corrupt country. The Mexican culture is corrupt from the lowest to the highest level of society. Corruption is part of the culture and this is something hard to understand if you did not grow-up in Mexico. Even Mexican-Americans do not know this fact.
I don't deny there is some corruption in the US, but it is certainly not pervasive like in Mexico. However, if millions of Mexicans are allowed into the country the American culture will change and we can become a nation of people that make a mockery of the Law just like in Mexico.
Again, protecting the American culture is extremely important and Arpaio is doing that. What does Maria Hinojosa propose to stop illegal immigration? Nothing. Why is that? Because she takes for granted a culture that obeys the law. Respect for the law is practically inexistent in Mexico. Americans will eventually appreciate it once they loose it.

Commenter: Jim K
The statististics stated by the press during the PBS presentation are skewed. They do not reflect all the available data. During the broadcast the figure was given that 659 traffic stops were made and the result was 655 tickets to Hispanics. The reasons for that practice can be multifold. Numbers do not tell the whole story.
I, a white male, have not been stopped in any of the 49 states within which I have driven in more than 45 years. I have not been stopped in Arizona either. Why not? Well, the reason is simple; I maintain my vehicle in as new condition and make sure nothing is wrong with it. I have to believe that those who were stopped do not maintain the same level of perfection concerning their vehicles.
A wise man once told me that there are three kinds of liars: little white liars, big black liars and statisticians. As a process server, I have received and served many traffic tickets from Maricopa County for residents of Massachusetts who were passing through the state and were caught by speed trap cameras. From the pictures of the drivers of those vehicles and meeting those persons face to face, none appear to be Hispanic. I suggest that the press has as much to gain from negative reporting as Sheriff Joe has to gain from positive press releases.

Commenter: Helen Duepner
The people in Phoenix, including the Mayor, who do not want Joe Arpaio doing his job with illegals are those such as the Chamber of Commerce and their satellites (hotels, restaurants, etc. catering to tourism). They need the steady flow of slave labor coming from Mexico to do business as they wish to do it. After illegals have worked here for a few months, they want more money; therefore, the need for new ones coming in. More laws are broken by these illegals after they arrive in Arizona. They drive without licenses and insurance so if you're involved in an accident with one of them - forget about it! The criminals in Mexico come to Arizona where the pickings are much better. Most of those arrested by any law agency have Hispanic names as published in the paper. Arpaio is the only one interested in doing anything about it. I will continue to vote for him.

Commenter: Char
There is no excuse for abuse, racial profiling, and blaming harmless people for our broken immigration system. It is blatantly un-American. We need immigrants from less privileged nations just as they need a chance to immigrate. currently, there is no line to get into, and no way to immigrate legally to the United States that is even remotely realistic, whether it be to fill unskilled labor positions, for family reunification, or fleeing dangerous situations. In my work as a doctor, I find many patients who, while they entered the US legally, have been separated from their wives or husbands because marriage no longer allows a person to stay here. Put in the shoes of today's immigrants, the hard-line anti-immigrants would do just the same as immigrants do; it takes humility and courage to see from another's perspective when you've come from one of privilege, and many people are not able to do so. Certainly we need reform that is based on solid, unbiased data. But if we are to save the heart and soul of what it means to be American, we need this reform to be realistic, humane, and to acknowledge the continuing role of immigrants in building this nation.

Commenter: Brian Burns
Hell yes, Sheriff Arpaio. You are fighting for American's rights, not illegal aliens. Our laws are just as strict as the immigration laws in Mexico.

Mexicans are hypocrites when it comes to immigration.

Commenter: Dee
Arpaio racial profiles entire Latino neighborhoods in Maricopa county. His volunteer deputies wear hooded masks, too afraid to expose their faces. They know what they are doing is wrong.

Last year, Arpaio and his masked goons terrorized a children's Confirmation Mass. Look at the picture.


Commenter: SUE IN TEXAS
I LOVE SHERIFF JOE!!!! If he was the President OUR borders would be tight!!!! We the citizens of the United States need someone like him in every city and the ILLEGAL immigration problem would come to a halt!
I will NEVER give money to PBS after their bias report on the side of the ILLEGALS. YES, ILLEGALS NOT undocumented immigrants! You go Sheriff Joe!!!! The CITIZENS are on your side!!!

Commenter: just a everyday person...
To all those with heated you go off on Illegal immigrants wishing them ill.... as a Christian I can only think.... WWJD? Probably not spout words like those about other children of God. Because they are illegal doesn't make them less than people. Being an American is big and shiny, until you look a little deeper and see that we are just as hateful as other countries.

Commenter: Jill
Its easy to support the Sheriff, especially when your not from Phoenix. He sounds like he's straight from a wild wild west movie, right? But he is not. He is a man with an obsession for the spotlight and has found his golden ticket with illegal immigration issue.

Phoenix is no safer because of these sweeps, more so it is less safe. I work in a low income community only 2 miles from the sheriff's office, and while he is gallivanting around town picking up those scary illegals doing the work none of the people my middle class neighborhood want to do, we have to hire off duty police officers to escort us while there. If he really wants to fight crime, all he needs to do is go down the street; he can find gangs, drugs, prostitution, arson, and murder.

As a citizen of this country (and humanity) I'm ashamed of all those that post those angry words against those whose only crime is to dream the American Dream; I welcome them, their work ethic and rich culture. Don't be afraid of the jobs they are "taking" from you. Better use all the resources that are closed to them, like higher education, and get better jobs. We are the blessed ones that we can eat the fruit of our ancestors trials; you know, the other immigrants that had people hate as well.

Commenter: Andrea
Voices from across the political spectrum - elected officials, media outlets, religious leaders, and community leaders have been critical of Sheriff Joe, his tactics, and his impact. It's becoming clear that the self-proclaimed "America's Toughest Sheriff" and his over-the-top, media-grabbing immigration-enforcement methods are harmful to the people of Maricopa County and that local anti-immigrant policies are no substitute for comprehensive and substantive immigration reform at the national level.

Commenter: larry
great job NOW i lived in AZ and i strongly believe,that the sheriff is wrong about alot of things.

Commenter: Glen
NOW lost a lot of credibility in our household. It was easy to see that your report was on a mission to discredit the sheriff rather than investigate. The sheriff looked good and Ms Hinijosa appeared too confrontational and personally involved. A good reporter needs to present both sides of the issue without emotion. Ask the question and let the person answer, the viewer can discern the truth.
Once good reporting is breached, the whole show is in question.

Commenter: Pat
Write/telephone your elected representatives in Washington. Ask them to reinstate EVERIFY - a government program for employers to verify each job applicant's legal U.S. status and their Social Security numbers against individual names. The EVERIFY program is very effective and should be mandated for every employer to use. Congress keeps expiring EVERIFY because the U.S. Chamber of Commerce wants open borders for cheap labor (illegal aliens). This would also help with identify theft and reduce the job magnet for illegal aliens.

Taxpayers can not financially afford taking care of foreigners here illegally. It is immoral and illegal for our politicians to put this burden on taxpayers. It is also immoral for our borders to be open to drugs and human trafficking. Many people die crossing the desert with both Mexico and the United States complicit with these deaths.

As far as this particular program on NOW, I was disappointed but not surprised.

Commenter: Truth
I think is very hypocritical of some people to talk about how immigrants shouldn't be here. Apparently those who talk negative about immigrants do not know their history. If they remember correctly their ancestors were most likely immigrants at some point in time. Also, if you remember correctly, from your history class in high school, the treaty signed with Santa Ana said that the territory acquired by the U.S. from Mexico will make sure Spanish is still the main language in that area which includes Texas, Nevada, California, etc. and of course Arizona. Please people stop being hypocritical! You would do the same thing if your family was very poor and didn't have many opportunities.

This is your country and you only want legals? WOW!!!!Maybe you didn't notice that your ancestors are not from here also. Doesn't that mean that once time down the road your family was illegal!!!! HOW ABOUT YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.....THE ONLY TRUE CITIZENS ARE INDIANS.... ignorant.....If people are coming to do good to the states than that is fine who cares if they are illegal. But how about the people who are citizens and are always in jail and are always doing wrong. ALSO ABOUT JOE WHO ONLY FOCUSES ON ILLEGALS AND CAN'T EVEN FIND PEOPLE IN HIS BACKYARD.....also illegals don't make taxes which means that the government stays with their money and they don't get to claim it. THIS WILL BE HIS LAST CAMPAIN AND HE WILL BE KICKED OUT!!!!

Commenter: Gregorio
It is obvious that transparency is lacking within MCSO and Sheriff Joe becomes upset every time Hinojosa questions his authority and "crime suppression" tactics. The very fact that the Federal government is launching an investigation in regards to the blatant civil rights violations should make people realize that this man is doing something wrong.

Commenter: Ian Zukawsky
The report does not say how the cops are determining that someone is an illegal immigrant. Many illegal immigrants have driver licenses and social security cards. A cop will not be able to identify an illegal immigrant by simply asking for these documents. Since we are not required to carry our birth certificates and/or passports at all times, a cop does not really have any way to determine whether you are an illegal immigrant during a routine traffic stop. So how the heck do they determine that someone they have stopped is an illegal alien?

I do think that more should be done to enforce our immigration laws. Racial profiling does not work though. There are many illegal Eastern Europeans (e.g., Russians, Ukrainians, Poles) here in Chicago and they are white. There is also a few illegals from Ireland and they are not only white but they also speak English. So racial profiling does not really address the problem.

Commenter: Anthony
Joe Arpio is a psychopath. It deserves to be in prison.

Commenter: Follow The Rules
How idiotic is it to claim profiling? Sheriff Joe is elected by the citizens of Maricopa County. Arizona is an American state that borders Mexico. Arizona is having terrible problems with the Mexicans who are here illegally. What's he supposed to do? Stop everyone BUT the hispanics?! Good Grief!!

Commenter: uniteas1
As I see it the only time these news reporters or the ACLU or LaRAza or even MALDEF and more attack people or law officers,like Joe,is when these people are actually taking action to enforce our immigration laws or other laws. In other words people that actually perform their duties.

Because a Sheriff is tough on crime,he becomes a target? I am betting there are more then just ilegals in his prison. For one thing it has been televised. And only targeted by groups who insist on having illegals in this country breaking the laws.

And I say laws since they break a law to get into this country and contuinue to break laws as they get jobs and collect social services and get drivers licenses and have forged papers. I say we need a hell of alot more of Sherriff Joe Arpaio's

By the way Maria Hinijosa our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT legally classifies these people as ILLEGAL ALIENS. So don't point the blame at Joe Arpaio for the wording.

Temaquixtiani,no matter how you want to put it,these people are here ILLEGALLY and break the laws. If you do not think it is right to leave children in the middle of the night or arrest the parents,then do not let these people into the country! They seperate themselves! We as American citizens do not do that for them.

And damn it,they do not just pick fruit and vege's. They take over other jobs because they will do it cheaper. They hurt other businesses and they send the money they do make back to their country. They are not a benefit to our economy when billions of dollars leave this country annually! By the way they ARE NOT MARRIED to my relatives! Maybe yours.

And FORMER AZ hiding from the ex. Those type crimes go on throughout this country. And over the years there have been many unfortunate happenings with spousal abuse. So do not put that kind of blame on one man.

Commenter: Fedup
Sheriff Joe is an American Hero.I just wish that their were more like him in this Country.He tells it like it is.

Go Joe!

Commenter: New Yorker
It's outrageous to hear people pandering to illegal alien Id thieves, while breaking our laws. Our nation is a nation of laws and they should be enforced. No one is above the law. These people are coming here on their own, no one is forcing them to come here to bankrupt our system and our nation. Most of these people who favor them, don't even know how much it cost to take care of these illegal aliens. We taxpayers are shelling billions while our own citizens are struggling to survive. We need plenty of Arpaios all around our country to stopped this Invasion coming in, to live on our hard earned dollars. Mexico don't allowed NO one to be illegal in their country, since their Constitution is a tough one to enter their country. Meantime, they encourage their people to break our laws and want special treatment. What is good for the goose i good for the gander, to!
Plenty of our people had been killed by these irresponsible people, who some run to their country after doing so,never tried for their crimes. Those in government who are in favor of these law breakers don't deserved to be in their post. We the people are paying their salaries and all the freebies they get, while doing a lousy job, forgetting the oath of office and the Constitution they took to up hold! The lobbyist groups are defending these illegals because they are using them, receiving money for their own political agenda and none of them tell them that. Politicians just want to get re-elected

Commenter: GWPDA
As a nearly native Arizonan - Oh! That's right! I came down from Canada when I was 4!

As a nearly native Arizonan, resident in Phoenix all I can say is that Joe Arpaio is a clown, verges on personal illegality, has almost certainly commited fraud in a number of well-documented areas (how about that property in Fountain Hills you bought for cash, Joe?), has cost the County a huge amount of money as a result of his barbaric treatment of inmates at the County Jail and is not qualified to be any kind of peace officer there is. He is not certified. The 'Sheriff' role is to administer the County Jail and that's about it. He has almost certainly misappropriated Federal monies to target anyone in the County perceived to have 'brown' skin, including Yaquis, Apaches, Papagos, and Pueblos for the love of Mike.... (I waved at your boys over in front of the Home Depot the other day, Joe! You know, when I was going in to buy some mulch and your boys were filming everybody who passed by!). He has threatened the Mayor of the City of Phoenix, he has threatened the Press, he has threatened the State Supreme Court.

The guy is a clown. A fraud. A crook. And an embarassment.

Commenter: Your mother
There is an incredible amount of racism and xenophobia in this topic, propagated largely by bigots who have never met an immigrant in their life and base their mindless assumptions on hate mongering by the far right.

Those who think for a second that undocumented aliens do more harm than good for America need to take a basic course in economics and sociology. And those who think anything this joke of a sheriff does is right needs to get their heads out of their asses. These are borderline human rights violations. For you to even think Arpaio's actions are justified only illustrates your ignorance.

Commenter: Jan Crouch
We in Maricopa County have known for years that this sheriff has crossed the line of decency and civil rights on numerous occasions. The over $40M in lawsuit payouts is a mere fraction of the public safety money he has flushed down the toilet.

This program was very well made; Maria Hinajosa exposed Arpaio's hypocrisy. Watch him site statistics, and later in the interview say he doesn't care about statistics. What he wants is a Joseph Goebbles Minister for Propaganda to silence his critics, much like the way dissent was silenced in a public meeting by his brown-shirted deputies:

Commenter: Lawrence Wiles
I watched this hit piece with disgust. Here is a member of the law enforcement community that get it. Your left wing positions surely do not understand that enforcment at all levels is needed to stop this invasion. The federal government will not do its constitutinal duties in protecting the border and removing those not autorized to be here. Hense it falls upon the local hero to do so. The illegals, not undomcumented as you call them, are criminals. Most have entered the US numerous times and have no regard for our laws or the rule of law. They are leaches, just as you on the left are. I hope that an illegal causes you severe problems just as they have so many others in this country then you will understand just what illegal means. You will most likely consider this piece harsh and improper. However, you are the one that is improper with your socialistic drible.

Commenter: paleocon444
l'm interested in only one thing: how many arrests resulted in deportation of the suspects. Your commentary, sadly, is completely left-slanted. l agree: the Sheriff's dept. should handle the rest of the criminal activity in a timely manner, but that woman looks foolish to complain that catching 665 criminals should be made impossible in order to comply with anti-profiling laws.

Enforce profiling when it is used to harass non-criminals. NOT when it results in a proven conviction.

She sat there and told everybody watching, "l want 665 criminals to have the run of this country by forcing the Sheriff's Dept. to ignore them using a "fairness doctrine" to handcuff THEM, rather than the criminals."

Commenter: Lianne
I must say I was most impressed with Maria Hinojosa professionalism during her interview with Mr Arpaio. The sheriff was clearly a bully, both in his aggressive tone of voice and body language, in his response to a number of questions that were put to him. Ms Hinojosa remained calm and persisted with the questions that Mr Arpaio was clearly trying to avoid answering.
As always, I appreciate the excellent journalism that NOW does every week.
Best regards,

Commenter: Lost Supporter of PBS
Maria Hinijosa's hack expose of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the last straw. I will never again support PBS. Their cancerous liberal bias has corrupted nearly every so-called "journalistic" program. I cannot allow such adamant hatred for unbiased reporting to ooze its way into my home again. The liberal left has shown nothing but contempt for the laws and morals this country was founded upon. They have infiltrated nearly all media outlets, and preach their lies to the uneducated masses, via the uneducated movie stars and TV actors.

In my opinion, Katie Couric has new competition for the most liberally biased, dis-information campaign on the air. Congratulations Maria Hinijosa. Keep up the lopsided, sad excuse you call journalism, and someday you may make it on a prime time "for entertainment only" news cast.

Commenter: .
Illegal Immigration is a crime, that promotes identity theft, welfare mommas (pregnant Mexican Nationals breaking into America so they can receive child welfare checks for 18 years), and rears children under the auspice that breaking the law (American Laws) is acceptable, as they only keep allegiance to Mexico.

They force our schools to waste tax dollars, teaching their children (non-tax paying parents) Spanish (not their native language, but the language of their conquerors), printing everything in duplicate (in Spanish for the parents who may not even be literate, hence the search for labor jobs in America as they have no job skills and cannot find jobs in Mexico).

Those illegal immigrants who claim to "Pay Taxes" do so via identity theft, using a victim's SSN. They cost us more than they contribute. They put law abiding, legal immigrants in a difficult position. Those who ingress legally, learn and speak English, and abide by the laws of the land.

How would you feel if a family breaks into your house, demands that you put them on your medical insurance, pay for their children's education, learn their language, share your Social Security when they "retire", drive around without a license, and allow them to "re-pay" by cleaning your house and mowing your lawn? Why should we continue to allow this inequitable pilferage of our tax dollars, our jobs, our land and our security?

Does anyone else find it irregular for them to dance around in their "Traditional Native Costumes" and claim Spanish, from the Conquistadores of Spain, as part of their "Culture"? If they truly wanted to "retain their heritage" would they not shun Spanish (as they do English) for their true native language?

Commenter: Temaquixtiani
This is the first time Sheriff Joe blinked when statistics were cited. He did not even know his own arrest record. Or didn't he?

The silent middle america is better than that strident voice of the vocal few that have the time to write and bash one of the best expose's I have ever seen of Sheriff Arpaio.

If you watch the video about the two small children on the New York Times when they were left in the middle of the night without a mother, you will realize that there has to be a better way to enforce immigration laws.

It does not matter what you say "illegal aliens" as many call them are married to your sister or your brother. Pick the vegetables and fruits you put on your table and have until now propped up the Social Security bankrupt coffers with money they pay into the system but never recover.

Sheriff Arpaio is part of that corrupt system and helps the Prison Industrial Complex such as the GEO group which own two of the Immigration Prisons in Florence to the tune of $154,000 per prisoner per year directly from your pocket into the Wells Fargo Bank via your tax payer's contribution. In the economic collapse every industry lost money except the prison industrial complex which thrives under Sheriff Joe's made up Crime Suppression Raids. Follow the money not your emotion and the Truth will set you free. This is a made up crisis to bolster the investor's pockets at the expense of your sanity.

Commenter: Tony Brixton
Their police department targetting only Hispanics? 11-minute response times? Sounds like the PERFECT place for non-Latino criminals to CRIME IT UP!


Commenter: Mike
The Anchor Babies are over 18 now, like the woman reporter challenging Sheriff Joe for dealing with the Illegal Aliens, she said they were Undocumented Immigrants. Baloney, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Like the Salt Lake Tribune, the reporter is using the term Undocumented Immigrants, a play on words fabricated probably by Hispanic Illegal Anchor Babies. She is for "Mexicalifornia"
Thank goodness Sheriff Joe is doing his job, but the problem is he was not able to stop the 220,000 illegals from Mexico we have in Utah.

Commenter: Barrett J Short
I am a believer in legal immigration. The key word here is LEGAL. I also support Sheriff Joe's actions. If he stops just one terrorist and
prevents another 911 his efforts are worth it. And, yes, I also don't mind the extra random screenings at airports. It is a minor inconvenience.

And why can't the commentator on the NOW program say the word "ILLEGAL". That should be the focus of the immigration debate. "ILLEGAL" was used only 10 times in the program (I counted), but not once by the commentator. Legal immigrants are Americans, and they are not the issue.

What part of ILLEGAL isn't understood by NOW? We need more Sheriff Joes, and I applaud his success.

Commenter: Former AZ
I had the misfortune of living in a county island which fell under Sheriff Arpaio's jurisdiction. Calling the MCSO to tell them you were watching two armed men (non-hispanic) do a drug deal outside your window meant you might get a callback from a deputy - sometime next week. Calling the MCSO and saying you were pretty sure your apartment complex had hired illegal aliens as landscapers meant you'd have a 10-man team out there in no time.
Many of us aren't upset with Joe because his office is arresting illegal immigrants, we're upset because his priorities are putting people danger. Stalkers, rapists, violent offenders, and abusive spouses are getting less time and less manpower than corn venders. For those of you who think there should be more officials like Joe, spend an hour hiding in your bathroom from your abusive ex. The one that MCSO officers couldn't track down to serve his warrant - or show up to arrest when you called.

Commenter: Brian Higgins
It appears to me that the Sherrif is the target of some radical liberals. Your show overall was unfair to this great American hero. If you disagree with his practice try to get Barney Frank to change the Constitution.

Commenter: John Apthorpe, MD
I have just viewed the NOW program on "The People's Sheriff". What a superbly poor example of journalism by NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojos! Illegal means illegal -- not the "undocumented" adjective description of these aliens. Our current laws must be enforced. I am Swedish, German and English. No one gave my forebearers the multitude of expensive benefits (healthcare, education, welfare - 13 yearold girls having babies - daughters of illegals) given to the illegal hispanics. I am not a xenophobe but let's make America populated by Americans - a melting pot of all races - no ESL classses, no exsuses for not assimilating. Illegals go back to Mexico, etc. They must await their turn to be allowed into this great country according to our laws and not their illegal behavior. Let them work to improve their situation in Mexico, etc. rather that degrade our standard of living. Work on correcting the graft and corruption in their native country making it attractive to them.

When I read the other comments on this blog I recognize that those commenting are not uneducated, ignorant fools but those with well-reasoned expressions of their dismay with PBS and Maria Hinojos. I supported my local PBS station this year (KCET - Los Angeles). After this display of disgustingly poor,prejudicial journalism I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I would rather support the USO.

John R. Apthorpe, MD
Cypress, CA

Commenter: Tammy Clarkson
I am ashamed that my father donates to PBS as this was the most bias show I have EVER seen on PBS EVER. Sheriff Arpiao is the only one who has guts in Phoenix as for law enforcement. This reporting was sloppy, tacky,

Commenter: ICEManCometh
And I REJECT David's opening statement that "we all agree the immigration system is broken." BULLHOCKEY!! Enforcement is broken, but the system is not. Just enforce what's on the books now, and PRESTO! Nice orderly immigration system where America decides which immigrant BENEFIT this country, and which ones CAN'T COME IN!!

Commenter: ICEManCometh
Chalk me up for a check to Sheriff Joe's re-election and legal defense funds. Obviously the illegal alien coddlers will keep attacking him until they trump up anything they can to drive him from office and onto the rubber chicken circuit. They're probably grooming some 12 year old Mexican girl to claim Joe touched her, and coaching her to stand up under cross-examination. Geez. I used to respect NOW, despite never being able to stand Maria's WAY-OVER-THE-TOP OVER-PRONUNCIATIONS of ALL WORDS REMOTELY SPANISH. C'mon Maria, ROLL THOSE "R's" and REALLY PUSH THAT "J-sounds-like-H" OUT OF YOUR DIAPHRAGM!! But I digress. NOW was always on my DVR as a news outlet, but now I have to keep it there just for the barometer on how biased things are on this issue, and for the sheer entertainment of ONE MORE DOUBLE-HISSED "S" from know, "S" is a very important letter in Spanish! As in the SCAM of feeling sorry for poor illegal aliens.

Commenter: Sheriff needs to do MORE for victims of illegals!!
I had to shut my business down because Sheriff Joe has let illegals congregate all over my business property to look for construction jobs which are rampid in the area I had my business. Why isn't he doing more to protect people like my family who are now suffering to survive while illegals have taken over my, or what once was my business property?

Commenter: Theresa
I don't understand why you are not praising our Sheriff for enforcing immigration laws. I am a real victim of an illegal crime. I was attacked by a man that was in this country legally. I was severly beaten

Commenter: ICEManCometh
Unlike the huge majority posting here, I have handled and inspected the documents of HUNDREDS of illegal aliens. THEY ARE NOT AND NEVER HAVE BEEN "UNDOCUMENTED," MARIA!!! They have documents, both real and fake, coming out the wazoo. They are "illegal aliens," and they are ALL scammers from the word "Go." They steal thousands of Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens, and then use those numbers at work. I have personally called into Soc.Sec. Admin. and checked the numbers off of illegals' pay stubs AND THEY WERE THE NUMBERS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO WERE COMPLETELY UNAWARE OF THIS FELONY CRIME BEING PERPETRATED AGAINST THEM!!! And Social Security says they don't have the manpower to investigate UNTIL YOU TRY TO CLAIM BENEFITS, YEARS FROM NOW!! "Hi, I'd like my benefits now...I've worked hard all these years." "OH, SORRY, WE HAVE TO INVESTIGATE YOU SINCE THERE's SOME PAYROLL INFO IN ANOTHER STATE WE NEED TO CHECK ON." UGH!! I have personally confirmed that almost all of my hundreds of illegal alien women are carrying MULTIPLE STATE HEALTH AND STATE FOOD STAMP CARDS FOR THEIR ANCHOR BABIES, who should never have been given citizenship in the first place! I'd like to have my kids' basic needs "on the house," too...must be nice! I have held in my hands many HOSPITAL BILLS, showing charges between $10,000 and $15,000, OBVIOUSLY FOR THE BIRTH OF AN ANCHOR BABY, AND EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS IN THE "180 DAYS PAST DUE" status for THE ENTIRE BALANCE!! Did YOUR healthcare premiums shoot up over the last couple decades since Reagan's 1986 amnesty for illegals?? MINE SURE DID!! You know Maria and David, instead of worrying about Sheriff Joe "diverting resources," HOW ABOUT OUR SCHOOLS WHO HAVE TO DIVERT MASSIVE RESOURCES ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY TO EITHER ASSIMILATE OR CATER TO LITTLE ANCHOR BRATS?? And how about our healthcare organizations catering to illegals who never have and never will pay a dime to their own or their family's care? Another massive diversion of resources. Folks, don't let PBS, or Obama/Reid/Pelosi (this summer when they bring AMNESTY up again) tell you illegal aliens are just nice hardworking people just trying to do right by their families. They look at us as SUCKERS, and it's MACHO to them to SCREW US WHILE WE SMILE ABOUT IT!!

Commenter: Gary D Miller
Just finished watching inter-view with sheriff Arpaio of Arizona. I think, the reporter and the rest of the country is giving this guy a bad hand of cards. What's the big deal with racial profiling??
It's been used since the beginning of time. I guess
next, they ( the media) will be saying that the border patrol has been using racial profiling. I mean, now come on, If you were looking for a terrorist from the middle-east countries, would you think, that the border patrol would be stopping some little old white or white african lady or a beard creep from the middle east ????

Commenter: Linda in Phoenix
With a nation of trying to please all groups on all things at all times for the purpose of political popularity is making our nation weak.

Sheriff Joe is the backbone of Phoenix.

This reader lives in Phx and daily we see the crime Illegal Immigrants contribute to.

Sherriff Joe gives this reader HOPE, we still have LEADERS that are not afraid to do their job for the sole purpose of political popularity. Obviously Joe is popular as the people voted him back again!


Commenter: John Arhangelsky
More power to the sheriff for doing his job and trying to enforce law and protect the lawful citizens in his county. Shame on all of you who want to undermine justice and law for your political and social need to ignore and stimulate illegals to pretty much do anything they can. You and your associates are actively through your programs pretending journalism but really trying to cast an undeserved racist cast on this guy and in a racist way encouraging a massive shift in America while claiming the high ground of 'caring' --- For whom though, maybe not for anyone not illegal....

Commenter: Juan Carlos
I think the reporting by Maria Hinojosa should be commended for having the guts to bring up such a controversial subject in our country. Until people reach out to the Latin community with respect on the issue, the USA will continue to struggle and we will eventually lose our lead on the world. American citizens of Latin descent agree that the immigration issue needs to be solved, but people like Joe Arpaio are not going to solve anything in the long run besides draw both sides apart. Sincerly reach out to the Latin American community and they will support you in your efforts to keep out illegal aliens. ALL illegal aliens, from countries all around the world, not just Latin America.

Commenter: Billx39
I am impressed with the sheriff now more than ever.
I applaud his work.

Commenter: Bob
Sheriff Joe is right on. Why is the Government letting people break the law and get away with it. Illegal is illegal. If more law enforcement agencies enforced the illegal immigration law we would not be in this mess. Keep up the good work Joe. Put the pressure on the Illegal Mexicans so they will be afraid to jump across the border.

Commenter: Elinore in NYC
I love this guy. You go Sheriff Joe. People just don't get it. If people are willing to break the law to enter the country illegally, they will and are willing to break our other laws. Sheriff Joe is not racial profiling, he is involved in good police work. If there were more police in the country like him, we would have less crime, more legal Americans would have jobs, we wouldn't be paying for health care, food stamps, and public housing for people who don't belong here. We would have more money for better schools and health care for our own poor. And as far as the pink suits and tents are concerned? I want all states to follow his lead. I am tired of paying for air conditioned jails with cable TV that I can't afford in my own home.

Commenter: Josue
I am a student at NEIU, a school rich in diversity. I have had the fortune to meet different Americans from many walks of life and different backgrounds that have shared their perspectives and points of views to issues that we all care about. Issues like immigration were there is no single solution but rather a comprehensive approach. We all know that life's problems do not simply take a simple yes or no. We must be open to take into consideration the two sides of a story and be willing to compromise so we can strike a balance between what is "right" and what should be the law. This will help us to come up with better ways to start fixing our immigration problems in this country. We must analyze issues through different perspectives so we can make sure we are taking the right decision. As the people of this nation we must be conscious and inform ourselves that this problem will persist if there is no solution. The government must consider that immigrants have been working in the United States to raise their families to give an education to their children. The nation has been constructed by immigrants for a very long time. The only non-immigrants were the Native Americans.
However, there are unfair situations that immigrants encounter when they are search by police by the color of their skin. There is a lot of power that is being misuse by the police towards minorities. The Sheriff Joe should reconsider his approach to his immigration laws and understand that they are hard working people.
It is so easy to "just" take one side of the issue and ignore the other.

Commenter: Debra - Wisconsin
If someone is successful let him teach others. Sheriff Joe should give lessons to other law enforcement agencies.It seems the Latinos want to turn America into the land they fled. If it was so great why did they leave? Their country has high unemployment and now so do we. Our ancestors came to this country legally and to show respect for their new home they learned the language and didn't expect a hand out. We speak English and we work hard to better ourselves. America has been successful for over two hundred years so why would we want to become what Latinos left? Frankly I DON'T. It has been thrust on my with Bi-lingual signs and customer service phone lines(press 1 for English and ??????)I have made the decision if a company has bi-lingual materials I will not do business with them. I tell that company why I am not going to do business with them. If enough of us did that we would send a message to businesses showing them we don't support illegal aliens. If we don't do something against illegal immigation we are supporting it by our inaction.

Commenter: Joan
I believe the first thing we need to do is stop giving citizenship just because you are born in the US. Illegal is illegal and they should not be rewarded for sneeking in. I don't think any other country gives you citizenship just because you get into the country to be born. Anyone know about this?

Commenter: Mattie
Fear, anger/rage, hate, and oversimplified extraordinarily partisn conclusions. That is what I discovered as I read through the entries on this blog. Why? Is it perhaps because of the amazingly rapid rate of change in our now global society? People tend to fear the unknown. Lack of ability to comprehend the complexity of change or the inevitable global connections among us all, like it or not, can lead to anger and rage. We tend to feel like a cornered animal. However, we do have the choice to embrace the new emerging society, aware that the world has always and will always be in a state of change. We can look for what, as humans, we have in common and how we can help each other meet common needs, a strategy that will help us all. Eventually that strategy will win as it always does. Look to history. There have always arisen reactionary, fear and hate based groups and leaders like Nazism, hate-based racial groups like the KKK and white supremists, but in the end the greater group of humanity rises and defeats them. Look deeper, my fellow Americans, and seek a positive love centered strategy to follow, I beseech you. Only love and peace have ever lasting results. And Sheriff, may the change start with you reflecting on your ineffective methods and finding a way to move beyond the fear within you and create a more effective way to be a 'peace keeper'.

Commenter: Pro Joe
That Shariff Joe is doing something GOOD, HE IS DOING HIS JOB, LEAVE HIME ALONE , it is sad that that man has to be put thru those questions, at LeasE he is trying to keep America, American. If you are in America BE LEGAL or go HOME

Commenter: Anthony PalladinoReoffered
Why would anyone be in favor of Illegals entering our country?Why is PBS in favor of Illegals? All Law Enforcement officials should be profiling for Illegals.If we want or require more of any ethnic background open immigration and let healthy ,law abiding persons in as most of our ancestors arrived.Do the PBS elitist understand the term Illegal?

Commenter: Keith
As usual, we are having a problem with imigration and ...what's That, Someone is actually doing something about it! If you look in the papers recently the East Valley Tribune uses very narrow stats. Every day there are more and more kidnappings,
killings, and drug smuggling at drop houses and predominately hispanic neighborhoods around this county and it is usually a hispanic doing this to their own people on U.S. soil. Again NOW has missed the point and needs to spend time on the streets on a weekday to see the illegal aliens begging for work and doing any CRIME to get money!! Thank God for Joe!!

Commenter: Tom Oreckinto
How come Maria isn't questioning the justice dept. to find out why they are not enforcing the border laws? Without the Federal Gov't doing its job Sherif Arpaio would be a non-issue.

Commenter: Daniel
Please be aware that the bulk of crimes in Maricopa County are caused by illegal Mexicans and THANKS to Joe Arpaio is trying to do something about the problem. That problem is felons from Mexico coming into this country and causing the vase majority of our crimes....Look to the facts and the jail population and then know Joe is helping...Please get off his back and report the damage caused by these people invading the USA

Commenter: Ron
Your report seems to push the dont arrest illegal alien angle.Sherriff Joe seems to be the only one who enforces the a legal immigrant and if i have to fill out papers so should others.

Commenter: Richard
Illegals have committed a crime, this is why they are called illegal. They should be arrested or shot.

Commenter: Scott
Thank you Maria Hinojosa for that very tough interview with Sheriff Arapaio. If I lived in Maricopa County, he certainly would not be
*this* person's sheriff.

Commenter: liberalsarebraindead
liberalas are destroying ther usa ons state at a time enforce our laws now deport all beaners

Commenter: thoma long
deport all illegals and enforce our laws now the sheriff is being lined up by the liberal nobama administration as another target because he is doint his job Blacks and illegals committ most of the crime thusly they get arrested in larger quantities look at the prison statistics it will prove my point and his illegals are cockroaches and must be deported now

Commenter: Barbara Marquardt
I feel that our abuse of immigrants, legal ones as well as illegal in some places, is outrageous and has the same kind of bad effect on our reputation in the world as segregation once did. Our persecution of immigrants is the most recent face of our long history of racism and nativist hating. Although Obama is promising to do many of the right things, there are things he could do right now, without Congress, like halting Arpaio's excesses, which the sheriff's supporters admit are punishment that they like, because they believe the immigrants should have to suffer. The government at all levels should focus on stopping the drug cartels and our own sales of guns to them. We could also do a lot to hurt Mexican cartels simply by legalizing some drugs. What we should not do is continue to terrorize and destroy hard working Latino families.

Commenter: Gene L.
1. 200 square miles is a LOT of territory, and the roads are NOT thoroughfares with many being gravel or dirt. I think an 11 minute response time is phenomenal!
2. I can't tell the ethnicity of a driver by looking
at a license plate, can you? But I can spot a broken
tail light or someone driving erratically.
3. Maria Hinajosa came across as the "bully".
4. Go Sheriff Joe!

Commenter: Bullfighter
As we all know, the whole world must revolve around the Hispanic in the Western hemisphere. This might be part of the reason.

Between the years 1950-2005 the population of Central America has risen by 283% and South America by 232%. Now, I know Hillary Clinton announced to the world that all Americans are to blame for Mexico's problems but you can't blame the US for that one. But we did supply most of the medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for all those years so I guess we are the bad guys.

Between the years 1950 and 2005, Mexico's population has risen from 27,741,000 to a staggering 104,266,000 (UN Statistics). The US moved from 157,813,000 to 299,846,000. That not bad for a civilized nation. A controlled population growth is the key to any nation's success.

The life expectancy for the average Mexican jumped from around 50 years of age (1950) to 75 years of age (2005) just 3 years less than the average American.

The United Nation has given Mexico a Human Development Index rating of 55, 51,54,55,53,53,53,52 and 51 for the years 2000-2008.

The United States has received the ratings of 3,6,6,7,8,10,8,12, and 15 for the years 2000-2008. That's right. The United States standard of living is falling while Mexico remains relatively unchanged. I wonder why?

The Human Development Index is similar to standard of living. Those numbers are compared to an average of 175 other countries. So on the average, the people of Mexico are doing better than the people of 120 other countries. Why is PBS not giving the American audience this information? I guess when you're trying to make a point about how racist the US is, you have to hide a fact or two or a whole UN database of statistics.

Why is PBS trying to make the average American feel sorry for what Mexicans never worked for and yet ignore Americans who worked all their lives within the American system only to end up living in tent cities?

PBS....You're showing your true colors with only one side of the story and the wrong side to boot. I guess you'll soon be a Spanish only broadcast that most people will ignore anyway so feel free to spread the propaganda. Wasn't it somebody in Nazi Germany who said, "If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth."

Commenter: Rob
Where do you get off attacking this man for enforcing the law. If you don't like the law take it up with Congress. We are a nation of law! Illegals are just that ILLEGAL. America is tired of people defending law breakers. You can nice it up by saying "undocumented workers" but you can't change the fact that they broke the law! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Commenter: NY
The U.S should go by Mexico Immigration Laws
good job Joe keep up the good work
Illegals don't have no rights to the
U.S Constitution

Commenter: Dan
Sheriff Joe is one of the reasons I am planning on moving to Arizona. Wisconsin is under the total control of Liberals intent on sucking the taxpayer dry. At least in Arizona I can see my money being used for the causes I protecting the US from all enemies foreign and domestic (radical, huh?)

Commenter: T Sherman
I applaud Sheriff Apraio for trying to reduce the crime in Arizona which is primarily due to the mexican gangs which are illegals. We are not from the Arizona area but spend our winters there. I was shocked by the amount of crime in the area -- drive by shooting, gang wars, etc. Go Sheriff Joe, keep up the good work.

Commenter: David A.
It's an easy lesson to pick up that if you always take the opposite view of the one expressed or implied on NOW that you will be right 99% of the time.

I once was a supporter of PBS. I liked the British comedies and Frontline, but the comedies have gotten old and stale and the marginal leftward bias of Frontline doesn't even come close to balancing the hard left position of this garbage.

This kind of programming is the reason I stopped supporting PBS.

I'm a giving person, however, so I think I'll send Sheriff Joe a hundred bucks to help him in his next re-election campaign.

Thanks, NOW, for helping me decide where to put my PBS money this year.

Commenter: Martha E. Shore
From all that I have read and seen, this is one person that is actually doing what is right and correct with the law. We lived in El Paso in the 60's; it was against the law to come to the US and not be a citizen! They actually picked up the illegals and sent them back. The illegals were afraid to show there faces, and would not come out of wherever they were, for fear of being taken back to Mexico. People that were using them illegally, should have been and perhaps were fined. But, the point is: when we did something there was not such a problem. This man may be getting illegals in his net; but he is also getting criminals and making them actually pay for what they have done; be it killing someone, robbing someone or abusing another human. That is the way of life; life isn't perfect, but you must try to do your best and not hurt another person. When you do, that responsibility is not yours and you must face these facts - you owe for what you have done. Not to sit on your lousy butt watching television, but actually pay back to the community for your dirty deed. This sheriff is making them pay. He is beating them, he is bullying them, he is simply making them WORK! Godforbid, that they get off there rear ends and pay their dues.

Commenter: Dave T
Wow,, that interview almost made me sick. I have no training but I'll bet I could pick 10 for 10 stops for illegals. Try working around illegals on sites daily and you will soon see they don't give a crap about us.

Commenter: Lennie Smalls
GET OVER IT!! WE ALREADY HAD A NATIONAL REFERENDUM ABOUT ILLEGAL ALIENS AND IMMIGRATION REFORM!! lost!! So, get over it. The huge majority of all Americans in this "Democratic" nation want an immediate end, at all costs, to Illegal Aliens!

And Maria Hinijosa can just stop using the phrase... "Undocumented Immigrant"...they are "Illegal Aliens". You are wasting your time, trying to drag up this dead horse issue again...Immigration Reform, Open-Borders, blah blah blah. If you disagree with the majority of the American people, because of your love for the Mexican and Central American people...then there is just one solution...why dont you GET OUT and move SOUTH??

Commenter: Really Tired
Many people in Ariz have strong views one way or the other on immigration and it colors their opinion of the sheriff's actions. Some people have the opinion that no matter what the sheriff does, "well, at least he is doing something about the problem". Others have the opinion that no matter what he does, "he is racial profiling." It would appear from your story that that there is no opportunity common ground. I think most people, regardless of their views on immigration, appreciate efficient, cost effective law enforcement. The real story is that the sheriff's round ups have not been effective in terms of man hours spent and aliens captured. The media regularly reports 2 day suppression efforts by in excess of 100 deputies who seem to capture very few aliens. It hardly seems like profiling; it seems more like incompetence. Most citizens probably feel they could find more aliens themselves in a couple hours than these sweeps do with all of the man power and falderal. This seems indicative of very little investigatory preparation prior to their sweeps.

You referred to the Tribune article in your story, but you left out probably the most salient portion. In the article the deputies where staking out one of the highways to do traffic stops for aliens. They were trying to come up with probable cause for stopping vehicles. As such they were nearly ramming vehicles trying to get them to change lanes without signaling to justify the stop. This was all done with the reporters present in the deputies' vehicles. Again this does not seem to be profiling. However, it does seem to indicate that the deputies are poorly trained, use the wrong legal standard, are not adequately supervised and are so regularly guilty of reckless driving that they probably should be arrested as a danger to the motoring public. In reality they do not need probable cause to stop a vehicle. They only a founded suspicion that there are aliens being transported to investigate further. Deputies nearly causing traffic accidents is not probable cause nor is it a founded suspicion. It is illegal and it is dangerous. Border Patrol seems to find countless aliens on the same roads by using the proper standards without resorting such conduct. Unlike the deputies, Border Patrol cases also often result in smuggling charges against the transporter. Again this shows remarkably ineffective law enforcement by the sheriff.

Rather than using the charged words "racial profiling" which causes people to immediately take up sides, perhaps Arizona citizens could share common ground by instead asking is law enforcement properly trained, is it effective, is it efficient.

Commenter: Stephen Oertle
Having grown up in border communities in Arizona (Tucson, Yuma, and Douglas) I take issue with the premise of your piece on the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. You portray the MCSO's illegal immigrant sweeps as a pure racial issue and contend that it is irresponsible for the MCSO to prioritize immigration enforcement as opposed to other criminal matters.

The real issue here is not whether MCSO should be doing something other than what it is, but what the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement should be doing. Border communities in Arizona are swamped by illegal immigration and are forced to shoulder the load on their own with no assistance from federal authorities.

If we aren't happy with illegal immigration enforcement, we should change immigration laws. But don't fault someone who is merely enforcing the law.

Commenter: Candace , Wisconsin
Thank you Sheriff Joe!!!! People keep forgetting that being in America illegally is a CRIME! That is why those people who CHOOSE to be here illegally are breaking the law. My ancestors came from other countries too....the difference is that they had to be sponsered by a United States citizen and had to have a job. No one catered to them, they had to learn the ways of AMERICA since they had CHOOSEN to be here. America didn't make special signs, etc for my Polish, German, Swedish, ancestors. Or provide special classes, medical and everything the illegals are getting today. Wake up America and thank Sheriff Joe for the work all the other government should be doing!

Commenter: Chirs in Barrington IL
I watched this following a program on cable that discussed the deep tunnels used to transport immigrantsw, weapons and drugs between the US and Mexico. This is whwere the focus should be. Illegal immigration must be curtailed. Illegal aliens do not have rights as American Citizens, only as Due Process under the law. The priority is Drugs and Guns. Reduce demand, increase capture rates and penalties and solve this problem - or legalize marijuana and give up.

Commenter: James Latham
We need more Sheriff Joes.
I can't understand what people don't understand about illegal. It is illegal to break the law, period.
I am not prejudiced against any race. What I am prejudiced against is anyone who breaks the law and is not arrested and held accountable. Just the opposite is happening, they are being rewarded.
Letting the illegal immigrants get away with what they are doing is also a slap in the face to every immigrant that came to the US legally by going thru the legal process.
It is also rediculous that the illegals have more rights than a legal citizen. Giving away our citizens hard earned tax payer dollars to support those here in our country illegaly is shameful.
America is such a great country because our citizens fought for and earned our rights and way of life. Let them stay in Mexico and fight for their rights and make their county a good country to live in. Let them make their country a place people want to come to, not flee from.
What does this tell you about the people fleeing Mexico and breaking the law to come here. If they will not stand up and fight for and defend their country and try to make it a good place to live. What do you think they will do for ours when the first thing they do to get here is break the law.

Commenter: Richard Ward
Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be running homeland security. He's the only one getting things done. Your interviewer sounds like all the rest of those who can't get it right. They are not undocumented immigrants; they are illegal aliens and should be thrown out of our country. As for his response time the idiot mayor and others who pander to illegal aliens have cut his funding so as usual it's them not him who screwed the pooch on this one. You shouldn't worry. America is turning into the same kind of crap hole as Mexico due to these pandering idiots. Ronald Reagan said, "A nation without borders is not a nation". He was right and we are no longer a great nation. We are no longer the American melting pot. We are the global chamber pot.
Sincerely, Richard L Ward

Dallas Tajas
Northern Mexico USSA

Commenter: Eric
Most likely the vast majority of automobiles in Maricopa county are being operated and occupied by people of Mexican/central american genetics. So it makes sense that the vast majority of traffic stops by sheriff's deputies are going to involve those people. To not pull them over when probable cause exists would be wrong.
For reporters to go through the records and imply they are profiling Mexicans/central americans is just as wrong.

Commenter: Linda Cook
I don't feel that this sheriff is crossing the line but doing his job. He has very limited resources. If these people are legal citizens of the United States they should not feel "picked on" for being questioned but glad that someone is taking a stance against the illegal immgration that is occuring everywhere in this country. If we don't police these efforts where is our country going to be? We need to stop this as this is part of the job economics in this country right now. People are crossing boarders and taking jobs, any jobs that should rightfully go to the legal citizens of this country. They need to go through the same processes that other people have to go through to live here legally. This is how the majority of legal US citizens want these immigrants sent back regardless of what the people defending these illegals want to rally for. A true concensis would reveal that FACT. Our hats are off to Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Kudos. I feel the female reporter asking these questions made a fool of herself as she knows that statistics can be fanagled to "fit" any situation. We need to pay to have more police officers and maybe we could do that if we were not having to give welfare benefits to illegals that play the system.

Commenter: Ronald Navickas
Wherever someone has success the methods used are always questioned. I wish there were more "Joe Arpaio's" in this country. I wish our government used the same tactics on illegal entrants, it's a shame we question how criminals are punished and ignore those harmed by them. The term "Profiling" is overused and a copout. Too bad there aren't more Sheriff's like Mr. Arpaio.

Commenter: Joan Goodreau
Sheriff Arpaio was very good on your Now show on Sunday 3-29-09. It is too bad more sheriffs don't enforce all of our laws. He has invited anyone to come to his area and find out for themselves how he is running it. We need more people like him doing their job, not people reading other people's opinions and then attackinh him.

Commenter: Wayne
Every Sheriff and Police Dept. in the United States should enforce immigration laws. Anyone who hires an illegal should also be jailed.

Commenter: Carole Kussman
We live in a democracy where the majority rules. Well, the majority of people in this country want border control and praise the Sheriff for upholding our laws. Why don't the rest of you get out of his way.

Commenter: E. J. Irish
In your so-called "report" where you acted like you are telling on Sheriff Joe and so-called wrongs he has done, really reveals your own wrongs, your commitment to being a source of biased and corrupt members of the media.

You truly are like Nero fiddling while Rome burns. The United States is under invasion from illegal Mexican nationals, yet you seem to be absolutely committed to choking on the gnats of Sheriff Joe's operations while happily swallowing the camel of unlimited illegal immigration.

News flash. The constitution and the bill of rights was never meant to be a suicide pact. So-called immigrate rights have to take a second priority as long as our border with Mexico leaks like the Washington press corps. If you are so concerned with immigrate rights, why don't you advocate a very tight border, so that we can stop being in emergency mode regarding illegal Mexican immigrates?

Of course I know the answer to that question. You don't really give a care about these illegal immigrates. You care about your perverted political agenda, which is to radically alter America into your own insane image. You will never support any kind of meaningful barrier between America and Mexico, because you want us taken over and transformed into another kind of civilization. We, the good, decent, sane people of America are on to you.

Of course, America is a nation of immigrates. No one minds a few of this group or a few of that group coming and enjoying the benefits of our nation. That's American history and up until now, that has been the American way.

But this new illegal immigration is not like other immigration waves in previous American history no matter how dull you reporters are at discerning that reality. There is wave after wave of Mexican nationals ready to further invade the U. S., but there is never any outcry from you of this danger.

You are like reporters who would get on General Eisenhower's case on D-Day because he was actually targeting Germans, good German people, and how unfair this was. It's not unfair to wake up and smell the coffee, people. The American people are the victim here, not the invading hordes of illegal Mexican nationals. Can you say, blame the victim? That's what you are doing in your reporting.

Of course Sheriff Joe has a high number of arrests of Mexican nationals - duh. Where do you think the invasion is coming from - outer space? What are you, crazy? Could you possibly start to try to use just a speck of common sense, or is that completely impossible for you?

You obviously have an interest in turning this country into one no one will recognize in the future. Can you say North American Union to replace the USA? Do you really think most Americans can't figure out your warped and sinister agenda.

If Mexico succeeds in taking over the United States it will be with the cooperation of disloyal Americans such as you who can always be counted upon to try to gang up on the few public officials who are actually trying to keep American immigration law.

The idea that our American laws would be twisted to persecute good citizens and officials like Sherif Joe and then misused to defend illegal immigration is a horrible thing, something you should all be ashamed of yourselves for attempting to do.

Your extremist oligarchy of corrupt newspapers, corrupt television reporters such as yourselves and overreaching federal bureaucracy in Washington had better start to learn.

You are going to be opposed consistently and determinedly until you knock this nonsense off, and start to embrace some common sense in your reporting of illegal immigration. Your version of "immigration reform" is actually immigration deform and millions of American are sharp enough to get your number as well as the illegal Mexicans number.

If you don't, your ratings will continue to decline and your buddies in the corrupt newspaper business are going to continue to go out of business.

I hope you change your corrupt ways. But if you will not, I hope you all get fired. Expect to get confronted like this more and more because more and more Americans are waking up to what this illegal Mexican invasion really is, and what you as corrupt media really are.

Please do honest, loyal Americans a favor. Change - or sit down and be quite.

Commenter: Barbara
I feel the Sheriff in trying to keep his community safe has stepped over the line with immigration.

Commenter: Sean Thornton
Sheriff Arpaio is doing his job effectively and ethically. No one could ask for a better performance from a sheriff in a state that has to apphrehend the lawbreakers, catch illegal aliens, and jail those that are caught according to the judge's sentencing. I think he is doing a good job and I think there is a witch-hunt by powerful, left-wing groups who hold power in the media, government, and legal groups. I think this man is doing his job and people like the job he is doing, but some leftists in the afore-mentioned groups don't. So we continue to see negative reports on the sheriff. And we here of investigations on him, despite what on the surface sounds like good law enforcement practice.

Commenter: Brent Spurgin
Re: The open, blatant attack on Sheriff Arpaio.

I will support anything that Sheriff Joe wants to do in repect to ILLEGAL invaders of this country. As for response time, why don't you Northeast liberals send him some of your own money so that he can hire more help. This country is under invasions by a 3rd world country sending its people carry diseases, drugs and weapons, attempting to destroy this land and its people. Since you are so supportive of these "hard-working" invaders, why don't you move on accross the border and live with them, instead of helping destroy our way of life? This is a sovereign nation and whose citizens and their public servants have a right to defend, quit trying to tear it down.

Commenter: Robert Irvine
NOW Producers, Directors, and Reporters,

I was very intrigued by your exploration of several issues concerning Maricopa County,AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Clearly, much time and effort went into developing this episode of NOW.
I am going to view this program once more because it appears that NOW correspondents and directors undertook this subject with a bias against the efforts of Sheriff Arpaio and his deputies. Ms. Hinojosa and NOW, relied upon statistics selected, gathered, collated, and provided by reporters from the East Valley Tribune - all negative regarding the sheriff's office.
Ms. Hinojosa, during her rather aggressive interview with Sheriff Arpaio, appears to expect the sheriff to have statistical data in his pocket at the time of the interview. NOW seemed not to have utilized the Freedom of Information Act to acquire its data, but rather relied on statistical information researched, and printed in The East Valley Tribune newspaper. She appears to believe the Tribune's report completely without double-checking the validity or voracity of the details provided.
Ms. Hinojosa was truly voracious in pointing out to the sheriff only the shortcomings of his department, no mention was made of his successes. Given the fact that he has been re-elected by his community it would have been good journalism for Ms. Hinojosa to fairly include accurate statistics regarding the successes of the Maricopa County Sheriff's office - during the interview.
The false arrest anecdote does show that there is room for improvement. Sheriff Arpaio readily admitted to Ms. Hinojosa that there is always room for improvement in law enforcement. Is any police organization. in any American city absolutely free from errors? This method of "cherry-picking" individual complaints and charges to increase ratings or promote an agenda is not going to help solve the very complex issue of illegal immigration.
An open dialogue with opportunities for investigating all sides of this issue is critical if we are to combat the regrettable situation which the US has allowed itself to become entangled in. We need migrant workers at all levels of our society for a multitude of important reasons. However, we must also protect our nation from illegal border crossings, for a multitude of important reasons. Let's all seek solutions that will work. It will not be easy.
In the end, Sheriff Arpaio has a mandate from his community and the state of Arizona to enforce the laws as he deems best. His community has re-instated him as their sheriff. It does not appear, after 3 federal investigations, that he is breaking state or federal laws at this time.
NOW and its staff are very good at selecting important issues that Americans need to be aware of. Sheriff Arpaio's singular and unique methods make him an easy target for media and press scrutiny. He is a fair target. But let's be sure to report not only his methods, but also provide the positive results of his work.

Commenter: scott
As a US citizen from the northeast. I think PBS is a great station. Execpt for the program (The people`s sheriff) like the one I just watched. As a supporter of your station and a faithfull veiwer could you please send the UN-American producer and reporters of that report to Mexico so they can report to the people who care. These people need to come into this country LEGALLY! NOT ILLEGALLY! We need to have sheiff`s like that in every town bordering Mexico. What is wrong with you people???????? Your destroying this country!!!!! Before you know it we will be just like Mexico.
You can do Americans a great service and stop beating up on the people that are trying to keep this country safe. So sad what is happening and this type of reporting just makes me mad. Get a clue!

Commenter: Phil
What an excellent show!! Thank you for highlighting what a superb job Sheriff Arpaio is doing, it will possibly encourage other officials to do the same.

Commenter: L. THOMAS

Commenter: Greg
If the federal govt was doing there job, Sheriff Joe would not have to.

Commenter: Martha Hernandez
Con mucha pena y preocupacion me quede despues de ver su reportaje. "El comisario del pueblo" ha hecho su carrera politica a costillas de la dificil situacion economica en Mexico. cuando podremos ver un cambio si la corrupcion esta en los dos lados de la frontera?

Commenter: Susan Hall
Why is NOW investigating Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio under the guise of racial profiling? There are an estimated 12 million illegal aliens here. Most of them of the Hispanic race. Unlike my European relatives who endured fine tooth comb inspections (checked for disease, fitness, and feeble minds) at Ellis Island, these immigrants sneak in, in appalling numbers and help themselves. In so doing, they break our laws and strain our tax-funded resources.

I support Sheriff Joe. Those of us that work in schools, hospitals, emergency services and law enforcement see what's going on. It's not my Irish relatives whose generations hence have brought California's school ranking to number 45 in the nation. It's not the Poles, Germans, Jews, Asians, Arabs, et al that refuse to learn English to enable the American dream. My third world peasant relatives didn't freeload free school lunches, food stamps, healthcare and housing subsidies off the taxpayer.

The town of Guadalupe Az has high crime because of their big illegal population. Their mayor dismissed Maricopa County's law enforcement contract but later went begging back to Sheriff Joe because their crime escalated. You neglected to mention this.

Illegals are freeloaders who haven't got permission to be in the country. The majority of whom are brown skinned. I'm white and get stopped by police for broken tail lights, but I bothered to buy insurance, car registration and have a legal drivers license. It's not my fault Bush left the south gate open. The sheriff arrests them for bilking the taxpayer which is what they're famous for.

Commenter: dave
way to go joe!.. if the people of arizona are behind you, so am i.

Commenter: Robert Mentzer
Sheriff Arpaio is EXACTLY CORRECT. Maria Hinojosa's statement about the Holocaust is DISENGENUOUS because I am POSITIVE the Holocaust surivor would have stated, "Making PEOPLE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY "Illegal Aliens" is a crime against those people and is FAR DIFFERENT than declaring a "foreigner" in a ANOTHER country an "Illegal Alien." The ONE THING many Hispanics DO NOT recognize, is that if that "ILlegal Alien" goes back to their home country, the US of A WOULD NOT still consider them "Illegal Aliens."

Sheriff Arpaio knowns one thing, he is NOT encountering "Illegal" Chinese,"Illegal," Indians from India, "Illegal" Pakastanies, because of his location, therefore 99% of the "Illegals" are Hispanic. That is NOT racial profiling, that is what the odds are.

Would Maria Hinojosa like to see a vast effort to bring other nationality "Illegals" across the Mexican border so that THE STATISTICS show a balanced "non_profile" data?

It is obvious Maria Hinojosa would think quite differently if "suddenly" 82 million Chinese suddenly boated into the US of A crowding and squeezing "Illegal" Mexicans back into their own country.

Commenter: Jan Hunter
Hello Now,
I usually enjoy your program but as a long-time contributor to funding PBS I have to say I was absolutely appalled at the gutter-level journalism in this piece on Joe Arpaio! Maria Hinojosa did not even pretend to disguise her obvious bias against Arpaio during the interview with him. She really was trying her best to attack him and then his responses were edited so much that we couldn't even hear his full thoughts. It was very, very unfair to him.
And nobody seemed to address the point that illegal immigration IS a huge problem in his county!
The reason they weren't pulling as many non-hispanic people over for broken tail lights etc. if they were looking for illegal immigrants is that white people are not running in herds from Mexico to get into this country! Use some common sense!

In the end, all this show inspired me to do was take the money I was going to donate to PBS this year and send it instead to Joe Arpaio's re-election campaign!

Thank you,
Jan Hunter

Commenter: L. Buczynski
When did Latino become a race? I thought that there were only four races: Caucasian, Negro, American Indian and Asian. I am sick of hearing about racial profiling. Most of the illegal immigrants in this country are Latino. Why shouldn't they be profiled? If a white person robs a bank, do the police search for blacks? If a mafia don is wanted in a murder, do the police look for people of Swedish heritage? If police and immigration authorities are searching for illegal immigrants, why shouldn't Latinos be profiled? They make up the largest group of illegal immigrants in this country, and being here illegally is a crime.

Commenter: Tracy.B
I thought it to be very disturbing to see a channel I have helped fund tear down a good man doing his job.

Sheriff Joe is doing a fine job from what I can tell, and to see Illegals getting a shoulder to cry on sickens me.

Why don't you offer family members of those victims of violent crimes caused by these "wonderful" people if Joe is doing a good job.

You sicken me and my support along with my families is now gone. I truly hope your liberal agenda station goes down the tube. I didn't pay for this nonsense.

Commenter: daniel wesley
very simply: if i lived in the south-west (or anywhere with an immigration problem) i would want joe arpaio to be my sheriff. the last thing i would want -read: need- is some liberal goof who got nothing done.

Commenter: S. Blackman
"Sheriff Joe" is clearly racial profiling, given his county's traffic arrest records. The story about Mayor Phil Gordon's third-generation American assistant of Hispanic descent is telling as well.

Will Sheriff Joe get away with his own illegal tactics? Please keep us posted.

Kudos to Phoenix Major Gordon, Ryan Gabrielson, Paul Giblin, Hector Yturralde, Mayor Rebecca Jimenez, and other truly courageous people who have shone a light on the sheriff's illegal actions. And thanks to NOW for reporting this.

Commenter: Nolan V. Frederick (Boulder, Colorado)
Dear Mr. Brancaccio: The interview of Sheriff Arpaio was a "Blackwash" of him. She used nothing but quotes from his detractors. Not a single published quote of his supporters/admirers. Ms Hinojosa's persistent efforts at diluting the seriousness of "illegal" with "undocumented" were only too transparent. One wonders about how she got here. Were her parents or grandparents "Illegals"? I fail to see how such propaganda as was demonstrated by Ms Hinjosa is anything but efforts to aid and abet the crime of "illegally" entering this country. To my knowledge we do not have any provisions for admiting "undocumented" people. It's no wonder Sheriff Arpaio keeps getting elected. Law enforcement is a risky business. Sheriff Arpaio does it and does it well.

Commenter: John
I'm one of people who think Joe is a hero, and your insistence on using the phrase "undocumented" immigrants vs. ILLEGAL immigrants immediately reveals your bias. I've worked all over the world, and do you think other countries like Japan, Singapore would allow a wholesale invasion the likes of which has occurred here? There's no hand wringing about enforcing immigration law there, and just because business and the federal government have been in an implicit pact for cheap labor that people are finally getting sick of, there's no reason to demonize people like Joe who are actually doing something about it.

I'm sure this won't make it on to the website due to the need to be "approved" and it being contrary to the views of the show.

Commenter: Jim
Why does this show refuse to say the words "illegal aliens". The narrator kept calling illegal aliens "immigrants", "immigrants here without permission". Is there bias in this presentation
on the illegal immigration problem? Without a doubt.

Commenter: rick
good for sheriff Joe. we need more like him. Enough of this forgive and forget. They belong back from where they came. I want my tax dollars spent on my family. As for profiling. I say it's a great idea in this case.

Commenter: Carmen Morales
In reference to my favorite Sheriff Joe Arpaio, American Hispanics Carmen Morales, Joe Perez and my entire family support this courageous wonderful man. God bless Joe Arpaio and I wish him the best for doing the job our government refuses to do.
Arrest all illegal aliens before they committ the crime and not after. If they are Hispanic, so be it.
Of course they will be Hispanic if 95% of illegal alliens come through the Mexican border, the other 5% come from Europe and Middle eastern countries, and for some reason they have more respect and are not as arrogant. Sheriff please continue to do your job, you are doing great, for the safety of our American citizens.
New Jersey needs someone like you, too bad here we have Senator Robert Menendez pushing hard to make this a haven for illegal aliens under the guise of helping our "Hispanic Community".
God help us, the more Hispanic organizations who support illegal aliens the worst we will be. New Jersey I believe is already the second State that has been invaded just like California.
I love you Sherriff Joe, stand firm and strong just the way you have always been and thank you for standing up to these Hispanic leeching organizations, for we all know their agenda.
thank You
Carmen Morales in conjunction with
New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control.

Commenter: Maribeth Gross RN

Commenter: David Smaltz
Sheriff Joe has my support. What about the word illegal do you not understand? These people are breaking the law by not being counted as all American born citizens and legal immigrants are. Its not fair for those who have waited and followed the law to be here. It is like Dennis Miller said: Please sign the guest register when you come in the country. Is that really asking to much? If I went south and acted the way these illegals act up here, what do you think would happen to me? You would never see or hear from me again.

Commenter: UNKNOWN

Commenter: David M.
Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio is a dedicated patriot who wishes only to see our laws (including immigration laws) strictly enforced in his area of jurisdiction in Arizona. Would that his former governor, and now head of Homeland Security, were so dedicated!

"Americans who are concerned about the consequences of this issue are not racists, nor isolationists, nor ungenerous nor unkind. They simply have a vested interest in doing what is best for America. This issue is about our home and about a group of people who have come to our home uninvited and illegally, and how that will change our home, both immediately and into the future. It is equally about treacherous politicians who would exploit one group and sellout the other . . ."
-- Anon. reader comment on the Web

Earlier generations of immigrants embraced the unique American culture and were assimilated into it. We are in imminent danger of losing our special identity in the world -- and mis-guided (sometimes traitorous) lawsuits by the ACLU, LaRaza, and their ilk are contributing factors. Multi-lingualism, multi-culturalism, and globalism will spell doom not only for our culture, but for our republican way of life, and our sovereignty.

Citizen-voters who care about the heritage we are leaving for our children and future generations must convince politicians and bureaucrats to work for and implement the following "action priorities:"

1. Secure our borders and ports.
2. Require all employers to use E-Verify.
3. Enforce severe penalties for employers of illegal aliens.
4. Exact severe penalties for landlords/real estate agents who rent or sell property to illegal aliens.
5. Limit (temporary-only) H-1B visas and guest worker visas to skills/professions that cannot be filled by legal residents/citizens.
6. Pass a Constitutional Amendment to make English the official (and only) language of government, industry, and commerce -- including publications/teaching in schools, public libraries, and health care facilities; and departments of elections websites/publications/ballots.
7. Deny federal aid, including highway funds, to "sanctuary cities."
8. Petition the US Supreme Court to abandon the longstanding mis-interpretation of the 14th Amendment, for "anchor babies" born of illegal alien parents.
9. Petition the President to cancel Clinton Executive Order 13166, requiring government agencies to provide services/translators in any language requested.

Some points upon which we should all agree:
1. It is a good thing for Americans to learn a foreign language.
2. We welcome diversity. In domestic and community settings immigrants are encouraged to retain their cultural/ethnic customs and traditions, and their native languages, however
3. We believe all immigrants, like those of earlier generations, should embrace and be assimilated into our unique society/culture. We are Americans, not hyphenated-Americans.

E Pluribus Unum. In closing, please consider the words of a former President of the United States:
"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...
There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."
--Theodore Roosevelt, 1907
"I will not allow any of my department heads or anyone associated with this city to cooperate in any way, shape or form with these raids [of illegal aliens]. We are a sanctuary city, make no mistake about it."
--San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom


Commenter: ariel
Great show, awesome interview with Maria Hinojosa. I live in Maricopa county and can see the terror that the immigrant families are facing are living in everyday, they are afraid to go to the store, often keep their children home from school and seldom call the police when they are victims of crime. They are being terrorized by not only criminals in their neighborhoods but also the sheriff's department. I also very much see the comparison with the beginnings of Nazi Germany and have been feeling this for over a year now. Maricopa county is now a safe haven for criminals with this Sheriff and we are now afraid that we may start to see the drug and human smuggling cartels here very soon.

Commenter: Roger Tuck
This man has a better understanding for what most citizens including many legal Hispanics want to see done. In my opinion Sheriff Arpaio heads one of a very few law enforcement agencies that have the guts to enforce the law without apology or concern to an irrelevant media bias.

Commenter: MB
It disgusts me to see news reports and comments like this. The Sheriff is doing his job, doing it well, and everyone needs to leave him alone. I wish we had a sheriff like this in my county and state.
First of all, there will always be a certain level of profiling when it comes to law enforcement, and there needs to be as this makes law enforcement more efficient. If someone looks out of place in a certain area, they are usually up to no good and this is where reasonable profiling comes into place. You see a Mercedes with a white male in a suit driving through a poor, mostly black, high crime neighborhood. Is he just taking a shortcut? Most likely not. Someone is robbed at gunpoint but either was so distraught that they could not get a description of the suspect other than they had a gun, or simply did not see the the suspect. There were three possible suspects seen in the area around the time of the crime - a nicely dressed black male with a suitcase, an elderly woman, and a young white male with his pants hanging around his a** and a million tattoos. Which one should be stopped first? If you chose any one of these you are profiling. Shame on you.
Second of all, as a member of law enforcement myself I say that citizens are NEVER happy. They cry protest and complain that cops are "messing with my son" and are too strict and should just give everybody a slap on the hand. "My son just robbed a liquor store but he's only 16 and he shouldn't be punished for it because he's a good boy, he would never hurt anyone". So law enforcement pulls back and gives everyone a slap on the hand. We want to make the people happy, after all, we are here for them. So now after a decade of slapping hands crime starts getting out of control. Now the people are outraged that law enforcement is not doing their job, and something MUST be done to stop this crime. We have 16 and 17 year olds robbing and murdering for a small penalty of 3-4 years in jail after "good behavior", or 2 months for stealing a car. Now the cycle reverses. The chances of catching someone in the act of a crime is medium. The chances of catching someone after a crime is small. But the chance of preventing a crime is high. When someone is stopped for what seems to be no reason, it may seem like harassment and profiling now. But when that person is arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, you might just thank us. You never know if that person was on their way to your house looking for a new TV, and just so happened that your daughter was home and got in the way of a hardened criminal who has a gun and no value for human life.

Commenter: Malcomb Black
I'm a big fan of NOW, but. . . . Your interview of Sheriff Arpaio by Maria Hinojosa did not meet NOW's standards. Hinojosa's animosity was obvious with every interview question. She did not display a professional demeanor. My view of her as a journalist has forever changed. Why on earth did NOW's manager(s)/editor(s) think that it made any sense using a Latina/Latino as the interviewer with Sheriff Arpaio? I think that, given the hostile interview environment, Sheriff Arpaio did very well. My hat off to him. And a hearty thumbs down to Maria Hinojosa and her inept, aggressive interview style.

Commenter: tim bluma
The country needs a sherrif like Joe in every county of every state. So what if he's "racial profiling"? How else do you propse to catch illeagal aliens?

Commenter: susan meckley
thank GOD for Maricopa county sherriff...the federal govt doesn nothing about illegal immigration. this sherriff is....thay you sheriff.

"support against all enemies, foriegn and domestic" what a laugh....the feds do nothing. Lets treat out southern border just like Mexico treats their southern border.

racial profilier...Hurray for racial profiling.
Hurray hurray, I have 32 years in the US Army i did my part....but the country is failing me

Commenter: Legal Immigrant
Sheriff Arpaio is right. Enforce the law! Many of us came to US legally and had to go through long and expensive legal process to become citizens.

Why don't you (PBS and like minded people) understand that illegal immigration is one of the major contributors to crime. We have the most advanced digital technologies in the world, so why not use that to manage labor migrants between Mexico, other countries and the US? Similar process was in place in West Germany and other countries in EU for decades. That would make it easier for migrant workers to visit their families as well as protect them from terrible exploitation over here.

All of you that support illegal immigration are GUILTY of exploitation of poor illegals from Mexico and other countries. Shame on you.

I think Arpaio, should do his job and let the border
patrol do their job, that's what they get paid for.
I can't believe that all he stops are hispanics,how about the other groups. Arpaio, where did your people
come from? You are not white, so quite acting like one. Arpaio, is giving Arizona a bad name, he isn't even doing his job that the people elected him to do. HE THINKS THAT HE WORKS FOR IMMIGRATION. Next time we visit Arizona, we hope we don't bump into your Clown Arpaio.

Commenter: Phil
Great job, Maria Hinojosa!

Stick it to Arpaio!

That guy is as wrong as can be about everything. His policies regarding the war on drugs are draconian and outdated, his immigration views are beyond misguided and well into racist. I hope more critical exposure finally lets Arpaio get overexposed, canned, and let the rest of us get on with life.

Commenter: Arpaio Supporter
The "latina" NOW interviewer calls them 'undocumented immigrants'. But they are, in fact, ILLEGAL aliens. They are breaking the law. And yes, as much as your "latina" interviewer wants us to ignore the obvious, these law-breakers are all latino. Bravo, Sheriff Joe, keep arresting them! Do what is necessary to make them go away. Ignore the slanted, liberal attacks that NOW on PBS has vomited for the last 30 minutes. The law is on your side and so are we, law-abiding Americans. And by the way, my heritage may be "latino", but I am an American, not a hyphenated-hispanic-American. Anything else would be divisive. Something PBS doesn't get.

Commenter: Greg
All I have to say is its about time some one quit tippy toeing around political correctness.He's doing a good job. Maria would you be happier if his deputy's were pulling over 65 yr old Irish grandmothers, cuz they thought they were illeagal aliens? Our emergency rooms are over flowing,schools over crowded,jobs fewer and fewer. How long do you think the AMERICAN people are going to put up with this invasion from anouther country.I know The Republicrat's want the cheap labor. The Demicans want un educated, payed voters of the state.The people will rebuild The country back at the local level first! Sheriff Arpaio must understand that.

Commenter: chris
I think the sheriff is doing his job. Why is the press not asking why are these people here when they know they are not legal!!

The sheriff is suppose to up hold the law!

I wonder if it would be profiling if a police car was sitting at my corner waiting for me to run a stop light??

Commenter: rgwallace
i just need too see the sheriff face and eyes and i see he hate my people..i understand usa need the stopped the inmigration....but this guy is wrong way ....i don't think the crime in maricopa is zero now.....this country need actions....relly god action..GOD BLESS AMERICA.....

Commenter: a legal immigrant
as a legal immigrant whose family had to wait their turn in line, illegal aliens are the scum of the earth to it any wonder that our schools have deteriorated to the point of being almost third world?

Commenter: robin nicholson and keith winans
my husband and i are white americans. we have been stopped for no lic. plate light. we were verbally warned and let go. there is no written record. our police dept has better things to do like catching criminals than needless statistics. we are not criminals hiding things and do not take this personal. go police force, we need you!
it is a fact that illegals can not get a legal job so they commit crimes like theft to live, but i guess that is ok by you folks to terrorize these innocent people.
ILLEGAL immigration is a crime and should have been stopped along time ago.

Commenter: william henderson
I live in ca.our state is broke.One main reason is illegal aliens which drain many of our social programs and fill our prisons.Sheriff Joe is trying to enforce the laws .If you can,t stop him one way you go about it another way.Why don,t you spend some time trying to find out how and who is doing the smuggling,then stop them.You are not reporters you are activists disguised as reporters.Why don,t you report on crimes committed by illegal aliens instead of making them victims.The town supports Sheriff Joe,remember the Eagles song Get over it,you need to listen to it.

Commenter: Evelyn Patrick
...Cleary Ms. Hinojosa and her ilk are not concerned that the United States of America is a sovereign country and HAS EVERY RIGHT TO ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS just as the sovereign country of Mexico does. It is also clear she is willfully ignorant of the the true facts of the ILLEGAL immigration crisis in our country and it is also clear that she wants these illegals to come into our country freely and without hindrance. I consider that treason and aiding and abetting, all punishable by prison time. This non-stop harrassment of Sheriff Joe Arpaio needs to stop. Americans know that many "immigrants rights activists" such as Mr. Yturralde, etc., are in bed with Mexico and are probably working directly with the Mexican government to invade our country. These people who constantly "whine" that their "people" are being profiled or targeted are NOT fooling anyone and Americans have caught on to this treachery and it will no longer be tolerated. Our side will not harrass like theirs does but we will handle this unjust harrassment and intimidation of our law enforcement in the correct and legal way. It begins now.

Commenter: H G Trezure
Leave Sheriff Joe alone. As long as state law does not conflict with Federal law then any law enforcement officer should be allowed to enforce the law. Sheriff Joe is one of the very few who works to protect legal U.S. citizens. Enforce the immigration laws. Build the fence.

Commenter: Albert
Sheriff Arpaio is doing a fine job of protecting his county. If the lady interviewer that spoke with him doesn't like it, why doesn't she just pack up and go to Mexico where all the illegals are coming from and stay out of the USA. Law enforcement does their job and they get put down for it by the liberal Democrats. I hope he does more as the great AMERICANS are on his side and will always be.....

Commenter: Gunnar Ruthstrom
Sheriff Arpaio is being attacked by our government, because our government wants open borders. Open borders is the idea of the "Council on Foreign Relations" or better known as CFR, is our shadow government. The CFR who's elite members are globalist, control most of the news media. CFR's agenda has been the formation of the "North American Community" which will not function without open borders.
It just does not make any sense at all how we can protect the borders of South Korea, Afghanistan, and Iraq, but we do not send troops to protect our own border.
With all the fighting between the corrupt Mexican Army and the drug lords, the violence will soon be spilling over into the U.S., killing American citizens.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a true Patriot.  At least he is doing something about the illegal invasion. He works for his government pay check! Why don't the globalist stand at the border and give the invaders a stimulus check, since all they want to do is give them our country.

Commenter: Kelly Bartol
I watched Sheriff Joe Arpaio's interview on NOW on 3-27-09 and I can only say I lived in Arizona for 5 years and as far as Maria's comment about the Sheriff for racial profiling, this is absurd.
If 664 people out of 668 that were arrested were Latino, well, that's because 800 out of 900 people in Arizona are Latino.
We ARE being out-populated by Latino in America, and the great state of Arizona is an extreme case. Along with Texas, and California.
I personally am sick to death of all the illegal "rights"??? Helloooo! Illegal is illegal, period, and if someone is in this country illegally, they do NOT belong here, PERIOD! Sheriff Joe Arpaio is 100% right when he says there is no racial profiling, Arizona DOES arrest everyone, no matter your color, if you are doing something illegal, you WILL be arrested.
The state of Arizona is LUCKY to have such a strict sheriff or else that state would be out of control.

Commenter: common sense
Why is it ICE is and has failed to stop illegal immagration?? IF ICE had been doing it's J.O.B. and stopped illegal immigration, there would not be any Illegal Aliens in Maricopa County.

How many Illegal's who have been arrestd (hopefully deported) were also committing crimes as was depicted in the "now" program ???

Where "Now" failed miserbly in reporting was reporting percentages of Crimes where the victim(s) could not be found later, and if there was and description's of the Criminals. What is not realized criminals are impossible to find if they are not "part" of any society. No solid address, no vehicles, no Phones, don't receive bills, pay for T.V. service, etc.etc.etc.. Criminals who are 'shadow people' in any society are almost impossible to find, investigate or apprehend.

I'm not sure how ANYONE including "Now" and the 'hard hitting reporters'from the local papers could reasonably expect Maricopa County would expect to see Blond haired blue eyed Illegal's entering from Mexico?? It is Nationally known a high percentage of people illegally entering the US across the US Mexican border are mexicans. Really believe those blond haired blue eyed illegals are entering from mexico??

If Maricopa County was the first County on the border between the U.S. and Canada,, doesn't it sound reasonable there would be more of those Blond haired, blue eyed Illegal Aliens entering from Canada ?? So,, therefore the likelyhood of blond haired blue eyed being caught would be higher.

Still the question remains if I.C.E. had been actually enforcing the Immigration laws would there not be so many illegal aliens in Maricopa County??

As the Federal Law enforcement ignores immigration laws and arrest so very few illegals, is ALL law enforcement supposed to ignore the laws??

Which other laws should be ignored ??

Nice way to slant the issues thou.

Commenter: Wayne Lamoreaux
We need more law enforcement like Sheriff Arpaio. Bottom line is criminals are being arrested regardless of ethnic origin. Is it being suggested the Sheriff should have a quota system to arrest criminals in numbers according to ethnic population distribution?

Commenter: Sherry McMahon
As a 33 year resident of Arizona and a lifetime democrat I would implore you to show all sides of the illegal immigration problem. From the overcrowding of hospital emergency rooms with people that are not required to pay for services as are US citizens to the suppression of wages in this so-called "right to work state" which keep wages extremely low, to the human trafficking and the gang violence and meth epidemic which is wide spread across the nation which can all be traced to the huge influx of undocumented Mexican Nationals. I agree the conditions in Mexico are deplorable but they must not run away and should stay and fight for their rights in their own country and not expect America to subsidize Mexico thus turning it into a welfare state simply because corporations require cheap labor to keep worker cost low and profits at the top high. I feel your interview of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was definitely one sided and ignored the fact that he was upholding the laws and is extremely popular with US and Arizona citizens.

Commenter: Velika
Whe nI hear of Sheriff Arpio, it sort of reminds me of frontier law enforcement. It is harsh and at times considering the harsh but beautiful enviro ment that is the dsert of the southwest. and yes a stone's throw away from mexico. Mexico's citizens are movingup here for a better life and now gettingaway from the war that has erupted which followed them into this country.In this case whe nyou have almost paramilitary drug gangs, then you need to stop it before it starts for the safety of the communitee. In this case he is doing his job. That means get ALL of your familiy's identification papers adn keep them handy and keep yoru car in good working condition.

Commenter: fred fischer
Maria was out of bounds

I live in Tucson and deal with this illegal immigration all the time.

I am also married to a LEGAL immigrant

10% of the arizona jobs are TAKEN by illegals and are willing to work for far less than what NORMAL wages would be.

as for sheriff joe going after them in his sweeps

let me say this - I haven't for the life of me MET ILLEGALS in any numbers more than 1%, if that, which AREN'T hispanic

so your statistics showing 99% of those SWEPT UP that are hispanic are to say the least RIGHT ON THE NUMBERS BABY!!!

last time I checked, illegal is illegal is ILLEGAL

PROVE THE NUMBERS MARIA and I am more than willing to listen, however you are biased and should RECUSE yourself

I know, this is UNFAIR REPORTING and you have no intention on telling the WHOLE STORY



Commenter: C Davidson
We need more like Sherriff Joe. Illegal Immigrants are not entitled to "rights". Wake up you media people, let the guy do his job. Illegal Immigration will bankrupt this country.

Seattle, WA

Commenter: David K;imbrell
All law abiding citizens Should stand by Sheriff Arpaio - If Your an Illegal Citizen You're breaking the Law and should be arrested and returned to your Country of Origin. Check the Mexican Laws against Illegals ! And review how much Tax Dollars are going to Illegals !

Commenter: curtis lindner
I am a 5th generation native Arizonan who supports stopping illegal immigration. I live here and feel the effects of so many Mexican immigrants, causing crime, using our hospital for free and taking our local jobs. I must also say your show was biased toward illegals. I was disappointed how you forget to tell the whole story from both perspectives.

Commenter: Barbara
Way to go Sheriff Joe! If every county in this country had a Sheriff Joe we'd have far fewer illegals slinking across our borders. Of course if the federal government would get off it's duff and secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws like they're elected and paid to do we wouldn't need 'locals' doing their work for them! NO AMNESTY and NO 'PATH TO CITIZENSHIP'!

Commenter: Apollo Irizarry
The investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is nothing but another underhanded attempt to undermine the law of the land. I am a latino in Phoenix and I support Sheriff Joe 100%.

I urge viewers to scratch below the surface and see that all the activist groups clamoring against the Sheriff are radical ethnocentric and racist groups like La Raza. The raids against illegal drop houses in Phoenix not only prevent crime but also have saved hundreds of lives every year. Illegals kept in drop houses are rutinely tortured and murdered by their captors. Young women are raped and forced into prostitution. This is human traffiking, which is nothing but a P.C. term for slavery, within the U.S. It's hard to believe that anybody has the temerity to go after the one person doing the most to fight this travesty.

I suppose the groups in question would rather give the slavers free run of the city. It only leads to the conclussion that the intesrest of these groups lie in undermining the law and eroding U.S. soveraignty. These peopple don't speak for me, and if the voting polls are any indication they also do not represent the citizens of Arizona. As I said before I am a latino and I feel safer knowing that Sheriff Joe is on the job. I am proud to have voted for him many times and we will keep him, or another one like him on the job as long as necessary.

God bless Sheriff Joe.

A. Irizarry

Commenter: Jon V
Maria, your interview of the sheriff reveiled more about your obvious "chip on the shoulder" than the good sheriffs failures. You didn't do your viewers any favors with this interview. When reporters display personal bias, most people become just as suspicious of the reporter as they are of the person they are interviewing.

Commenter: Jeff Van Helden
I think sheriff Arpaio should be given a medal for his leadership in upholding the law. More of our leaders should follow his example. I believe people who are here illegally have no legal rights and if they are caught for any reason should be prosecuted and sent back to where they came from at their country's expense. If they cause a lot of problems they ought to be shot.

Commenter: DLV
Atta boy, Joe -
Maria, perhaps the reason his arrest record is 65% lation is that 65% of the crimes are committed by latinos ...?

Commenter: Manuel Anaya
I am a legal immigrant from Mexico and I am glad there are still a few people like Joe Arpaio in the US to protect this country against the illegal invasion of Mexicans. I left Mexico because I was fed up of living in a law-less corrupt country. The Mexican culture is corrupt from the lowest to the highest level of society. Corruption is part of the culture and this is something hard to understand if you did not grow-up in Mexico. Even Mexican-Americans do not know this fact.
I don't deny there is some corruption in the US, but it is certainly not pervasive like in Mexico. However, if millions of Mexicans are allowed into the country the American culture will change and we can become a nation of people that make a mockery of the Law just like in Mexico.
Again, protecting the American culture is extremely important and Arpaio is doing that. What does Maria Hinojosa propose to stop illegal immigration? Nothing. Why is that? Maybe because it's easier to criticize?

Commenter: ed borezo
I did not like the attack journalism of Hinijosa this evening. It was not typical of NOW's tone.
His answers seemed reasonable but she seemed hostile and in an attack mode. Her body language and expressions were aggresive toward the sheriff.
I watch NOW every week and do not recall HInijosa covering anything but Hispanic oriented topics.
Unfortunately her personal bias favoring illegal aliens always shows.
I had never heard of this sheriff before this evening but I lean more toward him than her after this interview.
This is not acceptable after having watched years of Bill Moyers and David Broncochio's even handed but insightful interviews.
Washington Week, Bill Moyers Journal and NOW are the only shows on PBS that I watch without fail every week.

Commenter: Richard Shelby
I just watched your show on the "expose" of the sheriff of Maricopa Co, AZ. Considering the unnatural placement of your collective heads it is amazing you can even walk. The witch hunt your staff conducted shows how out of touch with reality they are.

Of course the sheriff uses racial profiling as part of his official tactics. Think about it. If illegal immigration means what the term implies then of course he is going to focus some actions on the Mexicans. The same applies to any other crime. You use what ever criteria applies to the crime in progress. In the meantime the law abiding public continues to scream about the millions of illegal Mexicans in this country.

The real problem with your hunt is that at least one of your staff is Mexican and some of the others are filled with indignation for the "wrongs" that are incorporated into normal life.

Commenter: John H. Ristine
The argument posed by Now is that the latino community is being targeted for arrests by the Sheriff's department in Maricopa County, Arizona. Clearly it is a serious situation when the department is making arrests for rape and armed robbery. However the argument does not progress us to a more civil environment. The fact remains that the U.S. is overwhelmed with high immigration numbers. It is my experience that the pressure of immigrants from latin cultures whether illegal or legal is causing headlines in the central Rocky Mountains that relate to rape and armed violence. To argue that the latinos are being targeted misses the obvious fact that they are indeed involved as a group in violent crime moreso than any other group. The answer comes from understanding that criminal latinos are victims of poor education, psychological disturbance and a lack of spiritual consciousness.

Commenter: John
The interview done by Maria Hinojosa seemed very much as if she had an ajenda to make the story come out a certain way as opposed to objective journalism. The overall half-hour show was balanced in that it talked about all sides of the story. But it just seemed as if she had made a decision to try to pin the sheriff down after gathering relatively few pieces of information. For me, it lacked credibility because of this obvious bias.

Commenter: GPS
I'd be willing to bet a good bit that there aren't any MS-13 gang members running amok and extorting half of the local shopkeepers hard earned money on the streets of Maricopa! The fact that there isn't 100% support for this guy seeing that there's a war going on right in his (our) back yard just proves we fully deserve our coming destruction!, of which this will be just one of the contributing factors stemming from our political correctness. You people that are sticking up for the cartels that are behind the smearing of this courageous soul better think about that!

Commenter: Karen, Colorado
I fully support Sheriff Joe. I've visited Maricopa County frequently for work and pleasure. While camping and hiking in the area it is common to see the immigrants trying to enter the country illegally. We've personally encountered illegal immigrants while hiking and have been scared for our safety. Many illegals are tied to drug cartels and commit crimes in the US, after committing the crime of illegal entry. I think Sheriff Joe is the example the rest of our law enforcement officials should follow. I have no problem with people entering our country legally and participating as law abiding folks, but I'm getting tired of spending tax dollars and my hard earned income to bury the bodies found in the desert, hospital bills for anchor babies, food bills for jail inmates, lawyers fees for deportation hearings and for increased protection services. Perhaps the illegal immigrants should fix their own country, instead of coming to the US. Seems like they spend a lot of time fleeing the problems in their own country and end up creating problems in ours.

Commenter: gARYb
I just finished watching NOWs' segment on Sheriff Arpaio and thought your reporting was quite slanted. He was elected by the people by an overwhelming majority and is simply doing what others are failing to do. He was accused of arresting 600 kidnappers and they were almost all Latino. Perhaps that is because the kidnappers ARE almost all Latino. These people promise to smuggle illegals into the state and then hold them for additional ransom, sometimes 20 at a time. Sheriff Arpaio rightly explained that Maricopa County is one of the largest in the country both by population and in square miles, much is rural.As to having women on the chain gang, no one said that they ( and men) volunteered for the duty rather than sit around in their cell. This was not hard work but picking up trash along the highway just like regular citizens do.
You usually have a good program. try to keep it fair and not so anti.
By the way, I support immigration and believe that many of these people make a good contribution to our community but that doesn't mean we should let anyone come here and do anything they want-- for free. That's when society breaks down. Look at the history of Detroit.
Finally, I have met (white) people who have been arrested in Maricopa and too the person, they straightened out because they "don't want to go back."

I like the job he is doing. I wish he was our sheriff in Mohave County,Az.

Commenter: Gene Andersen PHX AZ
The of quoted newspaper the east Valley Tribune is now a freebie. all they wrote about was how bad sherrif Joe was and how good all the poor illegal immigrants got such a bad deal out of this mean ole USA. Ship all the illegals and their aunts, uncles, grannies and gramppies and especially all their kids back. The Republicans want cheap illegal labor, the Democrats want the illegals vote in 2010 -2012 etc. The catholic church needs to keep their deminishing parishes full with catholic latinos. If those illegals were Methodists does anyone with a brain think the catholic church would be in the forefront of the push for amensty?????? It is a shame we don't have more sherrif Joes and fewer mayor Gordons..... Sanctuary is a get out jail card for the illegals and their MANY CRIMES AGAINST USA CITIZENS. Send every illegal toTENT CITY jail for 2 years then deport them to the most southern part of mexico. Think of the savings to USA legal citizen taxpayerwithout the overcrowded jails, school, hospital emergency rooms,welfare rolls, free housingthat the illegals cause year after year. Republicans and Democrats keep voting sherrif Joe back in his job, we don't listen to the sob sister newspapers here in AZ..... olease clone a sherrif Joe for every county in the country.

Commenter: Karyn Curtis
There is no question this is a human rights issue. The critical question is: do "illegals" have rights?
What rights do they have? What rights should they have? Until we all decide that, then there is a grey area, where fanaticism about ridding our society of all illegals, to pardons for ones who are established here, to work passes for laborers, whatever has been proposed, is not a concensus.
The voters of Maricopa CO. reelected Sheriff Joe, so the voters have spoken.

Commenter: Beverly A. Laverty
I just watched this program and wanted to strangle the reporter. She was biased - even her body language was confrontational. What Joe Arpaio is doing is long overdue. I only wish more politicians would follow his examples. We want "tough on crime", "tough on immigration" and if it takes racial profiling, then that's what we need to do. Leave Joe alone. He's doing exactly what we elected him to do!

Commenter: Michael Trujillo
I am Hispanic, have a degree in Law Enforcement Administration and over twenty years experience in National Security. I am trying to understand what the purpose of the program was. Was there suppose to be a knock-out punch somewhere delivered by NOW? If there was, "Sheriff Joe's" supporters delivered it. Maria Hinojosa conducted, in my opinion, an absolutely awful interview. Even with the one-sided advantage of editing, rather than coming off as direct and penetrating, Ms Hinojosa's approach was poorly crafted, rude and -- she seem to be so preoccupied with her agenda she appeared to be unaware of the moment. Simply awful.

Commenter: Bob Hlidek
Don't live in Maricopa County, but do live in Arizona. Well aware of the work of Sheriff Joe. We have seen fewer hispanics in the state. Jobs have been more available to Arizonians. We have been very happy with the operations of Sheriff Arpaio in dealing with the illegal immigration problems.

Commenter: Mike in Maricopa
Sheriff Joe is doing a fine job in a tough situation and I appreciate the coverage by PBS. A bigger story is the huge amount of crime and costs related to a small percentage of illegals. In hindsight, we needed a better guest-worker program decades ago.

Commenter: John Lawrence
It's not surprising to me that the media continues to tear apart any attempt to enforce the Immigration laws as shown by the obvious anger of the reporter Maria Hinojosa as she was so consumed by her "facts" that she was just about ready to kick Sheriff Joe in the knee if she thought she could get away with it. It is obvious too, that the media only does this because ratings demand that they take the side of the "poor illegal's", it sells papers, air time, or radio time, that's the liberal way and that's simply a fact.

Please let me give you an example (this is a true story); several years ago I was in the US Coast Guard stationed in Kodiak, AK. We, the Coast Guard, were involved in a helicopter rescue of a number of sailors from the beached/grounded ship M/V Selendang Ayu "a huge maritime accident" in the middle of winter on the island shore of Unalaska. We had a helicopter hoisting survivors from the stricken ship when all of a sudden the helo took a large wave caused by hydraulic action with the ships bow and the helo went into the water with 4 crewmen and 6 passengers (all from Indonesia if I'm not mistaken). A smaller HH65 helicopter nearby slipped in and attempted to rescue the victims in the water, because of the 4 Coast Guard crewmen's bright orange survival dry suits, their obvious location in the water was quickly spotted, and as they were spotted they were hoisted up by the "one" helo. The HH65 crew searched hard for all victims that went down in the crash, however due to training and survival equipment such as air breathing canisters the CG Aircrew made it back to the surface and all survived. Of the 6 sailors from the Selendang Ayu only one surfaced and that one person was hoisted and did survive, no other victims were spotted even after much time spent looking for people in the water by both the rescue helo and a CG Cutter nearby.

The following day a reporter for one of the Anchorage news papers wrote an article which was "Front Page News" which blasted the CG efforts in many general ways, and also stated something pretty close to this; "the families of the deceased sailors are concerned that the CG's rescue Aircrews may have used "profiling" in making decisions in who to rescue during the rescue efforts". I contacted this reporter and my understanding was that he'd contacted the families overseas, and among other questions, he'd asked one of the family members if they thought that "maybe" the Coast Guard hadn't rescued their family member/s because the CG used profiling, and rescued their own first? And that family member gave the response "I hope they didn't but it is possible", so the reporter published this in the paper as a FACT. Of course neither the reporter nor the paper made any attempt to clarify or retract the statement after the fact. They had sold their "Front Page" papers and that was all that mattered, no concern about how the rescuers felt about this article, nor how the public's perception about the Coast Guard may have been affected.

As young boy some 40 years ago, the PBS correspondents that I used to watch would have, in those days, supported the federal and state laws, and those trying to enforce them. Obviously today that is not the case! A very clear example is with the recent elections, the popular media played down the Republican Party, specifically Gov Palin by cartooning her on Saturday night live and other venues, and at the same time the media built up the Obama Democratic Party, the Democrats could do no wrong. One has to be blind and dumb not to acknowledge that that took place each and every day of the campaign.
It's incredible to me anymore that this country can even enforce a law or accomplish a single thing. Truly, not one area of law enforcement or government action does the media fully support, is it because they can't sell "Good News"!

Commenter: Mary Melcher
I do not vote for this man because he is mainly a publicity seeking blowhard. Depending on ones's experience and point of view, he may seem to be racially profiling or he may seem to be an effective law enforcemtn official. He may seem to be neglecting other law enforcement duties of his office. I have lived here a long,long time. My own son has been pulled over for a broken taillight (one of the items cited)My son is NOT hispanic and does not look hispanic. I have had my home burglarized. The response was slow and very inadequate. I gave the sheriff's office information that had come to me as to where my jewelry and other items were--they refused to look into it. Law enforcement in Maricopa County is pathetic. Whether that has anything to do with illegals, I am not sure. It does have everything to do wtih this sheriff's lust for publicity and power. I also do not like the fact that the largest portion of the county budget is his office and practically NO accounting is received for that. He has a double dipping 'chief deputy" which smells very bad to me. I wish that NOW had interviewed some residents who disapprove of Arpaio for the MANY reasons having nothing to do with illegals. Arpaio's every action is aimed at his re-election (though originally he promised to serve one term only)and at his notoiety which he loves. Someday when he is gone and the lid gets lifted off that office, the stench will be overpowering.

Commenter: Bill in Arizona
Excellent overview. You were wise to use last year's East Valley Tribune series as the basis for your show. The series was a first-rate job of reporting, showing how Arpaio's endless quest for publicity and self-agrandizement puts people in increased danger.

He allowed response times to erode, major violent crimes to go uninvestigated, and left areas underprotected while he deploys officers on his pet crusades.

He may be popular but as a law enforcement officer and a public servant he is a disgrace.

Commenter: sgyost
We live in Maricopa county. Thank you, thank you!! We
have never voted for Joe and never will. We believe that Joe is racist.

The newspaper that was part of your story is no longer a daily paper. They are online and have released most of the wonderful reporters that you talked to and others. It is very sad.

Commenter: John Jergenson
Listen, I'm sick and tired of hearing the 'minority' of people constantly complaining about Sheriff Joe and his methods of law enforcement, he does a fantastic job, why do you think he was reelected 'AGAIN'? Remember, he's a County Sheriff, not the city of Phoenix. He has a huge area to monitor. Phoenix alone is nearing 2million people and spread out over the entire valley now moving north. No one, especially the Governor and Federal Government has done anything to control the illegal immigration flowing over our border into this country, bringing with them criminals and drug dealers, not to mention human traffiking. If Sheriff Joe goes into a predominately Latino community and comes out with 100's of illegal people, I'd say he was doing his job, give the man and his team credit for doing so much good. I have lived in Arizona for 45 years and I've never felt saver than when Sheriff Joe got elected and stayed Sheriff. The East Valley Tribune has always been negative towards the Sheriff, maybe someone should check into the power at that newspaper to see why they are like that; and as for our Mayor Gordon, come election day for him I will (for the first time in my life) be holding up banners to vote against him, that's how much I feel the Mayor of this city is hampering the law and justice. Why didn't you spend more time on the positive attributes of Sheriff Joe and not all the negative? When your woman interviewed Sheriff Joe, did you hear 'one' question that wasn't a condemnatioin of his office? NO. I think you've put this program out to America as a very negative piece of terrible journalism on a very positive man. Do your witch hunting somewhere else.

Commenter: Astrid Olafsen
Sheriff Joe IS a bully. Yes, he has a unit that saves abused animals, but as far as people go, those that Arpaio has minimized by calling them criminals, he's a bully.

I'm a 29-year Maricopa County resident, and I've seen him cross the line several times. But the immigration issue, those bogus "crime sweeps" , are indeed racial profiling. He's had the Republican mayor Gordon of Phoenix, the Rep. Police Chief in Mesa, and many other public officials criticize him in public for his bullying and racial-profiling tactics. And ask him to stay away.

One of the people he arrested in Guadalupe -- a local town that is almost 100% Yaqui Indian -- and most are US citizens -- was a Hispanic-looking man. His "crime"? RIDING HIS BICYCLE ON THE SIDEWALK!!!! they asked him for his papers -- of course he had none...he was out on his bicycle! Turns out, he was a US citizen.

"Illegals" is the term he uses for Hispanics, despite the fact that we are in the American Southwest, and people of Hispanic heritage have lived here and been citizens for more than 100 years. To him, they all look like "illegals" -- his term to minimize the humans to whom he gives that appellation.

Inojosa's interview really revealed that to the rest of the country. Thank you!!

Commenter: Lori
There should be hundreds of Sheriffs like Joe Arpaio. There should be fewer reporters like you who always want to look at the bad side of everything just to make headlines. Go back to New York and let Sheriff Joe take care of business. This is the United States and its time to do something about illegal immigration. The people have elected him, let him do his job.

Commenter: D.vaughn
On illleagle aliens, they are breaking the law, they
have no rights in our country. We should secure our boarders and stop any of these outlaws from entering
our country. Then we should use whatever law enforcement and military needed to round up ever illeagle in this country and expell them for ever.
They are nothin but theives in the night and should be treated as such.

Commenter: Dave Lundwall
Just another reporter trying to convince the masses that he's looking out for the best interest of the people when it's really sheriff Joe all along. By the way, who's sneaking across the Mexican boarder illegally entering the U.S. Swedes? Got to play the race card! Come on now. This political correctness in going to wipe us off the face of the earth. It was no coincidence that a female Hispanic interviewed him either. Keep these kinds of biased shows going and you will make an enemy of me

Commenter: Del
I thought your story on Joe Arpaio, was very biased. You send a hispanic reporter Maria Hinojosa who has built quit a reputation for defending illegal immagration to do the story, then attack Joe for catching more hispanic illegals than other. Hello! he is in Arizona, the mix might be very different in another part of the country. I don't car what ethnicity a person is,if you are here illegally you are breaking the law and must be dealt with.

Commenter: Don in Colorado
This is nothing more than a political attack on someone who is enforcing the law and they want to intimidate the Sheriff. This is a tipical tactic of the left. As we destroy the rule of law so will we destroy our country from within.

Commenter: D.vaughn
On illleagle aliens, they are breaking the law, they
have no rights in our country. We should secure our boarders and stop any of these outlaws from entering
our country. Then we should use whatever law enforcement and military needed to round up ever illeagle in this country and expell them for ever.
They are nothin but theives in the night and should be treated as such.

Commenter: James Harper
Your programs and questions assume there is a difference between illegal aliens and criminals. This isn't true, as we demonstrated in San Diego, when we reduced illegal entries our crime rates dropped dramatically. Nice try, but the majority of American citizens are not buying your load of dope.

Commenter: Steven J Kosik
GO!!! Sheriff Joe!! Don't let this station deter you and your passion to protect the USA!! Go Joe!!!

Sheriff Joe for President!!!!

Commenter: AZ Gunslinger
How about statements from Sheriff Joe supporters?
Don't want to put that on tv, far more LEGAL citizens support Sheriff Joe, than not.

Go Joe

Commenter: Concerned American
What a load of crap! Joe Arpaio is a hero who is a criminal's worst enemy. The people of Arizona are lucky to have him keeping their streets safe. Yes, ILLEGAL aliens are criminals and need to be sent home if they refuse to self-deport. America is a nation of laws. Mexico is a nation of trespassers and criminals and narco-terrorists. Wake up people!

Commenter: Hank Hardy
I think sheriff Joe Arpio is doing an outstanding job.The people of this country have to pay for illegals one way or another.With so many people out of work the jobs that illegals take could go to a legal citizen.Illegals wil work for almost nothing and you know the employer is paying the illegal under the table,no taxes no benefits and the money goes back to mexico or wherever.The crime rate in california is skyrocketing and 90% of the crime is commited by illegals.I am not anti immigration,just do it the legal way and go thru the process.

Commenter: Timray
It has gotten very bad here in Southern anybody you want against Sheriff Joe Arpaio....I am moving there. The drug problem here and there is very slanted toward the Mexican someone who lived in Mexico the drug problem is just as bad there. The illegal guns are mostly from the Mexican military, some 16,000, deserted with their guns. Guns that were supplied by the government of the United States. Your program is nothing but more crap.

Commenter: Grey Eagle
Sheriff Joe has my vote. They are ILLEGAL immigrants so what is the problem here? We need more like him.

Commenter: KL Merritt
Your interviewer gave a perfect example of manipulation of "facts" She stated that the FBI report showed that out of 665 routine traffic stops that resulted in arrests for illegal immigration, 663 were hispanics. Was she actually trying to imply that ONLY hispanics are arrested from routine traffic stops? If so, she lacks common sense or is intentionally trying to manipulate the facts. I'm sure there were many other arrests but they were for things like DUI, warrants ect. and were to people legally in this country. Of course, the ones that were here illegally were hispanic. Hispanic is a board term that includes ALL races from any latin country. Just exactly who does she think are crossing illegally into Arizona? The Chinese?

Commenter: Lucy
I think sheriff JOE is a real hero and it is disgusting how the liberal media wants to tame him. We should not fear rule of law. The sheriff stops hispanic people, not due to profiling. Are you crazy? It is Arizona; the illegals come through Mexico to gain entry. Your program showed how ludicrous you and that Valley tribune newspaper are. I would be ashamed.

Commenter: Aimee and Steve Clark
My Husband and I just watched the Sheriff Joe segment on your Station. We get our local PBS broadcast on KCPT in Kansas City MO.
We love the children's programming you offer for our three young children, but unfortunately after watching the interview with Sheriff Joe we both agreed to block KCPT and ALL PBS programming from our options list.
That was the meanest, one sided line of questioning we have heard to date. In our mind it was disgraceful and down rite evil.
We do not necessarily agree with the Sheriff's policies entirely, but that is up the voters that live in his jurisdiction not us. However, the way she interviewed him discredited the entire story.
We consider ourselves open minded people but at the end of that interview instead of pondering the right and wrong of those policies we are instead questioning the validity of the facts as presented by you.
That was not an interview it was an interrogation!! I guess we are just growing tired of the tactics of the media in general and you are our first victims. We want all sides presented and the the story to be the main focus not the Journalist. Thank you for you time.

Commenter: Eric Mauer
He is not a controversial figure - he is an American Hero. Your channel is just a bunch of liberal bleeding hearts that's only goal is to destroy this very country. What you do not include in your selective statistics is what would the crime rate be in these various catergories if more of these illegal aliens were wslking the streets committing crimes. Illegal aliens do not have any rights - they are illegal. They are lucky that our country is more liberal then their own home country (Mexico). I thought your interview was an ambush. An ambush of b.s. facts. You will not get another dime of my money.

Commenter: Chris
Immigration enforcement at the national level has proven woefully inadequate, both because the resources aren't there and the will isn't there, at least among our politicians. Yet, as I think your piece suggests, a great many, maybe even the majority, want the laws enforced. The New York Times has done a great job of vilifying people like Sheriff Joe, and a lot of others, who believe that enforcement, whether at the national level or the local or both, needs to be done. Furthermore, the open borders lobby, which includes the New York Times and other liberal media outlets, spares no opportunity to use the race card. After all, the fact that 99.9% of anyone south of the US border is Indian or Latino plays well into the hands of those who would use race in this debate. That is unfortunate and it doesn't help solve the real issue, which is that every day, thousands of people enter this country without the USA's knowledge. Sheriff Joe's methods may seem extreme to some, but thus far, he seems to be one of only a few who are actively, hand in hand with the Feds, trying to enforce immigration laws.

Commenter: Christopher Rief
The people keep voting Sheriff Joe back in office...if he was so bad he would be gone.
I think from my visits that he is doing a great job.
Maybe you should try and support him and help with the issues instead of trying so hard to make him look bad. He has a hard job and the people there know this and do support him by voting him back in.

Commenter: Ron Mask
Sheriff Joe Arpaio is right! I agree with his opinion on law enforcement.

Commenter: J.P.
That sheriff is demented!! That's what happens when a bunch of crazy nativists elect one of their own. It's sad that there are still people out there like that! Good luck keeping your future tax base.

Commenter: Kevin
I belive that Sheriff Joe is on the right track with his policies. We really need more people who will stand up with what is right. If you break a law you pay the price, in this case they get sent home. To really fix this problem, we need to increase the penilty. What we are doing now is only costing us $$$

Commenter: Ron Fralick
I support sheriff Arpaio.

Illegal immigration is illegal don't you people get it.

The federal government is lazy, more sheriffs should be doing what hs is.

Commenter: Dave
Sheriff is enforcing the law and should be applauded. If you don't like it then vote to change the law!

Commenter: kevin p
The NOW episode on Sheriff Arpio is more of the usual blame america first garbage that PBS has indoctrinated us with for decades. Interesting that not a word was said about his success in capturing illegals. Instead, they show an hispanic woman questioning why so many hispanics have been captured. This line of questioning while Mexico sits a few miles from the sheriff's house. Shows like this keep me from ever contributing to PBS' finances.

Commenter: Bruce Barnes
Congress should implement a foolproof identification system for employers to hire legal workers. If an employer hires undocumented workers, then the CEO should be given a mandatory prison sentence. A CEO is someone who is in charge or responsible such as a head of household.

Visas should be increased to a size to supply all employers' needs. Employers hiring immigrate workers should be required to pay immigrate workers at least the same as the average US citizen workers wage for the job. In addition a fee of 10 percent of the immigrate workers wage should be charged for each immigrate worker to cover the cost for background checks, services, and enforcement.

A foolproof identification system ensures that a CEO knows when his company hires undocumented workers. The 10 percent fee ensures that US citizen workers will be hired first since they will cost the company less. Andrew Jackson said, " Corporations do not have a body to be kicked or a soul to be dammed." Corporations do have a CEO that is responsible. The increased availability of work visas eliminates the need to come here illegally.

When companies hire undocumented workers they are exploiting cheap labor and they know undocumented workers are not protected by our legal system. Hiring undocumented workers is not good for anyone.

Commenter: patti kelly
Why don't we look at this from another view..Should only American citizens be made to follow American laws? I know that in NYC when I watch the news, I hear hispanic names mostly tied to violent crimes. Are American Citizens not being arrested? or are they committing less crimes? Let's look at how many laws any kind of illegal immigrants are committing: identity theft

Commenter: Bruce Barnes
Is Sheriff Arpaio enforcing all of the immigration laws? If so how many employers of undocumented immigrants have been arrested? It seems to me that the federally-granted authority to enforce immigration laws should mean all laws and not just selected laws.

Commenter: Lee Pefley
Sherif Arpaio is much too patient with illegals, who should be executed the moment they step over the border.

Commenter: FDH
I find it amazing that illegal immigrants feel entitled to any rights whatsoever in this country until they have completed the necessary paperwork and criminal background checks. Until then, they are, in fact, by definition, ILLEGAL. Try going anywhere else on the planet without your paperwork and see how fast you are escorted to the border.

As a citizen of this country since birth, and having paid all my taxes and dues to date, once I was laid off last month, I have found that even the federal government, who will not cut me the slightest break on my taxes or interest for any reason whatsoever, asks questions of illegal immigrants, as to how much unemployment compensation and how many food stamps THEY WOULD LIKE? How they can apply for a SSN if they don't already have one?! If that one single injustice problem would go away, I could probably make at least one-half of what I used to make on my salary, instead of less than one-third. The system might almost work, somewhat.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the days of freebie entrance into this country ended about one-hundred years ago with the sinking of the Titanic. As tragic as it was, that was a symbol of times changing. Icarus flying too close to the sun. His wings melted on the iceburg and we knew we had to start taking care of our own, before there was no time and no space left.

Commenter: Dale Sexton
This is a story about the federal failure to control our own borders . This is just frustration on the part of the people of America who feel something is very wrong .We are being overun by people who by their by their first act in America are breaking our law.If they commit a crime in America they run back to Mexico and are safe from prosecution.They use are Health Care System like National Health Insurance.My Health Insurance is paying for all the bad debt of this illegal wave.They in large part pay no taxes here.Instead of spending all their money here they send part home to Mexico.If it is ok for them to break the laws here what does it say to the lawful people of America.I guess it says there is two justice systems here.Thank You Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Commenter: D
Maria Hinojosa accuses the Sherrif's department of targeting Latinos for traffic violations. She neglected to provide any "statistics" with respect to the variables that may have contributed to the likelyhood of the sherrif's office pursuing the violators (such as day of week, time of day, location of the violation and age

Commenter: Sal Gallelli
I think a Sheriff is charged with enforceing the law.
That includes traffic violations, illegal aliens, and
any other violations of the law. It is good to see a
law enforcement agency doing their job.I wish there
were more Sheriffs like this. I can't help wondering
if Your reporters are more interested in ratings, and skewing reports to show a selfserving pro-latino
spin and twist. Many illegal aliens are breaking laws
and draining all of the resources of Our Country. I
go with Sheriff Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Commenter: Mr. Tamborello
Sheriff Arpaio is someone I respect. He focuses on his job and his job is putting those who break the law behind bars. Now, he takes a lot of rap about putting so many illegal aliens behind bars and the reason? There are an enormous amount of Mexicans crossing the boarder without permission. In addition to responding to other crimes, he maintains discipline and focus on the most serious and numerous crimes, in addition to the less serious crimes.
All boarder towns should take note and follow Sheriff Arpaio's beliefs and system in clearing the streets of the single largest problem this country has... illegal aliens. If the Mexicans did not cross illegally, then Sheriff Arpaio would have a much easier job.
I invite the Mexican to come to this country with open arms if they come legally. Send them back ASAP if they cross illegally. Simple. They break the law, they go to jail. The illegal alien crowds our hospitals, causess medical care cost to increase, kills police officers and innocent citizens by driving drunk.
Sheriff Arpaio, I thank you for doing you job well and not listening to those who have ulterior motives.
But this problem is not new. The Texas Rangers encountered the same problem more than 100 years ago. The Mexicans who cross our boarder without permission do not respect our laws.

Commenter: Leonard W. King
Untill you have lived in a community that has been
virtually taken over by the hispanic community,it is hard to grasp the problems that are involved.I was born and raised in Arizona,went to school with and worked with people of many races in my life time. There are good and bad people of all races in this country. They are "Illegals", that in itself should be the end of the discussion.

Commenter: Don Kernwein
The interview conducted by Maria Hinojosa on Sheriff Joe Arpaio was journalism at its worst. The liberal bias of this reporter should make PBS hang their collective heads in shame. You can be so much better.

Commenter: J H McAlister
Good for Sheriff Joe, he is doing what others fear to do. Hang in there Joe, and if they run you off, come to Texas.

Commenter: Wayne Fitzgerald
To me it is apparent that this man,Arpaio, is using his power to arrest illegals, to gain more power over people. I just watched his interview with Maria Henojosa, and when she asked him questions he did not want to answer he became a bully and it was evident what kind of person he is.
It is my opinion that he should be arrested and serve time for his crimes against all people.
He reminds me of Adolf Hitler, a real dictator, a very dangerous man!

Commenter: kelvin horgain
if we let one group stay, we must let the world in and be prepared for the gates of hell.

Commenter: marge
What a pathetic attempt to discredit a public servant just doing his job. I wasn't sure where you were going with the program but as I watched I became more discussed with you so called reporting.Now you know why I would never support this kind of programming with my hard earned dollars.

Commenter: Paul Edwards
I love this guy, he should run for President, we need to clean up the country, and he's just the man! Its a shame that America is so weak and spineless.

Commenter: legal citizen

Commenter: Richard Waterhouse
Great program on the Sheriff and what he is doing to help prevent illegal immigration!! Wish we had 1,000 more of him helping to patrol our borders. Wish he would run for national office and teach our left leaning politicians a thing or two.
Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Commenter: NORM
The sheriff is a no nonsense adult. He doesn't get side tracked by childish idealistic manipulations of statistics, and he doesn't play around parsing his words. His critics need to grow up.

Commenter: Ruth Kelly
The sheriff is doing his job. This article seems to think that illegal immigration is not a crime when it, indeed, is. Being in this country illegally is against the law and those that choose to do it risk being arrested for the crime. We have a process set in place for immigration into the USA under our laws. I do not understand why more law enforcement agencies, especially at the federal level, just turn a blind eye when that process is not followed. More municipalities should be operating as Sheriff Joe is. If a person is comitting a crime, whether it's entering and being in this country illegally or robbing a bank, that person should expect to be held responsible for that crime and stop turning their actions around to place the blame on someone else.

Commenter: Carl Kelley
If the Federal Government isn't doing it's job on our border states in controlling the illegal alien problem then who is supposed to do it? It's the local communities that suffer if the enforcement isn't done so the locals are correct in taking up the slack of the Federal Government. This Sheriff of Maricopa Co. is a tough man and a fair man. He even put women on the chain gangs (non discrimination). If the aliens don't want to be profiled then they shouldn't be sneaking into the country. Common sense tells me that if 90% of the crimes committed in an area are done by one race or another then it only makes sense that you profile that race. Question. If coyotes were killing all your sheep, would you shoot the mountain lions or your dogs? No; you'd be looking for coyotes. Political Correctness could mean the end of raising sheep. When will we ever learn.

Commenter: J.C.
If other Sheriffs operated in the same way as Arpaio, we wouldn't have an immigration problem. As far as racial profiling - it is necessary. Millions of Scandinavians are not sneaking across the border. If they were I'm sure it would be a good idea to keep an eye out for trucks full of blond haired people with pale skin.

Commenter: Rob
Sheriff Joe is doing his job and all the crying and whining by the "touchy-feelies" is just pathetic. Grow up and get a life. Otherwise, move to Afghanistan and see what it's like to live with anarchists flowing over the border at will and making everthing a mess.

Commenter: Antoinette Brossman
I'm sorry but I feel that it is more important than ever to make sure the people coming into our country are doing it legally. If someone comes in legally and we know their background we can feel safe. We can control our economy and there are also health issues. Look at California's financial problems, we don't take of our own citizen's properly how can we afford to take care of illegals.

Commenter: Hiram M.
When I finished my Master's degree in engineering in 2005, I was offered a position at Intel, but I declined because I felt Arizona was very anti-Latino.

Now, I am a Ph.D. student. When I finish next year, I do not think I will consider academic positions in Arizona because of the harsh environment in the state targeting Hispanics.

The actions of Sheriff Arpaio and other organizations who are very strong anti-immigrant, scare away Hispanics like me and my family, who could contribute to the richness and diversity of the state.

Commenter: Sandy Ridge
I totally support the Arizona sheriff in his efforts to enforce illegal immigration! If people are here illegally then they have broken the law. They should be made to return to their home land and apply to enter this country legally. when are people here going to understand that unless we stop the tidal wave of illegals we are going to be losing a way of life our forefathers (many who came here by way of Ellis Island) worked hard to give us. If my tax dollars are spent to take care of these illegals - then I will be furious and totally unsupportive of any government official now in office - including the president!

Commenter: charlotte zimmerman
I have been a fan of the Sheriff from the very first time I saw how he handled the "problems" we encounter every day. There are bad people out there and they hurt and kill millions of people every day. God Bless someone that does the right thing and has the right stuff, so that as a peace loving nation, we can live in relative safety..."ensure domestic tranquility" is what this man is trying to do....Wake up America....we need more people like the Sheriff.

Commenter: Ed Miller
Do not let Sheriff Arpaio's critics fool you, I gaurantee you what he is doing with his crime supression campaign is supported ten fold. One comment was made by a caller "since he started that program I was able to get my job back". This is not racial profiling this is a man doing his job the way is should be done. Too many public figures are worried about tarnishing their reputation when it comes to making a decision that they might be considered a racial profiler, to me that is ridiculous. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Intimidation) is investigating Arpaio when there is nothing to investigate, let the man do his job and let the FBI worry more about the safety of this country. Keep up the good work Joe I definitely appreciate the work you are doing and can guarantee you have more supporters than critics.

Commenter: homes
Sheriff Arpio is doing a good job but liberial demacrats need someone to bash

Commenter: David
Shame on PBS! How dare you shield illegal behavior? American cities need more sheriffs like Joe Arpaio who is a loyal and responsible American. No more funding this anti-American PBS program.

Commenter: Jerry Kreps
Mayor Bob Patten is NOT treating everyone "fair and equal". He is telling legal immigrants that in following the rules to enter this country legally, registering, paying payroll taxes, buying auto insurance/financial accountability, buying license plates instead of cycling "in transit" stickers, learning English and applying for citizenship, they were being fools. He is flooding his city with illegal aliens who will overwhelm the community services, overload schools, and make citizens who are now experiencing financial hard times compete against people who should not be in his city or this country. And he calls that fair.

Commenter: Matt Dwyer
Why does Maria use the term "undocumented", instead of "illegal", when referring to illegal immigrants? Has she spent nearly as much time reporting about crimes perpetrated against illegals (and others) by illegals as she does investigating/interrogating the police?

Commenter: Eric Bischoff
Is it more important to be a white Arizonan US citizen or is it more important to be a human being? Which one should we love more and why? What would Jesus tell us?

Commenter: A M Traub
The citizens of the U.S who care about this country including myself...WOULD LOVE to have this sheriff or one just like him in every city!!!! Only you idiot Liberals, Marxists trying to destroy this great nation find fault with this man and anyone like him who stands up for what is right for this country. GET OFF HIS BACK AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE WAY HE DOES THINGS AND THE WAY THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE RUN...THEN PACK YOUR SORRY ASS OUT OF HERE

Commenter: Joseph Hitzel
Sheriff is a national hero. I could not support him more. You should be supporting him as well instead of trying to find some way to get some way to help get rid of him. Illegal immigration is one of the most important and dangerous uncontrolled crimes invading the United States. Every law enforcement agency in the United States should be enforcing our immigration laws. If we do not have to abide by those laws why do any of the others mean anything.

Joe is one of my idols and definitely a hero. You must live in fear that he will run for a really important office and be able to implement his policies country wide.

Commenter: tony omalanowicz
The only statistic that matters is the wide margin that this sheriff is re-elected by.
He is obviously doing what the people want, more politicians should follow his lead and grow some onions.

Commenter: steve
Sherrif Arpaio is a professional lawman doing his best to bring law enforcement to the county. Shame on PBS trying to discredit his accomplishments.

Commenter: AG
Sheriff Arpaio is a true partiot. NOW Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa practically ahd steam protruding from her nostrils as he answered her questions honestly...unlike so many politicians who often speak with fork tongues. Thank you Sheriff for your help on a border state!

Commenter: john marshall
Sheriff joe is enforcing the law. Illegal aliens are law breakers so if the are stopped while driving they should be deported

Commenter: Michael Jedd
I wish there were a thousand Joe Arpaios in every
law enforcement jurisdiction in America. We wouldn't have the problems in this country that we now experience. Long live Sheriff Joe.

Commenter: Therese Vana
Is a hard-line sheriff crossing the line when it comes to immigration enforcement? No. Sheriff Joe is doing his job and I am thankful someone is enforcing the law; he needs our support not name calling. Calling illegal immigrants 'undocumented workers' does not lessen the fact that they are *illegal*, that they have broken our laws and should be treated as such. I would never enter a country illegally and expect to be treated as a legal citizen.

Commenter: D Chastain
Nice attempt at a hit job on the good sheriff. Is it really fair that you allow the new Homeland Security secretary Napolitano and her personal hatred of the Sheriff, cloud your ability to have an unbiased interview? I think the word "illegal" which is part of the term illegal alien, justify's the Sheriff's actions.
This interview has cost your show whatever credibility it once had and with its left wing agenda, you had very little to begin with.

Commenter: Ann Brennan
I watched the People's Sheriff with great interest. I have always respected the reporting done by PBS but I was very disappointed in this episode. Senior Correspondent Maria Hinojosa needs to be demoted. She was pompous and demeaning to the Sheriff. Her questions were indictments not unbiased journalism. Shame on you for airing this show. Absolutely disgraceful. I guess you just don't get it. Americans want their laws enforced.

Commenter: Eric Bischoff
Regular German's thought Hitler was doing a good job.
Regular Arizonans think Sheriff Arpaio is doing a good job.
They are both wrong and in time will realize it.
But it is too dangerous not to intervene.

Commenter: Russ P
If the efforts of the Sheriff's office are to target "human smuggling" or "illegal aliens", would it be reasonable that a significant of these aliens would be, what? Lithuanians? Thais? Somalis? The entire south of Arizona borders Mexico. It isn't racial profiling to arrest Hispanics if the majority of illegal immigrants ARE Hispanics! Your complaints are simply manipulating statistics to suit your theory.

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