Week of 10.9.09

Life Panel? Death Panel?

What exactly is a death panel? The truth about end-of-life planning.

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The Weekly Q
How did private discussions between seniors and their doctors about end-of-life choices for the very ill or dying become a flash point in the national health care debate?

This week, NOW travels to Wisconsin to sit in on some of these sessions and see how health care reform could profoundly affect the lives of American seniors.

The not-for-profit Gundersen Lutheran Hospital has two decades of experience in this area. Their "Respecting Choices" initiative has become one of the most comprehensive end-of-life planning programs in the country.

Two families grappling with the most difficult and complex life and death issues gave NOW on PBS extraordinary access to their discussions and their decisions.

Web Features

Living Wills and Advance Directives
Get advice, help and information about your state.

The Hidden Dangers in Living Wills
Dr. Fred L. Mirarchi says living wills can compromise patient care.
In the News

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The Raw Story: Stewart confronts industry shill who created 'death panel' rumor

USA Today: Life and Death: Hospital ethics panels help families decide

The Washington Post: The Unwitting Birthplace of the 'Death Panel' Myth

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