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Week of 1.1.10

Slideshow: Kenya's Post-Election Chaos

Boniface Mwangi, a young Kenyan photojournalist, received several awards for his dramatic photos of post-election violence in Kenya. See below the images he risked his life to capture.

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Image Captions:

1. Boniface Mwangi, a young Kenyan photojournalist, received the 2008 CNN Africa Photojournalist of the Year award for his dramatic photos of post-election violence in Kenya. This photo, taken on the campaign trail, features President Mwai Kibaki and his wife, "Mama Lucy." Kibaki, president since 2002, is a member of the country's Kikuyu tribe, which dominates business and politics in Kenya.

2. Raila Odinga, the main opposition candidate and a member of the Luo tribe, casts a vote on election day. Odinga created a wide base among many tribes, styling his campaign as a people's movement.

3. At a polling station in Nairobi a man casts his vote on election day, December 27, 2007. Voter turnout was heavy and many predicted a tight race. Kibaki declared victory on December 30, amidst accusations of voter fraud. Tribal clashes broke out immediately, with many initial attacks aimed at members of the Kikuyu tribe.

4. A woman cries out as Mathare, the second largest slum in Nairobi, burns. Like most slums, it is divided into tribal areas. When the results of the election were announced, rioting first broke out in the slums, with many people attacking neighbors and setting homes on fire.

5. Schoolchildren in Nairobi are terrorized by a police dog. When riots broke out, many police barricaded people inside the slums, and often joined in on the attacks.

6. Foreign journalists plead for a man's life. Immediately after fighting broke out, the Kenyan press ordered a freeze on images of violence and many Kenyans obtained their news from the international press. Boniface was one of a few Kenyan journalists to capture the initial rioting.

7. In Mathare, a woman encounters the body of her dead brother in the street. Some bodies were left in the streets for hours on end.

8. Protesters carrying weapons run from the police. As news of the attacks against Kikuyus spread, many Kikuyu gangs carried out revenge attacks against Luos and other tribes.

9. A fellow photojournalist and friend of Boniface is shot in Kibera. Boniface, a Kikuyu, had to be careful to keep his own tribal identity from the angry rioters he photographed.

10. Survivors of machete attacks are treated at a local hospital. Many people lost their "voting hands" in the post-election violence.

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Slideshow: Kenya's Post-Election Chaos

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