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Manuel Pastor, Jr.
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David Brancaccio talks with Angela Glover Blackwell and Manuel Pastor, Jr., authors of SEARCHING FOR THE UNCOMMON COMMON GROUND: NEW DIMENSIONS ON RACE IN AMERICA.

Every day headlines shout attention to aspects of our discussions of race, e.g., Hispanics overtake blacks as the largest minority, bilingual education policies under attack, controversies over affirmative action and its substitutes, racial profiling, racial injustice, census categories, challenges to the notion of race as a valid characterization. These and other issues — some derived from our historical legacy, some a product of our dynamically changing present situation — call out for deliberations to seek common ground and avoid moving further away from a united America.


Manuel Pastor, Jr.

Dr. Manuel Pastor is Professor of Latin American and Latino Studies and Co-Director of the Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His research on Latin American issues has been published in journals such as INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION, WORLD DEVELOPMENT, JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, JOURNAL OF LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES, LATIN AMERICAN RESEARCH REVIEW, and FOREIGN AFFAIRS. His research on U.S. urban issues has been published in such journals as ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT QUARTERLY, SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY, URBAN AFFAIRS REVIEW, and URBAN GEOGRAPHY, and has generally focused on the labor market and social conditions facing low-income urban communities.

Dr. Pastor's most recent book, co-authored with Angela Glover Blackwell and Stewart Kwoh, is entitled SEARCHING FOR THE UNCOMMON COMMON GROUND: NEW DIMENSIONS ON RACE IN AMERICA. He co-authored with Peter Dreier, Eugene Grigsby, and Marta Lopez-Garza REGIONS THAT WORK: HOW CITIES AND SUBURBS CAN GROW TOGETHER, a book that has become a reference for those seeking to better link community and regional development. Along with Jennifer Wolch and Peter Dreier, he edited a collection of essays entitled UP AGAINST THE SPRAWL: PUBLIC POLICY AND THE (RE-)MAKING OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.

Dr. Pastor speaks frequently on issues of community empowerment and has contributed opinion pieces to such outlets as the LOS ANGELES TIMES, THE SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, and the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. He served as a member of the Commission on Regions appointed by California's Speaker of the State Assembly, and in January 2002 was awarded a Civic Entrepreneur of the Year award from the California Center for Regional Leadership.

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