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The list below contains all NOW broadcasts arranged by air date. Click on the show title or date to access all of that program's online content including Web-exclusive features, transcripts, and related multimedia.

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December 26, 2003: Speaking to Power -- A NOW special edition. Riverside Church's Rev. James Forbes.

December 19, 2003: Bargain Shopping. The hidden costs of Wal-Mart's low prices. Samantha Power on seeking international justice. Former Maine Governor Angus King on the plight of the states.

December 12, 2003: Veil of Secrecy. NOW and US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT investigate increased government secrecy. THE WALL STREET JOURNAL's Dorothy Rabinowitz and New York's crusading Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

December 5, 2003: Inside the Pentagon. Bill Moyers Interviews Chuck Spinney. Lori Grinker on the U.S.N.S. Comfort.

November 28, 2003: Baseball star and truth-teller Jim Bouton. THE END OF POLIO photo essay. Media critic John Leonard. NOW What? on Media and Democracy.

November 21, 2003: A Question of Fairness: Winners and Losers. Rewriting the Rules. Tax Justice.

November 14, 2003: Cash and Carry. Bob Barr on Civil Liberties. Stewart Udall. NOW What? Moyers and Brancaccio on the News.

November 7, 2003: Coming Home. SALON's Eric Boehlert. Doug Henwood on the Economy. Moyers and Brancaccio Track the News.

October 31, 2003: Judgement Call. THE ECONOMIST's Bill Emmott. Wendy Kaminer on faith and the law. THE END OF POLIO photo essay.

October 24, 2003: Downward Mobility. Union Theological Seminary's Joseph C. Hough. Sarah Chayes on life in Afghanistan. Missed News.

October 17, 2003: Houston education miracle? Schama and Power on current events. Representative Ramstad on funding addiction recovery.

October 10, 2003: Faith-based Initiatives. The Vanguard Group's John Bogle on corporate reform. Writer John Ridley. Media ownership.

September 26, 2003: God and Government. The battle over faith-based initiatives. Bernard-Henri Lévy on Pakistan and terror. Peter Peterson on the deficit. David Brancaccio on an $87 billion bill.

September 19, 2003: Clearing the air. Former EPA head Christine Todd Whitman speaks out. Philip Clapp on environmental challenges. Author Walter Mosley on 9/11. Bill Moyers on comrades in arms.

September 12, 2003: Unanswered Questions. 9/11 widows speak out. Billionaire George Soros takes on politics. Campaign finance in the Supreme Court.

September 5, 2003: issues in Thailand; education in Senegal and Dr. Vandana Shiva on globalization.

August 29, 2003: Job flight overseas. Scientist David Suzuki. Rising gas prices. Elisabeth Zinser on higher education today.

August 22, 2003: from Baghdad. David Cole on the Patriot Act. Cable mergers and community.

August 1, 2003: Inside the Pentagon: Bill Moyers talks to 30-year insider Chuck Spinney about the health of America's defense systems.

July 25, 2003: The latest on the FCC battle. Senator Max Cleland on the 9/11 Commission. Author and ethicist Leon Kass.

July 18, 2003: Mercury in our fish. Ex-pat Brits on Blair, Bush and America as Empire. Healthcare for all in LA. A Bill Moyers Journal.

July 11, 2003: THE DAILY SHOW's Jon Stewart. A Justice for All? The Nomination of William Pryor. Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch.

June 27, 2003: Deborah Amos reports from Baghdad. Pension Funding Troubles. Author Erica Jong. Bill Moyers Answers Viewer Mail.

June 20, 2003: Free at Last's David Lewis. Iranian author Azar Nafisi. The Court and affirmative action. Photos of war by Lori Grinker.

June 13, 2003: The Hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction - Weighing the Evidence. FCC Congressional Hearings and Chilean Author Isabel Allende.

June 6, 2003: Financing the Settlements. Development in Florida's Panhandle. FCC Updates and Political Scientist Theda Skocpol

May 30, 2003: Our natural resources. Fred L. Smith, Jr., of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Playwright Mary Zimmerman.

May 23, 2003: The debate over media ownership. Author Will Hutton on the U.S. and the World. Backstage with Los Lobos.

May 16, 2003: The Politics of Choice. Scholar Elaine Pagels on the Gospel of Thomas and Molly Ivins on the Texas legislative walkout.

May 9, 2003: A special conversation with Bill Gates: Working to make the world healthier for children and future generations.

May 2, 2003: Corporate reform updates. Bill Moyers interviews FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, and a talk with author Bharati Mukherjee.

April 25, 2003: The View from Cairo. Bill Moyers talks with Barry Diller. Nicaragua: A Photographer's Journey.

April 18, 2003: Time OR Money -- U.S. worker's dilemma. Steven Brill on America post-9/11.

April 11, 2003: Cook on the poisons within our bodies. Updates on overseas tax havens and reflections on the Sufi poet Rumi.

April 4, 2003: Media consolidation. EDITOR & PUBLISHER'S Greg Mitchell on Iraq coverage. Bill Moyers talks with Susan Sontag.

March 28, 2003: Guns or Butter -- The state and local budget crunch. Inside the tax lobby and rebuilding Iraq.

March 21, 2003: Homeland Insecurity -- Chemical Plant Safety. Moral Philosopher Alan Wolfe. Writer, Poet and Activist Alice Walker.

March 17, 2003: NOW Special Edition: What's Next for Iraq? Iraqi dissident Kanan Makiya on U.S. plans for Iraq after war. Moyers interviews Walter Isaacson and Simon Schama.

March 14, 2003: Jessica Tuchman Mathews on coercive inspections. Dr. Marc Siegel gives a second opinion. A diplomat disagrees: John Brady Kiesling on his resignation. A tribute to Fred Danback, hero of the Hudson.

March 7, 2003: Foreign correspondent Chris Hedges on reporting on it and Libertarian theorist Lew Rockwell on paying for it. Moyers asks "Where are the Democrats?"

February 28, 2003: Journalist Nat Hentoff on dangers to civil liberties. Former State Department Official Joseph Wilson. Moyers on using the flag.

February 21, 2003: Media and Politics -- Media experts John Nichols and Robert McChesney. Veteran journalist Seymour Hersh. A visit to the Carnival. And Bill Moyers on the Savage Nation.

February 14, 2003: What Money Buys -- Campaign finance files. Author Richard Rodriguez on the meaning of BROWN. Children of War and neglected news.

February 7, 2003: BREAKING NEWS! -- Chuck Lewis on a second Patriot Act. Bracing for Bioterror -- weighing the costs of the smallpox vaccine. NEW YORK TIMES editor Frank Rich.

January 31, 2003: Going it Alone? -- World reaction to the State of the Union Address. Harper's publisher John MacArthur. SUVs, fuel effeciency and auto emission standards.

January 24, 2003: Close Call -- Who's making sure our nuclear plants are safe? Literary legend Doris Lessing. An look at Gullah culture's contemporary challenges.

January 17, 2003: Toolbooths on the Digital Higway. Bill Gates, Sr. and Chuck Collins on the inheritance tax. Scientist Devra Davis on the killer smog that jumpstarted the Clean Air Act.

January 10, 2003: In the Red -- The Crisis in State Budgets. Republican strategist Grover Norquist. Heartland legal crusader Milo Mumgaard. Historian Howard Zinn on war.

January 3, 2003: Whose God? -- A Roundtable discussion on the state of faith in the 21st century. Bill Moyers talks with scholar Paul Woodruff.

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