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Student Loan Sinkhole? (2009-12-25)
How massive student loan debts are sinking dreams and causing a national economic headache.

Africa: House Calls and Health Care (2009-12-18)
Can a breakthrough health care innovation in Rwanda work in the U.S.?

The Marines Are Landing (2009-12-11)
Why are we sending thousands of military personnel to Guam?

Pre-existing Conditions (2009-12-04)
Can your health insurance coverage still leave you uncovered? Gripping stories from America's heartland.

Climate Crisis (2009-11-27)
Desperate efforts to keep climate change from drowning entire nations.

Who's Helping Our Wounded Vets? (2009-11-20)
America's new wounded warriors--Why are their family caregivers overworked and under-supported?

Elizabeth Warren on the Economy (2009-11-13)
Stocks are up, but so is unemployment. What's wrong with this economic picture?

David Sirota On The 2009 Election (2009-11-06)
What do the 2009 election results say about America's future?

Electric Car Dreams (2009-10-30)
Will green energy and electric cars drive a new global climate change plan?

Water World (2009-10-23)
Is a coastal catastrophe approaching, and what should we be doing about it?

Nurses Needed (2009-10-16)
Investigating an urgent health care problem -- a critical shortage of nurses.

Life Panel? Death Panel? (2009-10-09)
What exactly is a death panel? The truth about end-of-life planning.

Afghanistan: The Forgotten War (2009-10-02)
On the front lines with Marines in Afghanistan: Can we defeat a resurgent Taliban?

PBS Special Report: Health Care Reform (2009-09-24)
A PBS investigation on health care reform in America.

Surrogacy: Wombs for Rent? (2009-09-18)
Are babies being bought and sold in the United States?

Africa: House Calls and Health Care (2009-09-11)
Can a breakthrough health care innovation in Rwanda work in the U.S.?

After Guantanamo (2009-09-04)
Is Obama tossing out the Constitution with his new anti-terror plan?

Keep on Trucking? (2009-08-28)
Would you pay more in taxes to fix roads and rail?

Gambling With Health Care (2009-08-14)
Is the economic collapse creating a health care calamity?

Power Struggle (2009-08-07)
Why the green energy dream may not happen.

Fighting Child Prostitution (2009-07-31)
Can we stop a child prostitution epidemic in our own country?

Wall Street Reform and You (2009-07-24)
How Obama's proposal to reform Wall Street might affect your finances.

Inside Israel's Army (2009-07-17)
Deep inside Israel's military forces -- How does living with war affect their view the world?

Peace and Prosperity in the West Bank? (2009-07-10)
Once one of the most dangerous and violent cities in the West Bank, Jenin is now the center of an international effort to build a safe and economically prosperous Palestinian state from the ground up.

Obama's Border Fence (2009-07-03)
The U.S.-Mexico border fence--are private contractors making billions on a project that won't even work?

Homes for the Homeless? (2009-06-26)
What to do with foreclosed houses -- How about letting homeless families move in?

Student Loan Sinkhole? (2009-06-19)
How massive student loan debts are sinking dreams and causing a national economic headache.

Abortion Providers Under Siege (2009-06-12)
Should violence against medical doctors who perform abortions be viewed and prosecuted as domestic terrorism?

Food, Inc. (2009-06-05)
The inside secrets giant food companies don't want you to know.

Green Jobs: Hope or Hype? (2009-05-29)
Can "green jobs" revitalize the American economy?

Rehab for Terrorists? (2009-05-22)
Should terrorists be treated with open arms and an open heart?

Can the U.N. Keep the Peace? (2009-05-15)
The challenges of peacekeeping in one of the world's most volatile regions.

Predicting Pandemics (2009-05-09)
How can high-tech tools help us track the swine flu pandemic?

A Radical Fix for Schools? (2009-05-01)
Do we need to gut our public schools in order to save them?

Justice Delayed (2009-04-24)
How a backlog of crucial evidence is denying justice for tens of thousands of rape victims.

On Thin Ice (2009-04-17)
A Himalayan journey reveals how melting glaciers threaten global water and food supplies.

Can Coal be Earth-Friendly? (2009-04-10)
Can America's cheapest and most plentiful energy resource be produced without burning the environment?

Coming Home? & Paradise Lost, Revisited (2009-04-03)
Has the Army been denying care to its neediest soldiers? Plus, how Kiribati is dealing with the disappearance of its land due to global warming.

The People's Sheriff (2009-03-27)
Is a hard-line sheriff crossing the line when it comes to immigration enforcement?

Previewing the Superpower Summit (2009-03-13)
The world's economic superpowers are preparing to meet--will they devise a fix for the financial mess?

Who Killed Sister Dorothy? (2009-03-06)
Why was an American nun working to save the Brazilian rainforest murdered?

Retirement at Risk (2009-02-27)
After the economic collapse, is retirement now out of reach?

Is Your Daughter Safe at Work? (2009-02-20)
An unprecedented broadcast investigation of teen sexual harassment in the workplace.

Stimulus Roadblock? (2009-02-13)
Obama's stimulus package: Will local politics push billions in spending into pork barrel projects?

Help for the Homeowners? (2009-02-06)
Is there a solution to the foreclosure mess that's destroying communities?

Billions in Bogus Bonuses? (2009-01-30)
NOW sits down with financial reporter Bethany McLean to look at options on the table for stabilizing the country's financial system. Is nationalizing our banks a viable solution?

Over Fifty, Overdrawn (2009-01-23)
How is the financial meltdown affecting boomers and seniors?

Sea Change (2009-01-09)
The world's oceans face a global-warming catastrophe. What can we do about it?

Credit Crunch (2009-01-02)
Is your credit card company overcharging you?

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