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This Week: Lightbulb
This Week
January 2, 2004

This week on NOW:

At the onset of a New Year, many of you may be wondering: what lies in the days ahead? David Brancaccio talks to Andrew Zolli, who, based on cultural, design and technological trends, advises companies about what the future may hold for them and how they can profit from it. At POPULAR SCIENCE magazine, Zolli holds the title Futurist in Residence. Exploring everything from the branding of corporations to human cloning, Zolli calls for a national conversation to form a national vision of the future and the real concerns we should be having in a society that sees things in a now-only light. "We live in a society in which-innovation and consumption are so tightly tied together in our consumer economy, that politics becomes another thing that we consume," says Zolli, "And so politicians are constantly looking not at a long-term future, but they're looking at relatively short-term futures."

We’ve heard the word evil mentioned often these days in politics. We are, after all, at war. But, how do we recognize the face of evil? As the terrorists struck on 9/11, philosopher and author Susan Neiman was putting the finishing touches on her book, EVIL IN MODERN THOUGHT: AN ALTERNATIVE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY. Bill Moyers speaks with Neiman, director of the Einstein Forum in Potsdam, Germany. Neiman discusses how people and societies deal with present and past atrocities. Says Neiman, "The biggest mistake that people make in talking about evil is to think that it only has one form or one face."

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Bill Moyers talks with Susan Neiman (21:42)

David Brancaccio talks with David Zolli (18:52)

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