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January 3, 2003

This week on NOW:

Bill Moyers asks six panelists, "How is it that the God of comfort, hope, and peace prayed to by so many, can also be the God of oppression, cruelty, and injustice worshipped by others?" in WHOSE GOD?

Lately, there hasn't been much accord among the children of God. Writer Michael Lind suggests that "Both Orthodox Christianity and Orthodox Islam are intolerant religions which divide humanity into believers and infidels…humanist civilization is threatened today from both beyond its borders and from inside them." But if human history is replete with people committing atrocities against one another in the name of God, is our democracy strong enough to remedy these tendencies?

Paul Woodruff came home from the Vietnam War to begin a distinguished teaching career at The University of Texas, where he is professor of the humanities. He is also one of the country's noted translators of the great writers of ancient Greece - Plato and Thucydides among them. Bill Moyers interviews writer Paul Woodruff on his new book, REVERERANCE: RENEWING A FORGOTTEN VIRTUE

In Depth

Nancey Murphy

Meet the "Whose God?" panel members

Bill Moyers talks to Paul Woodruff

Stained-glass Window
Taking stock of 21st-Century Faith

Muslim Girl
Whose God? Statistics on American Faith

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Take the Freedom of Religion Quiz

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Whose God?
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Editor: Rob Forlenza

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