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This Week: Global Business vs. Global Justice
This Week
January 9, 2004

This week on NOW:

This week on NOW: At the onset of this important election year, a new book from the Center for Public Integrity unmasks the powerful special interests behind our national politics today. NOW examines the role of big money in pre-selecting presidential candidates even before a single primary vote is cast. Bill Moyers interviews Charles Lewis, author of THE BUYING OF THE PRESIDENT 2004, a new book exposing the big money, special interests and large contributors behind each of the 2004 presidential hopefuls leaving no candidates immune from the money-politics connection.

The energy giant Unocal is one of the last American companies doing business in Burma, a country condemned by the U.S. government for a record of heinous human rights abuses. Unocal along with its French and Thai investors took on a unique partner in a project to build a pipeline, the Burmese military, which has a notorious reputation for rape, slave labor, and murder. Should American corporations like Unocal be held accountable for business dealings overseas? NOW takes viewers into the Burmese jungle with courageous Burmese worker Ka Hsaw Wa, who has documented the abuses related to the pipeline project. The program also tells the story of Ka Hsaw Was wife, Katie Redford, an American lawyer and a founder of the human rights group EarthRights International. Redford is using an obscure law passed in 1789 to bring suit against Unocal to make it liable for human atrocities committed in the name of corporate profits.

David Brancaccio talks to Irshad Manji, the best-selling author, television personality, and media entrepreneur. She is the Muslim and lesbian whom MS. magazine named a "Feminist for the 21st Century." Manji leads gay and lesbian pride parades, Islamic reform initiatives, Jewish discussions and character education for young people. In her new book THE TROUBLE WITH ISLAM: A WAKE-UP CALL FOR HONESTY AND CHANGE, Manji explores why and how the Muslim world can move beyond anti-Semitism to embrace diversity. Manji discusses with Brancaccio her views on the most fundamentalist aspects of Islam, her personal journey with Islam and the reprisals - including death threats that she is getting from people within her own faith for being so outspoken.

In Depth

Map of Burma
The Alien Tort Claims Act

Debating Global Business and Global Justice

Burma, Past and Present

Man with money bag

Chuck Lewis on the Buying of the Presidency

Viewer Ideas on Campaign Finance Reform

The Supreme Court's Ruling on the Campaign Finance Reform Act

Star and Crescent
Author Irshad Manji

Professor Azizah al Hibri on Women and Islam


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David Brancaccio interviews Irshad Manji (13:48)

Bill Moyers interviews Chuck Lewis (18:52)

Scenes from the Tongass National Forest (2:33)


Global Business vs. Global Justice
Producer: Katie Pitra
Correspondent: Roberta Baskin
Editor: Amanda Zinoman

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