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January 10, 2003

This week on NOW:

With state budget deficits skyrocketing, cuts in many vital government programs - including healthcare, education, childcare and transportation - are on their way. NOW goes to California to see what may be ahead for other states.

Bill Moyers interviews Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform and architect of the conservative revolution that now controls the government.

Author, historian and teacher Howard Zinn has lived a politically engaged life since he came home from the Air Force after World War II. Bill Moyers talks to Zinn about his opposition to a war in Iraq and the arguments he makes in his latest book TERRORISM AND WAR.

NOW goes to Lincoln, Nebraska, to track down a man named Milo Mumgaard, whose family arrived on the great plains generations ago, and who now stretches out his own hand, to offer hospitality to strangers. Mumgaard is the founder and director of Nebraska Appleseed, a non-profit law center committed to defending the rights of Nebraska’s poor.

In Depth

Alaska Budget Deficit

Where does the state budget go?

How will your state fare in the budget crunch?

Milo Mumgaard
Milo Mumgaard fights for justice in the heartland

Howard Zinn
Bill Moyers talks with Republican strategist Grover Norquist

Historian Howard Zinn on Iraq and other pressing matters


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Exploring Church and State

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In the Red
Producer: Peter Meryash
Editor: Vincent Liota

Heartland Justice
Producer: Keith Brown
Editor: Alison Amron

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