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January 18, 2002

Are Americans divided in their loyalties between their faith and country? Do Muslims in America believe they pray to a god of love or a god of hate? Is public interest or corporate greed driving America's legislative agenda on energy? Reported in conjunction with NPR News, the NOW series explores the complex and perplexing new dynamic that faces Muslims in America and reports on how the energy industry exerted undue influence in shaping legislation that could lead to huge profits.

In Depth

Islamic Center of Cleveland

Controversy in Cleveland: Imam Fawaz Damra’s radical words come back to haunt him.

Muslims in this country say they are as American as anyone else. But will America let them be? Professor Azizah Y. al-Hibri examines the enigma of Islamic identity in the United States.

Voices: What do Americans put first — their god or their country? Find Out. Take the poll!

Energy Bill on the Hill: What you need to know about H.R. 4, the environment, and your wallet.


John Ridley

John Ridley, writer of the acclaimed TV show THIRD WATCH, the hit movie THREE KINGS, and recently his third novel, EVERYBODY SMOKES IN HELL, comments on the commercialization of September 11.

Picture of the Week

Photographer John Stanmeyer's photographic series documents the "Invisible Women of Kabul." Add your own caption to his stunning image.


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Know Thy Neighbor
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Business as Usual
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Producers: Betty Buckley, Linda Stogner

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