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January 25, 2002

Were there any clues to the impending collapse of Enron? NOW with Bill Moyers investigates by going to Enron's hometown in Houston, Texas, to talk to the people that knew the company best — its employees and others in the business and financial community. NOW also profiles September 11 widow Amber Amundson. She's made the difficult decision to oppose war in Afghanistan while her own father feels very differently about the war. Is dissent unpatriotic when the loss is so great?

In Depth

Amber Amundson

Houston Debacle: Did the corporate culture at Enron contribute to its downfall?

A Widow's Plea: Amber Amundson's husband Craig was killed on September 11 in the Pentagon. She marches for peace — her father seeks a different kind of justice.

Meet Craig Amundson — husband, father, brother and son. A NOW online profile in his wife's words.

Voices: NOW goes to the Oklahoma City Memorial to talk about revenge. What is its price?


Bill Moyers takes a look at Enron and the history of financial scandals.

Picture of the Week

The Face of Cuba

Photographer John Kaplan goes behind the mask in "The Face of Cuba."


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Producer: Bryan Myers
Editor: Alison Amron

A Widow's Plea
Producer: William Brangham
Editor: Judith Starr Wolff

Producer: Candace White
Courtesy of KERA, PBS Affiliate, Dallas/Ft. Worth

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