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This Week: Immigration
This Week
January 28, 2005

This week on NOW:

An explosion in immigration, most of it illegal, has caught many communities in America off guard. NOW travels to North Carolina, which has one of the fastest-growing Hispanic communities in the nation. The report examines how local employers say they can't live without their immigrant labor, but local officials say they can't shoulder the costs in education, law enforcement and other community services.

Born to mining parents in a poor, neglected section of Arizona, Rueben Martínez went to Santa Ana, California to open a barbershop. How a barbershop became a bookstore and how a barber became a crusader for literacy is the inspirational story of a man dedicated to making his community better. David Brancaccio interviews Martínez and visits Líbrería Martínez Books and Art Gallery where Martínez motivates Spanish-speaking people to value literature, to read for themselves, and to read to their children. In 2004, Martínez was awarded a prestigious MacArthur Grant for his personal commitment to helping low-income children fall in love with books.

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Spanish Spoken Here (15:47)

David Brancaccio talks with literacy activist Rueben Martínez (7:43)


Spanish Spoken Here
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