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February 8, 2002

Who's counting the civilian casualties in Afghanistan? NOW talks to NPR reporter Steve Inskeep in Kandahar.

Follow an Afghan American woman on her journey back to Kandahar, in search of her family. She discovers the fact that 19 members of her family have been killed. Eyewitnesses claim that these civilians came under American fire. Will we ever know if they were collateral damage?

America has destroyed the Al Qaeda network in Afghanistan and pressure is building to carry the war to other countires. NOW asks author James Carroll what's at stake.

The internet has transformed American business — especially the pornography business. An excerpt from FRONTLINE’s "American Porn" offers a portrait of pornography as big business and mainstream culture. What does the proliferation of pornography say about American society and culture? NOW asks writer Katie Roiphe (author of STILL SHE HAUNTS ME) to share her thoughts on the subject.

In Depth

Return to Kandahar

Masuda Sultan lives in New York. She recently went back to her birthplace, Afghanistan to look for her family and make a documentary. View her photo essay.

Is there is a place for pornography in American culture? NOW viewers tackle the question.

American Porn

Amber Amundson (A Widow's Plea) responds to viewer questions.


Vertamae Grosvenor

Vertamae Grosvenor reflects on the legacy of Langston Hughes.

Picture of the Week

After the War
Photographer Lori Grinker captures life "After War"


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American Porn (Frontline)
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Co-Producer: Jim Gilmore
Editor: Steve Audette

Afghanistan: What happened at Chowkar-karez?
Producer: Jon Alpert
Editors: John Custodio, Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud

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