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February 14, 2003

This week on NOW:

As a recent lawsuit to overturn the McCain-Feingold campaign reform law heads to the Supreme Court, NOW presents once confidential documents that provide a startling picture of the nationís campaign fundraising system. When the McCain-Feingold bill became law in March 2002, some of the nationís biggest political contributors could see the writing on the wall-the end of the large unregulated donations to the national Republican and Democratic parties known as soft money. Private e-mails and letters examined by NOW expose party officials routinely discussing policy issues and offering access to elected officials to secure large contributions.

The effects of war and conflict ripple through a society for generations. And the children of war have trouble even talking about their experience. NOW profiles avant-garde theater director Ping Chong as he rehearses refugee children living in the Washington DC area for CHILDREN OF WAR, a multi-disciplinary theatre work based on the personal testimonies of a diverse group of young people who have experienced war and civil turmoil.

Bill Moyers talks to Richard Rodgriguez, one of the country's most intriguing and controversial writers on how the mixing of races and cultures has influenced his life, his work and American culture. He talks to Moyers about his latest book BROWN: THE LAST DISCOVERY OF AMERICA, where he argues that America has been brown since its inception and reflects on how Hispanics are being Americanized at the same rate that America is being Latinized.

The media coverage devoted to the impending war with Iraq and the nuclear capabilities of North Korea has overshadowed a number of national news stories that may be affecting you. Bill Moyers looks into his personal file of news clippings to report important news that's on the record.

In Depth

campaign poster

Read Democratic and Republican campaign finance memos

Ideas from viewers about campaign finance reform

reading newspaper
Bill Moyers Journal: On the Record

Bill Moyers talks with author Richard Rodriguez

Children of Conflict
Meet the Children of War

Q and A with Andréa Zalzal-Sanderson of The Center for Multicultural Human Services


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