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February 22, 2002

This week, NOW brings you a story of unspeakable tragedy and a painful search for justice. You'll meet Mary, a young girl in South Africa who was raped repeatedly by her step-father and infected with HIV as a result. And she's not alone - tens of thousands of young girls have been attacked in their homes and on the streets. The horror is made worse by a South African government that withholds the drugs that could save these young lives. Journalist Jamila Paksima travels to South Africa to look for answers. And Archbishop Desmond Tutu, recipient of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, talks to Bill Moyers about the desperate situation in South Africa: "I have said that we are facing a kind of new apartheid, and that we had a particular kind of commitment in the struggle against apartheid. And I've said, let's invoke that same spirit in face of this massive, massive challenge."

In Depth

Archbishop Tutu

Why the children? Child rape and HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Meet a 9-year-old rape victim and view an exclusive photo-essay and web interview with filmmaker Jamila Paksima.

In 1999 Bill Moyers talked with Archbishop Desmond Tutu about truth, reconcilation, and the future of South Africa. Read their conversation.

Dr. Roland Msiska, Director of a United Nations Development Program Regional Project on HIV and Development in sub-Saharan Africa, presents a more optimistic report on Africa's struggle to fight AIDS.

Enron Headquarters

In the wake of Enron, NOW re-examines the relationship between money and politics.


Bill Moyers talks about the influence "soft" AND "hard" money has on votes on Capitol Hill.

Poet Profile

Linda McCarriston
Child abuse is not a problem confined to Africa. Poet Linda McCarriston's father sexually abused her for years, and it took a long time for her to speak the unspeakable truth.


Learn more about the issues discussed on NOW.

Read the complete transcript.


Why the Children?
Producer: Jamila Paksima
Editor: Vincent Liota

Accounting for Congress
Producer: Bryan Myers
Editor: Lewis Erskine

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