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February 24, 2006

This week on NOW:

Healthcare costs are skyrocketing, millions are uninsured, and the price of health insurance is crippling some of the biggest companies in the U.S. So why is one innovative solution being derailed by partisan politics? NOW profiles a controversial plan in Maine that could be an answer for the state's working poor, but has come under fire from conservatives who say it's a waste of taxpayers' money and big insurance companies that say it just passes costs onto their customers. The report goes inside the debate and examines what it means for the future of healthcare in America.

Appointed in November 2005, Michael Getler is the first ombudsman in PBS history and the first for any major American general-interest television network or service. As ombudsman, Getler serves as an independent internal critic within PBS, receiving and dealing with commentary and criticism from viewers and seeking to ensure that PBS upholds its own standards of editorial integrity. Before joining PBS, Getler was the ombudsman for THE WASHINGTON POST newspaper.

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Maine's Dirigo Health Reforms

Healthcare Resource Map

Healthcare in Perspective

Michael Getler

For Educators: Rising Cost of Healthcare

PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler

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The Cure? (16:31)

Michael Getler (5:45)


The Cure?
Producer: William Brangham
Editor: Larry Goldfine

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