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March 1, 2002

This week on NOW. Is America's top law enforcer making the case for a religious crusade? Attorney General John Ashcroft has called on three of the world's religions — Christians, Jews and Muslims — to join forces in the war against terrorism. But is framing public policy in religious terms part of the solution or part of the problem?

Bill Moyers asks two prominent men of faith, Father Richard John Neuhaus and Reverend James Forbes, for their opinions on Ashcroft's speech.

In Depth

Synagogue Exterior

Explore religion in the United States. Just when did "under God" get added to the Pledge of Allegiance? What's the fastest-growing religion in the U.S.?

Bill Moyers interviews author and religious scholar Karen Armstrong, exploring whether strong religious faith is compatible with religious freedom.

Scott Simon

NPR News reporter and Weekend Edition Host Scott Simon reports on the political situation in Afghanistan, where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court told him of plans to place the power of the state in the hands of the clergy.


Stained Glass Winoow

Discussion. Read what some prominent thinkers have to say about religion and war, then share your views.

Picture of the Week

After the War: Henry Green
We present another in Lori Grinker's stunning series "After War." Submit your own captions.


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