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This Week: Man walking across Want Ads
This Week
March 4, 2005

This week on NOW:

After crisscrossing the nation with a camera to visit the homes of recently laid-off American workers, Greg Spotts believes that a fundamental shift is occurring in the American economy. His film, AMERICAN JOBS is a moving look at the real-world consequences of what's been called a "jobless recovery." David Brancaccio interviews Spotts about his experience and his passionate belief that a fundamental change needs to occur in America's position on a globalized economy. "Our best ideas are not generating jobs here--that concerns me," says Spotts. "That means that just because we lose certain jobs, we don't necessarily have the new fresh ones to take their place that are going to be better." Spotts spent most of his career as a freelance television producer before making AMERICAN JOBS, which is his first feature film as director. He also recently published his first book: CAFTA AND FREE TRADE: WHAT EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD KNOW, which applies a critical lens to the recently-signed Central American Free Trade Agreement.

Samantha Power received a 2003 Pulitzer Prize for her non-fiction book, A PROBLEM FROM HELL: AMERICA AND THE AGE OF GENOCIDE and is founder of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University. David Brancaccio sits down with Power to discuss the plight of Sudanese refugees from the mass killings in Darfur. "Instead of the use of the word genocide becoming a trigger for action by the Bush Administration, to a large extent it became a substitute for action," says Power. "It became the policy in and of itself." From 1993-1996, Power covered the wars in the former Yugoslavia as a reporter for U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, THE BOSTON GLOBE, and THE ECONOMIST.

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Debating The Central American Free Trade Act

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Photo Essay: The Faces of Darfur: by Michal Ronnen Safdie

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Greg Spotts on AMERICAN JOBS (10:43)

Samantha Power on the Darfur Crisis (10:38)

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