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March 15, 2002

This week on NOW: Israeli tanks move into West Bank cities in the deadliest fighting in decades...Is the Middle East spinning out of control? James Bennet, the New York Times Bureau Chief in Jerusalem, provides a firsthand account. He says, "A lot of people on both sides here believe now that one or the other of these governments has to fall before there will be a real truce, possibly both of them."

In Depth

coal truck

Explore international reactions to the conflict in the Middle East and speak out on the message boards.

Israeli novelist David Grossman joins Bill Moyers in conversation about his latest novel and life and language in the midst of chaos.

Federal Detention Center, Brooklyn, NY

NOW tells the story Anser Mehmood, a man who has been imprisoned for five months in connection with the investigation into the attacks of Sept 11th and the consequences for his family.

In Brazil, a husband and wife team of biologists is battling to protect the vast coral reefs that help sustain the world’s food supply.


Bill Moyers shares his thoughts on our domestic war against terrorism in a NOW Commentary.

Picture of the Week

Petroglyph in Navajoland
Dan Budnik illustrates the presence of the past in Arizona. Submit your own captions.


Learn more about the issues discussed on NOW.

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A Family Divided
Producer: Tia Lessin
Editor: Lisa Palattella

Earth on Edge
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